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My story is quite different

Posted by Enigmus Oct 10, 2016

Dear All,

My story is different in so many aspects that I am left without any axis to build upon the next step.

I have written a fantasy saga. That is normal, though fantasy sagas like Lord of The Ring is not that common. But they are there.

It is also in English. Which is ... well you know ... quite common.

The first thing that makes it different is that I am not a professional writer, I am an engineer. Which makes me totally out of place within the sophisticated curves of your world, the world of literature and publication.

The second thing is that I am Egyptian, which makes writting in english, since my first language is arabic, quite an odd choice. Yet it is done and I think that is not common yet had had its toll in making things even more difficult (specially in marketing - surely my main market is not in Egypt)

The third thing and the most important is the flavor of the fantasy itself. It is a parallel world full of magic, fantastic creatures and mysteries though I have tried to avoid any cliche. It took me five years to come up with a unique world setting full of surprises and genuine ideas not found in any similar fictional world.

Yet that is not the essence of the story.

My story is quite philosophical with deep insights and hidden messages. It is quite dramatic and in some points, melancholic.

This mix of the genre and the philosophical / humane aspect along with my back ground which is reflected in many ways within the story line makes it quite difficult to market.

Fantasy fans are not neccesssarily attracted to deep dramatic and philosophical stories. Drama fans will surely not look for their next book in the fantasy section. And surely people looking for some strong philosophical messages will not see beyond the obvious mythical look of the book's cover.

Even agents and publishing houses will be confused when they review my book. Also due to the target audience issue.

Sometimes I ask myself: What have I done? What have I created?

Now, the question is: Is there any real market for such a blend?

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Fifth Book

Posted by MoonStoryteller May 5, 2016

I am about to publish my 5th book (poetry) on Kindle and Create Space. There are two previous volumes of poetry and two fantasy novels (both are stories within a story - the same method as 1001 Nights).


My name is A.Gouedard


My blog is


My Facebook is Moon Pryderi


I first came to Create Space in 2013 - so it's taken quite a while to introduce myself here !


I have found that although people read my books and report back (through various channels) that they like, or even LOVE them, they never leave a review on Amazon. Does anyone have any tips to resolve this problem?

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No, I'm not from the government and you haven't been drafted into the military...  Just kidding...  That is the way we were drafted back in the 1960's.  You'd receive a letter stating, "Greetings from your Government.  You're drafted!  Show up at the induction center on such and such date."


Well...  That tells you about how old I am.  Good start, don't you think?


Before I expand upon who I am, you may be interested in what I write.  I write stories about God and Heaven.  Well, the story I've written here is about ****.  There are more similarities between Heaven and **** than you might think.  And I write stories about Jesus.  These are all fictional stories.


I'm not a Theologian and I don't care to get into Theological battles with people who think I'm full of it.  If you don't like what I write, don't read it.  If you want to give me a piece of your mind...  Don't bother.  Don't waste your time and mine.  I won't respond.  Go fight with yourself and have fun.


And that, in a nutshell, is why I write fiction and do not write Theological Treaty.  In the past, that would have gotten me burned at the stake.  I'm not into 'self barbecue'.


Who am I?  You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  No, I'm not Jesus Christ!  And I wouldn't want to be, either.  He was a very nice fellow, who just happened to be God.  It was nice of him to come live amongst us heathens for a while.  It was nice that he did for us what we could not do for ourselves.  I'm glad he did that.  I'd be last year's rotten meat if there wasn't that hope for me, personally.


I am a 'Traveler'.  My body lives in this world.  My mind does not.  Thus, I live in a 'Fantasy World' of my own creation.  However, I have not created this world by my efforts alone.  I've had help from a God, who kicks my butt on occasion when I need it...  Which is quite often.  I'm a born 'Rebel' and don't listen well to what I'm told to do.  I'm sort of like Jonah. God told Jonah to go one direction and to do a certain thing.  But Jonah went in the opposite direction.  I do that, too.


God told me to leave Eden.  Well, not the Garden of Eden...  However, Eden in North Carolina is a nice place.  But I would not go.  I was a 'scared-e-cat'...  A big chicken...  And there I was a Vietnam Veteran home from the war.  And I wouldn't turn loose of the little comfort and security I had in Eden.  Yet, I was very near suicide.


So, God kicked me out of Eden.


