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Posted by Jonsnow987 Apr 3, 2018


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Melody Writes

Posted by bayoumel Mar 28, 2018

I've got quite a few poems edited and most in hardcopy, but all, digitally.  This is my first inkling that there is even a self-publishing service on Amazon or anywhere that makes it possible for those who have not submitted work elsewhere to just get it out there.  I live in Portland, Oregon and I am originally from Los Angeles where I raised my two sons to their passions.  I have wanted to start a WordPress Blog in the past and could not move forward due to ALL of the tech stuff........I have Aspergers, and don't really have the ability to make sense of how to do that end of things.  I can make ALOT of sense to me  :-)    I'm fearful that even in this scenario, I will be taking time and energy to gather some material together and then will not be able to make sense of how to set it up with a "cover" and all the various little things that to me..........are NOT art. 


IS this POSSIBLE to be unskilled at that part of things.....are the prompts given here, enough?  And what happens to material I put in a book here?  Is copyright an issue?  Can I use this material in something larger somewhere else at some point? 



I need to have instructions practically spelled out for me.   But, really, I CAN write  :-)        



Nice to connect,


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Posted by Afrodite95 Jan 30, 2018

Hello my name is Sade and Im writing an anthology of poems


I have never published before and I don't currently have a following, however my writing on websites has been highly sought after and recognised as good by forum members


Do you have any tipson marketing poetry>


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Hi, How you All doing?


Let me introduce myself to you, I'm a first-time Author, from Manchester England, This is the first ever Blog I've ever done - hope I get it right!  Anyway, I'm a busy Mother of 5 and have written a Series of 'Epic Fantasy Adventure Books' readership age (18+).  I'm shattered, to say the least, have any of you got any suggestions as to possible Marketing avenues I could consider.  I released Part one last month just weeks before Christmas and am looking forward to getting the first money I've earned later this month, after not earning a single penny since 2009. Yes, I'm sure it's been really hard for many of you too, trying to finish up your books and get the visions of your mind out there for all to read. Hope you'll enjoy mine 'AGES OF RAEKWON - Awakenings Arousal the Peoples Story'.  I never anticipated how hard it would be to follow through with the promotion or get people, to take me seriously. The saying              'do not judge a book by its cover', seems to also apply to them looking at me.  So, please tell me how you're finding it all, I'd love to hear your...Stories!




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Good Morning

Posted by msplayful Apr 30, 2017

My first time on this board. Looks like a good place to be. I haven't published a book on Createspace, but plan to. I am here to get guidance and suggestions - anything to make my book look better, be better . . . I'm a poet and a writer. Quit groaning . . . for those who don't just LOVE poetry. My poems are more like mini short stories. They rhyme and a few have been published in magazines. . . I've had a few nonfiction articles publshed .. . won an honorable mention award for a short story. My first book may be a very short book of poems that I've written. I know poetry books don't sell all that well, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is my philosophy. I'm so GLAD I found this place!

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Need feedback

Posted by moonbeam7 Apr 18, 2017

I'm trying to improve my description for my book Unraveled. Would appreciate any and all feedback.

Alyson Pierce believed she was like any other seventeen year old girl. She wasn't. She believed her mother died giving birth, but Alyson was never born. Everything she knew was a lie. Betrayed by her "father", she sets out on a quest to find the truth. Instead, she finds a world where the distinction between right and wrong isn't always clear and the truth she seeks could be deadly.

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Not real sure if I'm even doing THIS part right.
Hello!  Just making an attempt to publish here on CS... Open to feedback

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Just Landed ^i^

Posted by Ariael Dec 13, 2016

Hi. I'm Ariael.   I don't know why I am using a pseudonym. I usually don't do that but I am going with it. \

I have written and edited 10 Chapters of my most recent book. A fellow author told me about Create Space

for publishing. I am giving it a try.

Only one day of working with the program and I already have had to contact support.

First of all I don't use pdf files. Never have and probably never will. I am 56 years old and I don't want to learn a

new writing program!! Sometimes I think I should go back to my trusty IBM word processor and write a book

and submit it--on paper!! I would like that. Unfortunatelty that is not the world we live in.

So, as a writer who desires to be published, I journey on trying to learn new things all in an effort to get my book

out there for the readers it is intended to reach.

So, I don't do pdf files. Mine is in a docx format. So when I select the file and save it, it appears to be working. Then it

says I have 5 errors and I cannot edit the document. The only way I see to edit it is to go back to my original document and

make the changes and then reupload it. I was under the impression that I could upload and then edit, even finish the book

in create space.

I must be wrong or I can't figure it out.

I seriously don't know why I am writing this blog. I doubt anyone will read it and if they do they probably won't help. Ohm what a terrible attitude I

have about social media. lol

Anyway, I contacted tech support and await their answer.

I also want to upload my own pic for the cover but it is not in pdf either. It, of course, is a jpeg!! Why does everything have to be so complicated?? Good Grief!

Thanks for reading--I am going to read and try to learn to navigate this site. Here goes....

I usually don't complain this much in one post. lol


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Hi, CreatSpace Friends

Posted by seasonedman Nov 21, 2016



My name is Bob Whitney and live in Fleming Island, FL (for now).  I was fortunate to meet a man 23 years ago that changed my life.  His name was Dean Portinga; he passed away at age 89 January 1, 2016.  He was a spiritual man who attained a Doctorate of Theology along with a Doctorate in Philosophy.


He was the only person I knew for 23 years that I never once heard critisize, complain, or condemn anyone or anything.


Dean discovered early in his career that his life's purpose was to uncover how though and consciousness determained every aspect of our lives.  He discovered that answer after 60 years of research and we are releasing his first book, "A New Understanding of the Ten Commandments" on November 24th.


