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Blanca R Bach

Posted by Blanky Jul 21, 2016


Visit my webpage,


I was born in the sunny island of Puerto Rico. In 1977, my brother Hector invited me to come to Wisconsin for my summer vacation. In 1979, I decided to visit Wisconsin. I fell in love with the cool breezes, the snow, the change of the seasons. Since then I have been living in Wisconsin.

I began to write poems, short stories, and crochet at age five. It was in 2014 while I was attending college that I wrote My Kitty is Missing. I dedicated my book to my cousin's dog, Harley, who passed away in 2009. After that, I began to write books for my family and friends.
In the past, I taught in a elementary and middle school. I have a passion to teach children to be positive, do the right things, as well as respect others. I do believe that if God gives us a gift we should use it to teach positive things. I write positive messages in each of my books. If we teach positive, children will grow positive. I hope you enjoy my books!

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            How do I explain that my case is convincing enough! You will find me in CreateSpace/amazon in the capacity of my two e-books which I launched from a local cyber cafe. They are as follows:

            (1) Memoirs of a City/subtitled: Nature's 'trick'

            (2) Mystery at Rajnowagarh/subtitled: And a spiritual dacoit

Second one published in the month of December'15 but you may believe it or not that since then I have not been able to check out what has been going on  till recently; thereby missing not only valuable information from my end but making a huge backlog which is very sad to think about on my part. May I, therefore,  humbly request you to pause for a moment and conjecture what on earth am I doing for the last couple of months?

                                  Since then,in fact, I Have not been able to go a local cafe(but generally I do not like going there because of the environment where concentration is very difficult to attain).....I do feel that I have been stuck-up in a rut,but from a point of no return because nothing in this world makes me so happy and filled me up with 'unbounded joy' whenever I put my pen onto a piece of paper.....the sudden insight or signal that i received from divine will although of late.

                             In fact, I need a full desk-top computer set to fullfill my passion......when everything lost it will give me solace as a soothing balm.

                                               I talked to a local computer dealer and they are ready to give one full set on monthly instalment basis......(to be honest and precise I do not have the means right now to pay at a time). And you would be surprised to learn that i am  hesitating even in that settlement because of the uncertainty of getting my monthly remuneration in a fixed date.......whether10th or15th or 23rd.....and one has to pay EMI on a fixed date.

                                              In view of the above, I have no other option but to seek help from you all.

                                                                      Looking forward to hearing anyone from you.

Yours truly,



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A little about me

Posted by MattMan89 Jul 13, 2016

My name's Matt Frati. I'm a 27 year old writer/poet. I've been writing since about sixteen, but it was only in the last year that i began publishing my work. I've self-published two volumes of poetry within the last year. The first book, entitled Nightingale Blues, was released in April 2015. The follow-up, Standing in the Shadows of Giants, was released December of that year. Both are available for purchase on Amazon and the createspace store. The poems in both volumes cover a variety of topics ranging from the pleasures and pains of drink, the drudgery of work, love, hate, war, death and the rare flashes of beauty found in the everyday phenomena of this messy world. Currently, i'm engaged in the final stages of publishing my first novel, A Leap in the Dark and hope to release it in early September. It's a fictionalized account of a 4 year period of my life when i met a mysterious woman at my latest dead end job and entered into a brief but crucial relationship, all the while trying to take my first steps into the literary world. My primary influences run the gamut from long dead 19th century writers and poets (Whitman, Rimbaud, Shelley, Baudelaire) to more recently dead writers and poets (Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Dylan Thomas etc.) My main influences within the last few years have been Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski, two very different writers with two very different styles which both affected me in deeply profound ways. I hope those who read my work find it insightful or at least amusing if not profound. I greatly look forward to sharing my work with the public for however long i can keep churning out material.

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0 Since it was revealed to me that the previous title of my debut novel, "A Place in the Sun," is apparently a very popular title, i have since changed the title to "A Leap in the Dark." I was never crazy about the former title to begin with, but couldn't land on a better one until just yesterday. I've also changed the cover photo to one that better represents the book. I hope you all enjoy the changes and the book when it's finally released. You can check out the new preview using the link above. Enjoy.

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Hello! I'm new here

Posted by BrandonLE Jul 11, 2016

Hi everyone! I would like to learn lots from you guys. My English is not very well, so I don't know how to introduce myself, just want you to know that I'm Brandon and currently live in Australia. I hope you guys welcome me!

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As a  new writer and create space creating first book author, am having problems with equipment working when go to try to correct mistake. Taking a course, teaching how to use the platform, so really excited to FINALLY get some of the books published that been working on for years.


Yet reading through comments member spotlight, all of them were negative about getting help with formatting, uploading, changing things in the gutters to get printed, etc.  ,


Is anyone else having difficulty?  Couple said they had been with CS for years and done many books, but seems have more using system and not working like used to.


Would appreciate some feedback, before I get too deep into my first project, as I entered a 30 day challenge, to get done and up onto Kindle, so maybe need to start there.