Well, actually, God tricked me into leaving.  Then, with me safely about a thousand miles away in Fort Scott, Kansas, He barred me from returning.  My uncle called to tell me...  The Law was after me.  I couldn't go home.


Ha!  Bet you wonder why the Law was after me!?!  Sorry to disappoint...  But it wasn't anything serious.  If it had been, when I applied for a passport in order to go to England, I'd have been arrested.


The next three years found me walking the rest of the way across America to California and ending up living in England.  I met a girl in the Sunday School class of the Baptist church I attended in Ocean Beach, California.  Her name was Carol.  Carol went to England with the military.  I followed.  She and I didn't work out.  That became apparent the day of my arrival in England.  She had not prepared for my coming to join her, as we had agreed before she left California and per letters we exchanged while I was preparing to leave America.  Wow!  That's a long sentence...  Run on much, do we?


Later, Carol was killed on her motorcycle while driving in heavy London traffic.  She was the daughter of one of the "Bowery Boys" movie actors from the 1950's.


Finding myself in London with no money, no job, no ability to get a job and nowhere to live, God supplied all this.  Well, He supplied a place for me to stay and gave me Christian friends who took care of me.  As I was in England, a place I had always admired and loved the thought of being there, I went to London Bible College.


That was another miracle provided by God.  I applied to the college in July for classes starting in early September, less than two months away.  I had no money to pay.  And I requested full time study towards a BA degree in Theology.  Plus, I wanted to live on campus and get all my meals there.


By then all students had been selected and all rooms had been assigned.  However, I guess out of curiosity, the college called me to set up an interview.  Three professors questioned me during the interview.  I told them my story...  And my story is quite unusual, to say the least...  The professors grilled me, big time!


When I walked out of the room into the hall from where the interview had been held, I thought that there was no way, 'On God's Green Earth', that those professors would ever allow me to go to that college.  I mean, would they really allow a guy with the Law after him to attend their Bible college?  I don't remember...  But maybe I didn't tell them that part...  Okay...  Okay...  So, I'm a big liar, too.


However, I was surprised to be called a few days later by the college.  Not only had I been accepted...  Not only had they told me not to worry about the money to pay them (I could pay them later, when my Veterans college benefits began arriving)...  Not only would the college provide my books and supplies...  But best of all, at the last minute, a student dropped his application to attend and the dorm room which had been assigned to him would then be assigned to me.  They gave me everything I asked them for.


Maybe I should have asked them for a better brain while I was at it!  The British school system is far beyond more difficult than the American system.  When I went to college in America, I didn't have to study much.  At college in England, I was in the library every night banging my head against the table trying to study.


During the summer break from classes, I did missionary work in Germany.


After leaving LBC, I married a girl I met in the 'House Fellowship' which had taken me in, immediately upon my arrival in England, and had provided for me until I entered college.  We honeymooned in Israel.  There's a long story about my arrival in England, which connects me to what happened in Ocean Beach concerning God's provision.  But that is a story you wouldn't believe, anyway.  So, why bother telling it.


I worked for British Airways and was quickly becoming a drunk.  Not happy working for British Airways, my brother got me a job working as a Draftsman in the nuclear power plant industry back in America.  I excelled in that work and it became my career.


Hepatitis 'C' ended my career.  I became sick and could not perform my work.  The doctor told me that there was nothing that could be done for me.  At that time, most people who were in as bad a health condition as I was in were dying.  I thought I would die, too.  I took disability from Pacific Gas & Electric, where I'd worked as a Mechanical Work Planner.  I went home to Virginia to die.


But I didn't die...  Well, obviously, if I had died, I wouldn't be writing now, would I?  Or am I writing from the 'afterlife'?  Oh, mystery...


No, I'm here and I'm healthy now.  The Veteran's administration treated me for the Hep 'C' and cured me a couple of years ago.  I still don't have much of a liver left.  But I function quite high for my age and my liver damage.  God is good.  I thank Him for everything in my life, even for the bad stuff...  Which I wouldn't want to live again...  But I realize its benefit to my view of God at this point in my aged and traveled life.


So, that's a bit of me...  Now back to what I write.  I've posted a preview here.  I was unfamiliar with the process of posting a preview.  Thus, I attempted to post the first chapter of my book.  However, since only 25,000 characters are allowed, I could only post about half of my first chapter.  Now, I see by other people's postings that maybe I should have done it differently.


