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brazilfroggy books

Posted by froggyman Jan 29, 2018

I am a writer of children books.  I have always been involved with drawing, painting, and illustrations.  I alos was raised in southern Louisiana where I became very familiar with the many characters that appear in my Froggy books.  After much trial and error, along with the encouragement from a few friends and acquaintances I was able to create my first book, entitled "Froggy:  The Beginning."  It is a story about a little frog who was rescued and raised by a kind stranger after a violent flood swept her away from her mom and siblings.  The setting is in an imaginary location in the Manchac, Louisiana area which I named the "Kooterville Swamp."  Her story continues in the books that follow.  Suitable for young children and adults who like to read to their children.  Large print with color illustrations.

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Hi, How you All doing?


Let me introduce myself to you, I'm a first-time Author, from Manchester England, This is the first ever Blog I've ever done - hope I get it right!  Anyway, I'm a busy Mother of 5 and have written a Series of 'Epic Fantasy Adventure Books' readership age (18+).  I'm shattered, to say the least, have any of you got any suggestions as to possible Marketing avenues I could consider.  I released Part one last month just weeks before Christmas and am looking forward to getting the first money I've earned later this month, after not earning a single penny since 2009. Yes, I'm sure it's been really hard for many of you too, trying to finish up your books and get the visions of your mind out there for all to read. Hope you'll enjoy mine 'AGES OF RAEKWON - Awakenings Arousal the Peoples Story'.  I never anticipated how hard it would be to follow through with the promotion or get people, to take me seriously. The saying              'do not judge a book by its cover', seems to also apply to them looking at me.  So, please tell me how you're finding it all, I'd love to hear your...Stories!




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I am a new author as of 2015. I was born in BountifuUtahuah and raised in Boardman Oregon. I finish my last year of High School in Chehalis WA. I know live in Olympia, WA. I use self-publish publishers to published my first children phonic adventure for ages 0-adult. ABC, 123, Color Animal KId. My second published book genre us adventure western fantasy sci-fi for ages 8-adult. Boys Adventures Through the Wild West; Ghost Town Adventures. I am in working progress of getting my third book published genre is children adventure fantasy for ages 0 to an adult. The Little Boys Beach Adventures; Little Boys Treasure Hunt Adventures. I am a student going on my 3rd year at a university. I am majoring in screenwriting BA.


When i write stories I feel like I'm walking with the characters in the books. I am always looking for new opportunities to find a writers job in freelancing or ghost writers. I am also looking for a writers grant to help me with the funds of my books to promote them for the audience to recognize my books. My goal is to have my books transformed into film.




Author Irene Holmes

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Hello Everyone and Thank you!

Posted by JERoessler Sep 10, 2016

Hello Fellow Indie Publishers ~


It has been a pure pleasure reading through the variety of posts and information on how to self-publish through this service. I am happy to say that I successfully published my first book of poetry this month and it is now available on Amazon. I am having a wonderful time learning how to navigate the self-publishing world and many of the contributors here have provided invaluable support. I felt it appropriate to extend my gratitude. ~ thanks all!!!


Here is my author's page with bio - do not hesitate in connecting: http:// . I have several other projects that I am contemplating including more poetry, children's books and a series of essays. What fun! Thanks for the support.



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page problems

Posted by booboy11 Jun 8, 2016

First let me thank Seal again, he was a great help with my first question. I have laied out my interior and it looks correct on my computer but after uploading it the drawings appear on the left and not on the right. Have  i forgotten a step or will it look different when finalized ( corrected?) I want a blank page on the back of each picture so there is no bleed thru when coloring. but with the picture  on the right hand side of the book I think I read some where the pics should be on even numbered pages? also the reviewer keeps saying I have errors and I have made the corrections and loaded the corrected pages as a new pdf file as instructed but still get the same messages. all my pages are the exact same size but only a few show the error, any ideas?

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HI Am Richard E.

Posted by RichardE Oct 6, 2014

I saw that createspace has a community, I really enjoy. Createspace, is a platform to distribute my ideas.


I can communicate with people, through my books and other products. Right now I just finished a book, called The Strategies. A guide for small business owners, and freelancers. What they should know and do.


The idea was to have something, which people could read and apply right away to their business life.


An i did some research on this topic prior to publishing, although. I really wanted to include some new ideas. An inspirational thoughs as well as personal examples.


I have written other books on Amazon. I wrote CrowdFunding explosion is an extremely small book, 16 pages, I think is a good book but I probably did it a disservice by not taking my time doing a solid book cover.


So I wanted The Strategy to have a solid cover, I designed it myself. I also wanted to have big concepts and some graphics, I think it has 3 graphic elements and I cited were they came from.


Just in case anyone has any questions, at to the validity of my communication or information. I am preparing to finish a major book, which is going to be roughly 100 pages or more. An I wanted to do this book as a test, so that people would get to know me, anyway's.


I think that I am rambling on, but the main thing. Is that this book will be available for free in the coming days, and i want you guys to download your free topic, and really give me feedback rate it 5 stars if it's good rate it 3 stars if its ok. Thank you so much.


I also wanted to mention that I have a blog were, I write articles. I was off the net for quite some time. But I am back now, and I am really enjoying it.


Check it out and be in touch with me thanks.

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Hi everyone I am Larry Spates and I just released my New Book Titled "Top Sales Economic Strategies - 2014" Selling from the view point of your customers. you are invited to check out the Preview and leave your feed back thanks.

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My short stories about miracles and serendipity will be published this month and I am so excited and thrilled that Create Space made it so easy to be an indie author and the vast opportunities on the internet with e-marketing are thrilling! Passion and Faith Press is pleased to present thier first inspirational book by Carolyn Jaynes, a San Diego writer who will uplift, entertain and inspire readers with her Sprinkles from Heaven. Write to *************************** for info, and HAPPY PUBLISHING!

