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Hi, My name is Tim

Posted by ohioman44657 Jan 22, 2017

I have just submitted the documents for my very first book, and have created a preview for the community.

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New author to createspace

Posted by Hunyah24 Jan 19, 2017

Hi ,

Im Hunyah Im  a new author on createspace

Im 24 and I just wrote Its all in the city Toronto its about Ontario gateways

because who doesn't love vocations weather you are in the city or not .

But Im looking forward to becoming a part time author as a Im a paralegal graducate and Im also looking for work right now .

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New To CreateSpace

Posted by Frenchchat Jan 18, 2017

Hello CreateSpace Community,


I am new to this forum and just joined today.  If I can be of help to anyone, just ask. 


My plans are to use CreateSpace to print my book as it is ordered.  I would love to hear from anyone who is using this service. 


Thank you!

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Vernon Gillen

Posted by Vernon Jan 18, 2017

My girfriend, a reader of many books, said that I should put two spaces between every sintance. I never heard of this. Is it propper to do this?

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Another day of pen pushing.

Posted by autumnwhispr Jan 15, 2017

Hello world,

It's a beautiful day full of sunshine and I'm feeling great. I think my mind is in the writing state which means I may get a few good pages of work done on my new book project. I already have one published here so far its going no where but that isn't going to stop me I'm head strong and determined that Great Spirit saved me from cancer for a reason and I'm meant to do great things. My ultimate goal is to help find a cure for cancer and I have vowed that I will donate a dollar proceeds off of every book I sell to doing just that. I write for enjoyment I love it and if I can help kill this dreadful diease in the process then I'll never give up.

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Hello everyone

Posted by LaSha1234 Jan 13, 2017

I'm La'Shae I'm new on here I wanted to know what get everyone attention when they read books

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Just in time for the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Navy/Seabees

in March 2017.


DESTINATION UNKNOWN: A Profile of an Underage WWII Seabee

with Charles J Doubrava

by nancy vorkink machin, of Mosaic@Seventy Productions

Denver CO 80247


"That centipede," says 89-yr old Doubrava," nearly cost me my life."

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My Inspiration

Posted by GrantHamilton Jan 11, 2017

My name is Grant Hamilton and ten years ago my son Gregory was diagnosed with autism. My wife, Carla and I had noticed that he was not behaving the same as other kids and was being bullied in school due to these differences. Having a son diagnosed with autism changed my family?s lives forever and opened our eyes to a completely new world. We made the decision to re-invent ourselves by downsizing our home and Carla quit her job to stay home to care and home-school Gregory. This transition was not easy, and we have made many family sacrifices along the way, but it has absolutely been worth it. We would make the same decisions if we had to do it over again.


As parents on this journey, Carla and I have become strong supporters of autism and we now see ourselves as champions for this cause. Certainly the challenges of raising a child with autism have been great but there have been so many more positives. As he has grown, Gregory has become quite the character, with a sweet personality, a ?gentle giant? of a young man. He is a wonderful person, but if I was asked today if he could have a normal life and keep a job, I would hesitate to say yes.


Anyone who understands autism knows that their obsessions drive their happiness. Gregory?s obsessions are music, books and games. But if something were to happen to Carla and I, who would feed his needs? Without support would he fall back into depression and sadness? Like many other families with special needs children one starts to ask - what will happen after my wife and I are gone? Facing that question was a wake-up call for us, because his possible future in a group home or worse is not appealing. We want him to have a normal life or at least have a happy life where he does not need to worry about how he will take care of himself. Pondering this question awoke a desire in me to provide help, not just for Gregory but for everyone with autism!


In order to provide a more stable future for my son and raise autism awareness, I drew on my creative writing background and have written the first book of a fantasy series called Heroes of Karth: The Curse of the Undead. In this story, one of the main characters has autism, symbolizing one of the overarching themes of the story, "it is okay to be different".  It also conveys that having autism is analogous to having a super power and is not something to hide or be ashamed of.


The book deals with important themes such as autism awareness, supporting LGBTQ and against racism while still remaining a very entertaining fantasy story. It has been written and edited, and all original artwork has been created. It is now self-published the createspace and sold through


To support autism, $1 dollar from every book sold will be donated to the autism society.