Well, its done, now.  So, full speed ahead...  **** the torpedoes.


This first story, and I have a number of them, is about God's Forgiveness.  It is about 'LOVE'.  And the story is told threw the eyes of a boy who is loved by two girls.  Both want him.  However, both girls love each other as sisters, too.  They will not hurt each other.  They come to an agreement between them concerning which of them will get the boy.  And they make the boy agree to accept what they had committed to doing.  The boy loves both girls.  He has a preference for one over the other.  However, he loves both of them so much he'd marry either of them.


A tragic accident takes the boys life.  The girls react.  The scene takes place in Heaven at the time of the 'Great White Throne' of Judgment.  The boy is cast into ****.  That is the first chapter.  In the following chapters, he gives a firsthand explanation of what happens to him in **** or in 'Outer Darkness'.


There may be later surprises written into the narrative of following chapters.  If you read, I think you'll be surprised at God's 'LOVE' and Forgiveness.


And no!  I don't believe in universal Salvation.  Most of us will end up in ****.  My neck is on the line, too.


After reading my full book, some of you might wish me there...  Sorry!  I don't happen to have a spare stake for a burnt sacrifice.  And I can still run pretty fast.  Catch me if you can...


Later on, Boys and Girls!

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just started writing a couple of years ago. I can see retirement just 10 years down the road I know refrigeration and am good at it English spelling and such not so much. my story follow a man you father on his death bed gives him a sword then at a gun and knife show is given a soiled Gold medallion and told to say an oath, when he said the oath he is transported to Japan history to a little village where he save the town elder from being killed and then begins to teach the one thing he believes in and that is honor to the village the solders and even the crown prince. he is called the god of honor by the people and then when he meets the Gods they call him that themselves and is introduced to the different levels of Gods a good read I think for young adults to pre teens and old people like me who likes a clean story. but I don't know. so if you would like to give me you thoughts I am open or the book is called the God of Honor: how I became the god of honor

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Leandi Cameron is an award-winning journalist and  assistant editor for the the Boksburg Advertiser, and has now also added  the titles "author" and "publisher" on her plaque with the release of  her first novel, A Tale of the Other Kind: A Therian Novel.
Cameron is from Johannesburg, South Africa, (maiden name Rostoll).

At  school she wasn't the most popular girl, as she was a victim of  bullying, but found comfort in her books, and soon discovered her talent  for writing at a tender age.

She, therefore, resorted to spending most of her time writing poems, short stories and songs during her afternoons and evenings.

Cameron  confesses that she filled her nights reading every young-adult horror,  paranormal, romance and fantasy novel she could get her hands on.

Her  father used to take her to a travelling library that passed by their  house on a weekly basis, and she would stock up on her weekly dose of  young adult novels.

Cameron,  obtained her Honours Degree in Journalism at Tshwane University of  Technology and soon found her feet in the print media industry, walking  away with the Siemens Profile Award and being nominated for the Vodacom  Journalist of the Year Award and a National Science & Technology  Fund Award.

In 2009,  she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing  Spondylitis, which she began suffering from when she was only 12 years  old.

"No one,  including myself, took it too seriously, as we shrug it off as growing  pains. However, the trauma of losing my father to a heart attack in 2006  rapidly fastened my symptoms and aggressiveness of the disease within  my body," says Cameron.

Cameron  then had to put her life on hold, and had to leave the magazine she was  working at during that time, while the doctors went through a trial and  error process to treat her disease.

While at home, she wrote as a freelance journalist and established a writing and editing service company.

This  was when Cameron decided to work full-time on her debut novel, A Tale  of the Other Kind: A Therian Novel. This novel wasn't the first one to  have made it onto the pages of her laptop, but it was definitely the one  that stuck.

A Tale  of the Other Kind: A Therian Novel, hit the shelves in September 2012,  and she is working on the second novel in the series, called A Therian  Struggle.

The story  of Kai Emery, plays off in Sabie. He finds out that he is part man and  part wereleopard (shapeshifter), and falls in love with the school  beauty Sienna. He then has to fight for survival and protect everyone  that he loves from danger. It is an interesting read for anyone who  enjoys young-adult paranormal fantasy. However, this book is not just  about paranormal romance, it has a rich cultural history and  mythological background, deeply entrenched into the core of the story.