Thousands of people have taken his courses and heard him speak while on tour with Earl Nightengale (who called him ''the professor") and others of reknown.


My issue is with how to deal with the Author's page.  I only have one other book to publish along with hundreds of articles I discovered while going through his computer and files after his death.  Dean cared little for fame or money and never got around to publishing his material.  How do I make the Author's Page viable when there is no more content coming?


Thanks for your help.



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I am a new author as of 2015. I was born in BountifuUtahuah and raised in Boardman Oregon. I finish my last year of High School in Chehalis WA. I know live in Olympia, WA. I use self-publish publishers to published my first children phonic adventure for ages 0-adult. ABC, 123, Color Animal KId. My second published book genre us adventure western fantasy sci-fi for ages 8-adult. Boys Adventures Through the Wild West; Ghost Town Adventures. I am in working progress of getting my third book published genre is children adventure fantasy for ages 0 to an adult. The Little Boys Beach Adventures; Little Boys Treasure Hunt Adventures. I am a student going on my 3rd year at a university. I am majoring in screenwriting BA.


When i write stories I feel like I'm walking with the characters in the books. I am always looking for new opportunities to find a writers job in freelancing or ghost writers. I am also looking for a writers grant to help me with the funds of my books to promote them for the audience to recognize my books. My goal is to have my books transformed into film.




Author Irene Holmes

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Hello my name is Eugene Helfrick and I recently self published my novel, Fighting The Western Sky. I've had this book kicking around for a few years after I made it for a thesis project in college and I decided to self-publish it just to get it out to the world. It is always a fun and rewarding process to see something you made go out to the world, even in a limited fashion like self-publishing.


I'm just trying to get feedback on the novel right now, so it's a buck on Kindle and I am also offering it free on my website if anyone wants to give it a look to see what you think. I really struggled with writing a good synopsis, so I felt like it might be easier to just offer the book for free so people can give it a try before they buy it.





Fighting The Western Sky is an adventure novel with elements of comedy and mystery. The main story is about Margo, a 36 year old royal messenger who after nearly 20 years as a messenger to the King, is starting to grow tired with the bureaucracy, redundancies and over complications that come with working for a bloated Kingdom. Furthering these frustrations are deaths occurring around Margo's home city, causing rule changes that force him to take on a bodyguard in order to leave the city and deliver his messages. The primary interactions come between Margo and his young and inexperienced bodyguard, Blaine, while they deliver the King's messages throughout the land.



One thing I tried to do was play with the narrator/ reader relationship. In my novel, the narrator will sometimes talk over the story, adding in his own thoughts, feelings and other comments to the story while he is telling it. He isn't always a reliable narrator, though, having his own issues that he deals with during the course of the story.


Thank you and I hope to hear some feedback along the way from other writers. Even if my novel isn't perfect, I still hope people find my first attempt a worthy venture.


Click here to access my website for more information.

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That only a handful, in all recorded history, have truly mastered the knack of succeeding at mankind's obsession with war, has been an on-going fascination for me.   Also the 'how' of the successful achievements of those very few, when the great majority who attempt generalship in the cauldron of war fail dismally.   The result of this fascination is a the just published " The Few Who Can Do".   Despite a lovely design and production job by the Create Space Team, I have been an agonised compendium of doubts ever since it hit the streets.   Well, since reaching the heights of the on-line avenues of Amazon, at least.   Probably my unworthy emotional turmoil is inknown to the collective genius of this Community.  But could it be?

My addiction to the achievements of the greats of the past began in childhood, and the fascination with the 'how' probably stems from my having been commissioned into the Royal Marines on leaving school.   Having decided on the approach, the first hurdle was who to go for.   In the end I did one American and one Greek; two Arabs and two Romans.   The timescale: Third Century BCE to the middle of the 19th Century CE.

In writing of his fellow countryman, James Graham - the 'Great Marquis' (of Montrose) John Buchan observed: "Human nature cannot do without its human inspirations ... and all of us, however modest our station, are called upon to act as leaders ... and it useful at such crises to have in our memory the examples of men who faced similar problems ... on a grander scale and for more momentous issues".   'My' six were all winners with 'momentous issues', par excellence, during the lifetimes.   Will their unique, brilliant and thrilling achievements prove winners at interesting 21st Century readers, I endlessly worry?

Eos-Amica (M W Banks)

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Hello, my name is Travis and I'm a graphic designer in Austin, Texas and I would like to offer my design services to anyone needing artwork or layout for their porjects.


I have worked with several Fortune 500 companies such as Charles Schwab and Freescale Semiconductor Inc., as well as small to medium local (Austin) businesses like Stubb’s Legendary Kitchen Inc. I would like very much for an opportunity to partner with an autor to help give life to the words on the page.


My portfolio is located at which showcases work from my corporate clients.



I look forward to hearing from you.



Travis W Senior

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New author

Posted by Naomil718 Sep 13, 2016

Hello my name is Naomi Santos. I am a new writer and I am working on my first book and can not wait to publish it. I also want to blog so if you want to follow my blog and let me know what you like to read in blogs so my blog won't be boring please feel free to give some advise.

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Hello Everyone and Thank you!

Posted by JERoessler Sep 10, 2016

Hello Fellow Indie Publishers ~


It has been a pure pleasure reading through the variety of posts and information on how to self-publish through this service. I am happy to say that I successfully published my first book of poetry this month and it is now available on Amazon. I am having a wonderful time learning how to navigate the self-publishing world and many of the contributors here have provided invaluable support. I felt it appropriate to extend my gratitude. ~ thanks all!!!


Here is my author's page with bio - do not hesitate in connecting: http:// . I have several other projects that I am contemplating including more poetry, children's books and a series of essays. What fun! Thanks for the support.



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