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Posted by nakajima Jun 22, 2016

hi out there this is Scott Herold the self proclaimed leader of the Super 8mm film movement.  In my studio my work comes first always, but I still enjoy watching other peoples films.  I mostly like Hollywood films, of course, but now and then I will watch other stuff.  I do volunteer at the film society in Denver once a year and they have alot of films that are awesome.  In my case, I tell everyone the same thing, I got a hundred films!  I joined the film festival competition routine many years ago and I am ranked, which means I could win any contest out there.  For the most part my films are of a silent era type character who plays the guitar.  Obviously, that would lead to doing all the works as far as audio is concerned and trying to make sence of a batch of silent films.  I eventually put together a system that get's the job done as far as completing a live action short film in time for the contest is concerned.  I get the job done and have created a type of film that is recognized on the circuit as a jumble of footage and audio that leaves the audience baffled.  I fthat's how you spell it.  So needless to say i got my work put together whether everyone likes it or not can't matter, I got my nitch in the business for sure.  My films can be screened at Scott Herold's Flying Rock and Flying Folk and Jalopy Laws.  It is always the rule that there is always something to say about the works since other people work on them and sometimes they do a great job some times not, but I run everything that I make regardless of the socalled quality of that particular piece.  It's the only way to do it.  I thing my picure creates a demand after just a short time of screening and you can see for your self.  The DVD Cinemagraphics also has my work on it and can be purchased from Amazon these days.  That's all for now Bye.

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Hello and Greetings to All,

   Let me begin by giving a word of thanks to those who have given me some very helpful advice and taken the time to provide me with some helpful links.

    For years writing, well let me rephrase that, the entire aspect of creation be it writing, designing, drawing etc, etc has been a forgotten dream, a hobby of mine. Far too many people are quick to talk down about, or discourage others from following their dreams and that in itself often leads to a person giving up far too easily or in a worst case scenario if told that it isn't worth it, or "you suck" enough a normally rational person can in fact be pushed into believing it.

    I admit that I have been on the receiving end of such treatment and like many others including some here I too have made such statements.

    I've come to realize that not only is the creative world biased, competitive, self-serving and at times similar to the Elementary school yard bully, it too has far too many people that would rather walk through it with blinders on, or their heads down than stand up for their beliefs and actually extend their hand to another in an attempt to help another succeed whether it be here or in the "real"world.


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OK !

Posted by booboy11 Jun 10, 2016

Thanks Seal, I just bought your book and hope I can read it and stop bugging everyone. I may still need someone to do this for me but I am trying hard. This old person is slow.

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page problems

Posted by booboy11 Jun 8, 2016

First let me thank Seal again, he was a great help with my first question. I have laied out my interior and it looks correct on my computer but after uploading it the drawings appear on the left and not on the right. Have  i forgotten a step or will it look different when finalized ( corrected?) I want a blank page on the back of each picture so there is no bleed thru when coloring. but with the picture  on the right hand side of the book I think I read some where the pics should be on even numbered pages? also the reviewer keeps saying I have errors and I have made the corrections and loaded the corrected pages as a new pdf file as instructed but still get the same messages. all my pages are the exact same size but only a few show the error, any ideas?

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halo am new here

Posted by Faxbyrdkin Jun 7, 2016

I come to this community with aim to utilise and develop my desire to reachout to people with knowledge, skill and help through books, etc


My first 2 books that I am already working on are; - How to pass exams in 20 steps

                                                                           - Use spearman's rank correlation to increase your business profits.

I have the previews ready fro viewing on the community. Hope to learn and hear from you. thanks.

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Hi, I am new to createspace, and am hesitant and excited at the same time.  My question to the cyber world out there is this:  does the kindle have the capability to 'color' yet?  For adult and children's coloring books, I mean.

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As an artist I know my way around but getting this thing started has been a challenge for this old lady. Is anyone out there that would be willing to mentor another creative mind?  I' sure my questions have been asked before but I cant' seem to find an answer. What office writer and what photo program work best with Createspace? Thanks in advance for any help.

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The perfect partner

Posted by georges Jun 2, 2016

Hello, my name is Marcel Mendes. I've written four books so far, and  over twelve scripts. I also invented a few things; my latest is a smart dash cam allowing drivers to have access to their cars through smartphone applications. My experience, in business, life, love, is what brought me to write this blog; the perfect partner. Who is the perfect partner. we quickly realize that this is one of the most important things we need to figure out in order to be successful. is it that rich business partner? or a wise woman by our side? family members? ourselves? or God maybe. I would like to see your point of view.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this! Wow! At last after reviewing three proofs of my new book, It looks like I down was able to download my final MS copy last night about midnight - eyes glaze form eye fatigue. The cover by by prfessional artist daughter, Gigi McBee gives the message! The struggle of three world views to influence the Liberation movement in South Africa in 1989-90. Fiction, an adventure, 363 pp. of great readfing. Hope you like it!

ETA - June 5, 2016!

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