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Afternoon guys, I'm Everrit

Posted by McEVERRIT Jul 15, 2018

I'm trying to create a book preview but I don't understand what content 2 on book preview requires. Or even if I write the introduction of my bookbook (Inside book introduction) is it fine? Your help would be much appreciated

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Xiaomi Mi 8 SE in for review

Posted by jfcj67 Jul 15, 2018

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True Trim Forskolin regardless of if you want to cook dinner most of your meals from scratch, if you decide on preventing at a deli or restaurants for takeout to your manner home from work every day, or in case you preserve your cabinet in freezer stocked with convenience foods, you can paintings any of these consuming styles into a low calorie weight loss plan that fits precise life-style.

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BEFORE BUYING" Rapid Tone Diet : Read Truth Behind It (UPDATED)may drop weight. one of the complaints is that the meals and the eating regimen can be rather bland because there's no cookingthe good information is that there are versions of the plan. in many instances human beings at processed grains in some cooked veggies handiest moderately. Others will throw in some bird Little Fish and different lean meat. occasionally best sushi, uncooked fish, is brought.

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The Dos and Don?ts in Dubai

Posted by abdulamex Jul 15, 2018

There are many non-permissible things in Dubai, to do. So, whatever you hear don’t take it for granted unless or until you try yourself to prove whether, do you hear right or wrong about the facts in rumors? Likewise, any change in the law. Well, it is said that before wearing a dress make sure is it cleansed. Similarly, before going to an unknown place must go through its rumored news either are they right or wrong. Because if you get caught in trouble it will be a furthermore problem to tackle on long processes. Dubai is a place of fun and curiosity as well as a place of strict laws so when you set your feet in just know the following rules. One of them is to arrange a relaxed and a calm automobile to reach to your place safely it may be a rent a car UAE as the best transport that will ease your ways.


·         Don’t use your left hand


It is forbidding to use your left hand to say Islamic greetings. So, if you want to be saved from police stick must say greetings by shaking your right hand.


·         Don’t pomp up the volume


When you are in a car while driving or just walking on the road with your phone in hand don’t pomp the volume up for listening songs. It may give a negative impact of yours on others.


·         Don’t forget to visit the Dubai Mall


Yes, what you all need to do is, don’t forget to visit the Dubai Mall and its charming beauty. It's just a ho-hum combination of different activities.


·         Don’t eat in Public during Ramadan


Dubai is an Islamic country so don’t eat during Ramadan. If you did the same you will get caught in a trouble and will leave after paying penalty and punishment.


·         Don’t go crazy snapping pictures


It will consider out of the law if you are going to take pictures constantly of those views where it is specially written, “Don’t take a picture”. So, don’t go crazy and be sharp about learning laws


·         Don’t light up a cigarette


Another law is don’t light your cigarette up in public. Such, things they do privately and are allowed in some casinos or pubs.


·         Don’t bring all your Meds


Just keep those medicines with you if you have severe disease issues like Migraines or Diabetes issues etc.


·         Don’t forget to try the best Seafood


Must try seafood specially made for you. The best resorts are the Arabian Sea Shallow and Arabian Tuna in Deira.


·         Don’t forget, “Modesty is the best policy


Stay simple and stay loyal to your religious facts. As Dubai is an Arabian country so don’t leave your scarves and modesty at home.


·         Don’t Drop an F-bomb


Be within your limits, don’t say abusive words. Keep the temperature of your tongue and aggression at an equal level

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Jacques Dykens auteur

Posted by jacques.dykens Jul 12, 2018

Journaliste d'investigation indépendant depuis 35 ans, né à Liège (Belgique) en 1961.

Correspondant de presse.

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Yusef Wiley

Posted by Yusef Jul 3, 2018

I apprecaite being in this space with an opportunity learn from everyone and sharing my own story of strugge and survival.

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Good Amazon software needed

Posted by RoyVSH May 28, 2018


I am Roy and today I downloaded a piece of software, 'Kindle Create.' As a designer and writer I have never seen such an basic, pathetic piece of rubbish in all my life.

You would have thought, with the resources that Amazon have at hand they could have produced decent software for writers to use to design/layout  their works in a professional way for both Kindle and CreateSpace publishing.

At the moment I am trying to see whether 'iBooks Author' can do the job, as well as for 'iBooks' for 'Kindle' and 'CreateSpace' publishing as well.

It will be fun trying.

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New here, so there

Posted by Jeelbeartoe Apr 29, 2018

Hi, there.  I'm Gil and I'm working on a couple of projects involving some of my essays and short stories.  Any tips are always appreciated.

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Good morning

Posted by Dave56 Apr 24, 2018

I am having a frustrating experience just formatting my childrens's picture book.  Can anyone help?


Dave 56

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Just finished my first book and had some questions so I thought I would look up this blog to see what I could find out.

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Hi, I'm Ella Shawn

Posted by EllaEnchanted Apr 11, 2018

Good evening fellow authors.  This is my first time on one of the CreateSpace communities.  I'm a new romance writer and I'm waiting on my proof copy of my first book.  I would by lying if I said I wasn't a lot nervous and a bit overwhelmed by all of this.  I've been trying to set up my platform, come up with my brand and learn how to become an internet marketing genious all while working on the second book in the series.


I guess you could say I'm an over-achiever, but really aren't all of us who dare to write and share our books with the world?  I am looking forward to connecting with others who share my passion for writing and learning.  I hope to give as good as I get.


I am looking for people to read and write reveiws of my novel on my Goodreads and Amazon page... if I could just figure out how to get my pages set up.  If you're interested in reading and reveiwing for me, please email me or respond to my post.

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hello, im andrea and i new here. i started to write a book the last year called beyond journey, emotional experience.

this book is travel in our beautiful country and if you see, and love to travel, you love it.

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Posted by Jonsnow987 Apr 3, 2018


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Nervous starter

Posted by Chinar Apr 3, 2018

Hey guys, a first timer, super nervous, not sure what I am doing here but excited. Finished writing my first book 3 years ago - now thinking of self publishing it. Each step is a new learning  

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