"When I write, I lived out every character, and each one has a bit of me in them," says Cameron.

Cameron  also published her debut novel herself by establishing an independent  publishing division within her multi-discipline business, House of  LeaVik, which she co-owns with her sister Vikki Rostoll-Olivier.

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Hello all!  I just published 4 books on Create Space and am so excited!


Hypnotic Journey Series:


Wouldn't it be cool to suddenly have the battle skills of a seasoned warrior? Wouldn't that be even better if the battles felt real but there was no physical risk to you? Wouldn't it be perfect if the hypnotist in charge of your session was not insanely evil and using you as a weapon in a plot for revenge? Four friends, two in love, two in hate enter into a Group Hypnosis study attempting to introduce fantasy adventures to small groups. They are promised a video game type of adventure rescuing an Elf Queen from her crystal prision as elf warriors, a sorceress and a fairy. As soon as they fall under the good doctors spell they begin to realize the adventure is more real than they could have ever imagined. They find themselves in a hostile world they can't seem to escape from.


Treborel Series:

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Hi everyone

Posted by JesusDelgado Oct 28, 2012

Hi everyone.

My name is Jesús Delgado.

Just  started as a CreateSpace author, and all my work is in Spanish if any  of you are interested. I'm focused on fiction and fantasy, as you can  see in my book called "Relatos de un Mundo Nuevo" (Stories of a New  World), it consist in short stories of what I call a new world and  giving the welcome to it.


This is my Facebook.


I hope you all enjoy my work.



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My name is Stephani and my teen fantasy novel, Psychokinesis, is about to be published here in a few weeks. I have created a preview for one of its chapters. I would truly appreciate any suggestions/feedback/criticism that anyone has to offer. I really need help here, so I can't wait to hear from you all! Thank you so much.



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Hello, Thank You & Goodbye.

Posted by Ercolano Mar 3, 2012

S P Mount is originally from Scotland, but with an erstwhile career in worldwide tourism, has lived in many countries and currently resides in Canada.


Having studied the art of writing in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2004, he has to date written seven books since his highly popular epic 'Prickly Scots' - which, even though his debut novel and he'd "do some things differently today", remains a personal favourite.  He is now a freelance writer for a publishing company in San Francisco as well as a travel blogger for an international hotel group based in Italy.


'A born storyteller' with a quiet introspective that "pours its heart out" onto the page, S P Mount wrote three books before the age of ten-yrs-old (not listed here) and is said to possess inimitable style; consistently delivering finely nuanced characters and descriptions with an audacious, largely humorous authenticity perhaps 'reminiscent of Joyce and Salinger, but edgier'. Indeed, it is his mission to create uncompromising stories in both creative fiction and non fiction from a unique Scottish lens, often crossing genres, e.g. mixing paranormal and sci-fi with everyday lives and events that "has the reader believing that they might just be true."


Good friends, pets, photography and complete honesty are among the most important things in S P Mount's life, and when he is not writing seriously he can be found writing 'nonsensically' to relax, as well as offering what he can, by way of giving back, to new promising writers (that he himself comes across "no requests please") starting out on their own journey. Steph205.jpg




Prickly Scots Pt I

Prickly Scots Pt II

Prickly Scots Pts I & II collective edition

Warped MIrrors - a paranormal comedy

Wanna go for a Walk? - true short stories mainly based in Italy

Little Nut Jobs - an anthology of the kind of nonsensical writing mentioned above (ONLY FOR THE INSANE)

Oddity - Short Stories Currently unavailable

Hello, Thank You & Goodbye (Upcoming release date)


Social Media:


Personal website



Articles, short stories/photo narratives

Twitter - @SP_Mount


"I hope you enjoy the stories I offer; they're intended to transport you from the real world into those where I myself am better received." - S P Mount


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Hi everyone, My name is Ron Mealing. I have lived here in Nashville, Tennessee for the last 20+ years but I was born in Sydney, Australia (too many years ago).


I have, for many years, after selling out my accounting practice, busied myself on the development of my children's fantasy stories into the various animated theatrical formats (my real love) and the advancement of these projects toward exposure in the many ancillary markets.


