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Posted by GLOMIC Apr 23, 2014

I am sincerely glad to be part of this great family of writers and content developers. I do hope to enjoy my stay here without any course for regret. God bless you all, let us impact the world together.

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New start

Posted by Mr.Magoo Apr 21, 2014

By Mr. Magoo




                             My name is Iren Anderson and i found a love for writing while i was in prison. Writing started as a way to pass time, and stay out of trouble, but over the last few years i've made a connection that's hard to explain. My first book "Flocken" is an urban fiction about the grimy and notorious streets of Compton, California. I plan to write more in the near future and meeting some incredible people in the community. Thanks for showing support and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Posted by WorldMallBooks Apr 18, 2014

I actually started this story when I was in the 4th grade... but I have added more and finished it now. Read on.


In 2005 I was computer illiterate. I went to my local library and taught  myself all I needed to know. A few years later I bought myself a  notebook computer. Big mistake! I ended up selling it at a pawn shop for  $100. I bought myself a desk top next and here it is 2013 and I still  have it! I have created other stories since too. I had to teach myself  and learn how to publish but for me it has become a real dream come  true.


Sky Gazer cover for smashwords.jpg


This story is about a man. A very simple, hard working man that just  wants a little respect from the woman that he married. But instead all  he gets is a nagging, griping woman.


Haren, so fed up with her nonsense, decides one day to construct a spaceship and head out to the stars


It is available to purchase in two editions. The physical book one at:


And for the kindle version, you can visit my homepage profile and click the link:


I have had very difficult obstacles to overcome and I believe each book has something to offer people.

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Linda's Blog

Posted by sweetheart2006 Apr 18, 2014

Hello Everyone,

   I am new here but not to the writing world. I  Have just published book number two. "Crystal Collections Part II" I am very happy with the people here and will continue to stay with them. Smiles are this writers trademark. I love to smile in real life and always have. I would like to share a small excerpt from my new book. It still needs some editing. Like I tell most of those I know and meet..."I am a writer not an editor!" Lol!  

      I hope you will all enjoy this excerpt from my book..."Crystal Collections Part II" This is a collection of ten short stories. All the stories contain the name Crystal in the titles. These stories are based on my wonderful life with my sweet daughter who is now an angel in Heaven.


The Crystal Teddy Bear

    Inside a little girl's room hung a beautiful crystal teddy bear named Fuzzy. On a pretty warm summer day as I walked into my five year old's bedroom I saw the beautiful crystal teddy bear she named Fuzzy, hanging from the ceiling fans chain. Fuzzy sparkled as the suns beams came in through the window and it made tiny rainbow fascets all over the teddy bear. Oh how Megan loved her bear!


This is the second story in my book of ten short stories. I hope you all enjoyed this littel excerpt.



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Sinners and Salutations

Posted by AsherHaven Apr 17, 2014

I am beside myself (or under the bed or in the closet if you were a monster) that my first book has been finally published worldwide thanks to Amazon. A book of horror fiction and literary devices, it explores the labryinth of your mind and makes you reevulate your true motives, morals, and ethics in life. Turn off the lights, cozy up, and wait for the hair on your arms an dneck to curl,

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Hi. I'm a new author.

Posted by Nyesha Apr 16, 2014

Hi, my name is Nyesha and I am a new author here with CreateSpace and am excited about finally becoming a published author ^_^.

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Let me introduce her!

Posted by Maurice4 Apr 16, 2014

I'm Maurice Jackson and I wrote a fiction novel called Jill Bash. Jill is a 15 year-old girl who feels alienated by her classmates and family. I created a preview of the 1st chapter. Check her out!

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Fairly New

Posted by DKPerry Apr 16, 2014

My name is Daniel Perry, I am from southwest Missouri. A nurse manager by trade and a writer at heart. I have found I write because I have to write not because I expect to be accepted or acclaimed. I currently have two projects. A series of short stories and my first full length novel. I hope to be able to network and exchange ideas with many of you in the future.

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Hello to all Fantasy-Adventure novel readers! Kirsten Nimwey here from Philippines! I would like to share my anime-themed novel, The Explorers to everyone around the world! The Explorers is now on sale on Createspace with its new front cover designed by me!


Be the first of your friends to own the copy of the book. Get yours now!


Book 1:


The Explorers is now available on Amazon. Get your copy now:



"When the world's fate is at stake... a new breed of warriors will come..."


A group of legendary warriors called Explorers are King Jethro's guardians, servants, and protectors of human world and the entire universe. But only fourteen chosen men are entrusted by the king of gods to become the possessors of his long-lost elements to save the world from tribulation, disorder, and chaos.