This is only the beginning for the Heroes of Karth.

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New to the Community

Posted by Chip1913 Jan 9, 2017

Hello everyone I am B.L. and I am a newbie to the CreateSpace Community. I have read a few posts from the other newbies and I can relate totally about the royalties.  I am a police officer in the Atlanta, Georgia area with 16 years of experience as an investigator and instructor.  I have a concern about the lack of knowledge the average citizen has about the criminal justice system and how officers should perform their duties. After an abundance of negative media coverage concerning law enforcement I took it upon myslef to attempt to educate folks about what we do, how we do it and how they can help to prevent negative citizen/police encounters.  I found after I completed my book I had written for an audience who does not read, as it was written in the most basic format for those who might be intimidated by lengthy books.  I entered a local book fair and received positive feedback from the book, but it did not measure up to my expectations. I purchased some units and gave them away to generate from enthusiasm, with negative results.


I am consulting the community ahead of my second book. It is a children's book that I wrote with my niece and nephew about three kids who find a firearm but choose to pick it up instead of leaving it and notifying an adult.  They eventually get to school and notify a teacher, who introduces them to Brownie Bear. Brownie Bear teaches the students and their parents about gun safety during an assembly.  The book was written in an attempt to address the abundance of accidental shootings by children. I read an article that listed Georgia as the leader in accidental shootings based on population.


Can anyone provide feedback on whether you think this is a good idea, given the divisive gun debate climate and how I can effectively market a book like this? 


Thank you for any feedback you may offer!


B.L. Brown

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Mark Mc Quown

Posted by Madhatter17 Jan 3, 2017

Hello all, I am a new screenwriter to this blog, have a great screenplay just listed, I am now trolling the site for info.

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Leon Earwood

Posted by NC306 Jan 2, 2017

Author of Murder With Malice - Wanchese. Aurora Holmes mystery.

Author of Ransom of Boss Hog - Aurora Holmes mystery

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Soothing Words Spoken From the Heart: Teddy Bear Love-a-Grams


Authored by Melonie Lovesmore, Authored by Liberty Justice





List Price: $7.99


5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
88 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1500696900 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1500696900
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth


SOOTHING WORDS SPOKEN FROM THE HEART! There's POWER IN WORDS. There's power in the written verse. Find peace of mind; experience feelings of hope and pride; strengthen love in your family; motivate and inspire your children and love ones. Poems bring joy and happiness into your life. Poems inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams. My poems bring you hope and celebrate life and justice. Follow your dreams, and never let anyone steal your dreams!


CreateSpace eStore:


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Not real sure if I'm even doing THIS part right.
Hello!  Just making an attempt to publish here on CS... Open to feedback

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Just Landed ^i^

Posted by Ariael Dec 13, 2016

Hi. I'm Ariael.   I don't know why I am using a pseudonym. I usually don't do that but I am going with it. \

I have written and edited 10 Chapters of my most recent book. A fellow author told me about Create Space

for publishing. I am giving it a try.

Only one day of working with the program and I already have had to contact support.

First of all I don't use pdf files. Never have and probably never will. I am 56 years old and I don't want to learn a

new writing program!! Sometimes I think I should go back to my trusty IBM word processor and write a book

and submit it--on paper!! I would like that. Unfortunatelty that is not the world we live in.

So, as a writer who desires to be published, I journey on trying to learn new things all in an effort to get my book

out there for the readers it is intended to reach.

So, I don't do pdf files. Mine is in a docx format. So when I select the file and save it, it appears to be working. Then it

says I have 5 errors and I cannot edit the document. The only way I see to edit it is to go back to my original document and

make the changes and then reupload it. I was under the impression that I could upload and then edit, even finish the book

in create space.

I must be wrong or I can't figure it out.

I seriously don't know why I am writing this blog. I doubt anyone will read it and if they do they probably won't help. Ohm what a terrible attitude I

have about social media. lol

Anyway, I contacted tech support and await their answer.

I also want to upload my own pic for the cover but it is not in pdf either. It, of course, is a jpeg!! Why does everything have to be so complicated?? Good Grief!

Thanks for reading--I am going to read and try to learn to navigate this site. Here goes....

I usually don't complain this much in one post. lol


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