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Posted by LakotaRose May 28, 2013

     As a third grader, my teachers shared with my mother the rich fantasy life that dwelled inside my head and how I was able to translate this all on


paper. My mother, who did not believe in physical punishment whenever I mis-behaved, would have me write miniature booklets on why my mis-


behiour was immoral and unethical. Ah, the easy days of youth! Later on, when I began University, I was offered a scholarship to a Liberal Arts


school, to begin my education in writing. Yet, my Dad, back then the pragmatic and rational character he was, wanted me to take something "practical"


such as pre-med, even though he had to pay for it. Thus,except for abnormal psychology, my first stint at University did not fare too well. Yet, over 


the years, I wrote, never submitting anything--I feared rejection. I recently went back to school, adding more wel-researched papers--which some of my


professors called my thesis (one, a 114 pg. research paper I wrote on Tatan'ka I'yotaka or Sitting Bull). Recently I won my school's only literary award


for outstanding research papers using Isabel Allende's The House of the Spitrts to discuss how her novel uses at least three elements of magical


realism. At the same time, I won first place in prose for creative fiction for a story I wrote and submitted to my school's literary journal. Recently, I put


the finishing touches on "Five Moments of Magic." These are five short magical realist stories which present native americans, not as the stereotypic-


cal, down-and-out drunk on the rex, but as scholars, writers, and yday people. The other book I just finished is "Bipolars With Guns: Breaking the


Stigma of Untreated Mental-illness," which is a semi-comedy. I am, also, in the process of editing a book with excerpts of poems and life stories of

individuals who are in recovery from addictions/ alcoholism and have been diagnosed with mental-illness. I wish to submit these e-books and my papers I completed in


school. Does anyone have any advice fo a beginner? I keep seeing much ng written about Word Press. Would I type up everything in a word douc-


ment and Word Press will, then, automatically turn my work into a PDF file? How, then, to transfer to KDP SELECT? Is it easier, now, just to go to


KDP SELECT and type everything up in a wod document?


Thank you for any self-publishing expert(s) who can advise me.





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Posted by Shrike Aug 11, 2011

Hi everyone, I have just started publishing my books with Create Space, and am waiting for my first proof copy to arrive. I'm hoping it will be error free so I can start selling online right away. I used the CS template, so the interior shouldn't be a problem, and I designed and created my own cover; I just hope I got the bleeds and spine size right. This book is The Queen's Blade, the first of The Queen's Blade series, which comprises 6 books and 2 prequels. Next I'll do the Cyber Chronicles, which is 9 books long, currently. Then I also have to do The Broken World (4 books), Slave Empire (3 books) and Demon Lord (6 books). I have a lot of work ahead of me! On top of that, I still have to write more books in those series.


Luckily, I have been able to retire from my work as a freelance copywriter and concentrate on writing more books thanks to the sales of my series as e-books. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been writing for more than 20 years, for my own pleasure. After two agents and several rejections from mainstream publishers, I decided to go the indie route publish all my books as e-books last December, and I haven't looked back since. I only wish I'd done it years ago instead of wasting my time with traditional publishers. This way I can sell my books far cheaper and get 80% of my royalties instead of the 10% I'd get from a traditional publisher.


Visit my blog:, my website:, my Smashwords home page: or my Facebook page:

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