Doing all that is very expensive stuff, so it's been slow going over the years working with only my own finances. Never-the-less, I have managed to get my first "short" into theatrical exhibition in a number of film festivals. This first short film, "The Story of Night & Day", was a 9 minute truncation of a 22 minute fantasy I had written and which I had hoped to release for television - and still do.


This work, first released in 2009, has been exhibited a number of times in Los Angeles and New York and once in each of Palm Springs and Cannes, France, winning three "Best Animation" awards between 2009 and 2011.


I have just uploaded this short film to Amazon for availability on-line and am presently awaiting a successful review by them.


I decided, just recently, to pubish a little book called "The Making of The Story of Night & Day" showing how all this short film came together. It's in full colour and can be obtained at http;// (price $14.50).

It's preview is .


While all this was going on, I was entertaining myself by writing poetry as a release from the tedium of constant singular endeavour. I published my first book of poetry, "On - Volume 1" in 1996 and, enthused by what I thought was a great work, self-published it in a lavish binding which, being too expensive, proved to be a marketing disaster. (Self praise, I found out, is no gratification). Discouraged, I put all that aside but still continued to write poetry, quietly for myself, but only sporadically.


Pressured by others, i republished my first published poetry in 2011 together with a lot of material I had written since that early release. "On-Volume 2" is now available at (Price $14.95).

Its preview is


Straying yet a little further from my general activity, I just published a cartoon satire, "On the Language of Cricket", which takes a humorous look, graphically, at the quaint vernacular used to describe that cherished British institution, the Game of Cricket. You can find it at (Price $10.95)

Its preview available at


I am at present completing a rewrite of my first children's fantasy which was published in Australia in December, 1984. This rewrite of "Adventures in the Lost Kingdom of Radish" will be published here, hopefully, within a few weeks. This story is already being developed into a 100 minute full length feature film, and was advancing very well until its development was deferred due to my being adversely impacted by the recent international economic situation. Hopefully, the recently negotiated additional support to allow continuace, which appears imminent, will come to fruition. Any investors out there? Contact me -


I intend to write another "The Making of ..." book on this work also when developed work justifies its release.


I really cherish "feedback" - and I'm big enough to take any negative ones - but please, be nice!

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Posted by Shrike Aug 11, 2011

Hi everyone, I have just started publishing my books with Create Space, and am waiting for my first proof copy to arrive. I'm hoping it will be error free so I can start selling online right away. I used the CS template, so the interior shouldn't be a problem, and I designed and created my own cover; I just hope I got the bleeds and spine size right. This book is The Queen's Blade, the first of The Queen's Blade series, which comprises 6 books and 2 prequels. Next I'll do the Cyber Chronicles, which is 9 books long, currently. Then I also have to do The Broken World (4 books), Slave Empire (3 books) and Demon Lord (6 books). I have a lot of work ahead of me! On top of that, I still have to write more books in those series.


Luckily, I have been able to retire from my work as a freelance copywriter and concentrate on writing more books thanks to the sales of my series as e-books. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and have been writing for more than 20 years, for my own pleasure. After two agents and several rejections from mainstream publishers, I decided to go the indie route publish all my books as e-books last December, and I haven't looked back since. I only wish I'd done it years ago instead of wasting my time with traditional publishers. This way I can sell my books far cheaper and get 80% of my royalties instead of the 10% I'd get from a traditional publisher.


Visit my blog:, my website:, my Smashwords home page: or my Facebook page:

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What if errant data is uploaded into the Kizuna's Internet Satellite beam for a nantech soldier in an alien ninja akuma gameplay?


Many against one.


The above science fiction Japanese horror fantasy feature film written as a gameplay is the host for this novel, which is the driver in its structure.


A serial killing in a massively multiplayer online game that's an anti-social spelunking website network that has a goal to present the Devil, it has been over-ridden by a re-dating of carbon - an Alien!

Play for the Devil and get an Alien!

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Strange Worlds Anthology

Posted by Blazeguard Apr 20, 2011

cover3.jpgHey there, my name is Jeff Doten. I'm wrapping up my first Createspace project,  a full color illustrated science fiction anthology called Strange Worlds. All of the artwork is mine and each story is based on concepts I came up with early in the process. My writers picked an image and wrote a story, then I created black and white images to go along with their text. The color images are used as mock paperback covers for each story. The final portion of the book is 14 page comic book. The project has been a blast to work on and we're already talking about a volume 2.

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