  • Series: The Explorers
  • Paperback: 300 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (March 24, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1494466392
  • ISBN-13: 978-1494466398
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.7 inches


The Explorers is also now available in Kindle Edition. Get yours now on Amazon for only $2.99! You can now buy a copy of this ebook to any Amazon Stores:,,uk,,,,,,,,,,,


If your device is running Android or iOS, you need to download and install the Kindle application on App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). Then search The Explorers Book 1.


The Explorers Wiki on is currently looking for editors/contributors! The contributors should already have read the novel to add The Explorers related pages and contents. You can make your contribution without creating a account:


Grab your copy now! Don't forget to help support The Explorers by liking and sharing the page to your wall and let your friends know about the release.


The Explorers page:


Thank you and God bless!



- Kirsten Nimwey (The Explorers author)

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hallo ,this is gaity from Pakistan

Posted by gaity Apr 15, 2014

hi,this is a little intro from a land of bravery and love;Pakistan is a bubbly land of rivers;caskets drive from the pinnacles;where people with high aspirations live on a high.

Thuough we have been compelled to earn the consequences of a war to which we never had planned;a strategy to cease the conflagration of war compulsion;remained steadfast at the boarders ;nevertheless ingestion of refugees smacked peace of my land ;smoke of burnt proxy war engulfed our hearts with terrorism ; a ceaseless nightmare with blind corners ruthlessly numbed a land of dreams.

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Colloidal Silver

Posted by june58 Apr 11, 2014

Hi there, I'm an author here but I'm also under investigation for MS.  I've been taking Colloidal Silver for nearly two weeks now.  Things I've noticed so far:

1) my rosacea seems to be calming down, still a way to go though, 2) my irritable bowel has improved, 3) my blood pressure has dropped - 140/90 - still way too high, but three weeks ago it was 165/95, 4) I sprayed some CS water on my foot, which had a touch of cellulitis where I had scratched it and a lump had appeared, by the morning it was completely gone.


I don't get any sort of diagnosis for a few weeks, having had a blood test and not yet seen a specialist.  It's something that I've self-diagnosed on the internet, after suffering from tingling feet and hands and other symptoms.


My writing has been on hold for a while, because I've had other things on my mind.  I would still like to finish the third book of my Silver Cross trilogies - no pun intended - it's a YA paranormal story, nothing to do with Colloidal Silver.  But that's how coincidences go in my life.  Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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Greetings :)

Posted by Skubydew Apr 8, 2014

Hi Everyone,


I am new to createspace and will be uploading my work tonight.  I've gotten the createspace (free) ISBN in order to reduce my cost so I may keep my price low for the children's book that I have written.  Please let me know if I have taken the "correct" steps in order to have my book published.  Would love to see my work in physical location of Barnes and Nobles also since this is dedicated to my first-born who's turning one this month .


Thanks for your guidance.

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Posted by WorldMallBooks Apr 5, 2014

Does your child like pirates or adventure stories. Do they like puppets or the muppets by chance? Let me tell you about a new book I have just written.

I write a various content, from science-fiction, fantasy, horror, to children's stories and novels.


This is a book about pirates and goofy animal-like characters. It's  about one such pirate, Lasimer Casper Johnny, who is sentenced to live  the rest of his days marooned on an island with a pig-like people tribe.  They want to eat him, he wants to eat one of them. There are also rocks  and trees that talk.


Come meet Ariel and Professor Shank who accidentally find their way to this place where the pirate lives.


Something  happens where Lasimer believes Ariel is a witch bent on sending his  soul to Hades. They get plunged into a nightmare dimension that plops  them right into the clutches of the evil tyrant Zartharyos. This book is book 1 of a Science-Fiction 3 Book Set.


This is the perfect book for children who just love pirate adventures...


NOTE:  The character Zartharyos in this story can also be found in book 2: GALACTIC PIONEERS, for any science-fiction loving child, or  adult too for that matter. Book 2 will soon be made available as well. I am in the process of it and then will come Sky Gazer.



Writing is my passion. My heart and soul go into each and every book too.


BookCoverImage Pirate.jpg

This pic is the cover for the printed version. Go here to purchase:




For the kindle version go here to my author's page:

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Hello from Germany

Posted by Viola-Roadrunner Apr 4, 2014

Hello altogether,


my name is Viola D. Hauser and I'm new here. I just published my first book on http://

I'm really happy, that I found and curios about the community.


Greetings from Germany and may you all be successful and blessed,


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