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How did I get here?

Posted by Davidfiddle Sep 29, 2013

Lying in a bed in a Neurosurgery Centre of Excellence is a curious place from which to set off publishing.  One of my fellow inmates turned out to be a self published author and ran the Fan Club for Motorhead.  I play fiddle in a nice little band called Swinging the Lead so the chat turned round to music and publishing. "Have a go via Amazon", my comrade recommended. So here I am.  I have led an extraordinarily rich life compared to my peers.  Even before leaving university, I had spent a full year being a Housemaster in an Approved School!


I have been a soldier for twenty odd years, and even within that I did everything from being a Rifleman in the Royal Greenjackets, to being a Computer Programmer and Systems Analyst in the Royal Army Pay Corps.  I seized the opportunity to travel and got to the Far East, travelled right round the USA and Across Canada, lived in Germany.  I ran Folk Clubs, ran long runs wearing boots, and ran the risk of being shot! I taught adults military skills, administration, Information Technology, and enjoyed every minute of it.


I quit the military in 1992, spent a year getting the khaki out of my bloodstream and trying to write my great novel, and then started teaching Immigration Detainees wow to use computers in, you guessed it, a prison.  I added in a part time post as a University Lecturer and eventually moved on to doing contract programming for the MOD.  I moved from there to go to Nottingham and worked for a large company.  At New Year, at midnight, there was not a ship's hooter to be heard!  We came back to the South Coast and I started again in computers as a trainer for a small IT company, travelling all over the UK.  I then had a replacement knee and moved back into teaching, this time with the Royal Navy, first running a LearnDirect centre and then as a Basic Skills Tutor.


Retirement age came and I then qualified as a Diagnostician for Irlen Syndrome.  My mobility became more of an issue and that was when I found myself in the Neurosurgeon's tender care.  |t was spinal compression that was causing my great problems and I ended up having two Laminectomies and spending four months in hospital recovering.


I assembled some of my poems and sets of lyrics together and came up with a nice title.  This is now in the thoroes of being published via Amazon.


You remember that novel I tried to write.  Well, after several house moves, and computers with suicidal tendencies, I thought that it was lost forever.


Then, there it was; preserved on hard copy, old fashioned paper and sitting in a box that had survived the cleaning up of my descendants!


My new all singing, all dancing multi-purpose printer has no OCR facility.  All that typing again?  No, I had bought Dragon Naturally Speaking software to make it easier for me to use a computer while I had problems sitting in front of the screen after my operations. So now I am reading the novel to my computer and then editing it.  I found that it quite impressed me!  A pal read the first chapter and said, "Conrad and Kipling."  Not that he meant the firm of lawyers on the High Street, my words had actually impressed him.


Not working for an employer, and also being in full possession of my pensions, and perhaps my faculties, has freed me to get back to writing.  I have no more excuses!  Apart from cooking and going out playing the fiddle in several music groups, I can get on with writing.


So watch this space!  Write back to me if you feel inclined.  And give me some encouragement for when the words just won't escape from my fingers or trip off the end of my tongue!



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Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to createspace. I recently published my new book, "NO TIME TO CRY" - One Mother's Will to Survive Against All Odds. (pub date: May 28, 2013)



It's now available on, Barnes &, Createspace, as well as many other websites.



I've been posting book previews in the "Gallery" exclusively for our readers and authors. I've had some wonderful feedback as well as reviews, from the Gallery, as well as, emails, and Facebook.



I've also created video book trailers for three of the most compelling chapters which are posted on YOUTUBE. I've created more previews here with just the links to them for anyone wishing to watch them. {Check under: "NO TIME TO CRY" - Book Trailers.}



I first 'tested' my book as an e-book late last year. I wanted to see what the over-all response might be. I was blown away by the several hundred downloads within the first few days. I seriously was not expecting that. This included places like Germany, Japan, UK, and others as well as the U.S.



I also posted a press release on my Facebook page letting everyone know about it. 


It wasn't until I began getting requests for it in print that I decided to look into createspace as an alternate publishing choice.



I am SO PLEASED with "Createspace".  It not only gives me 100% control and creativity as an author, but they are always available night or day if I have a question, and they are the nicest people I've ever dealt with.



I am just now seeing the results of my expanded distribution. I'm very pleased to see my book on websites like Books-a-million, ABC Books, and more.


A popular Christian bookstore chain gained interest in my book after I sent them info on it. I wrote a marketing plan and followed their guidelines, then sent 5 of their bookstore buyers copies of my book. (it's currently still under review) I then met with a local Christian bookstore manager about my book, and he said it would fit right in with his inventory. He's very eager to set me up with in-store book signing events. (I figured it never hurts to ask)


I've been writing for most of my life. I was first published in 1995 after I submitted an article to a national magazine about my son's near fatal car accident when he was 5 years old. I have since, worked for two magazines, and authored a column for a local newspaper. I've also written and edited for Disney, B.V.H.E., Blu-ray, and ABC Studios. Needless to say, I'm used to the writing process. (although that doesn't make the waiting any easier, lemme tell ya)


I am pleased to announce that my book is now part of First Baptist Church of Pompano's official church library.


Social media has been an absolute godsend. I've gone from 80 friends on Facebook to 254 in a month. All due to the buzz I've created about my book. (You can't beat free publicity.)


I've since been told (by a Facebook fan) that her bible study group is interested in my book, and it may go up for sale in their church bookstore soon.



For those of you who've lost hope or become discouraged. Don't. Keep your dream alive. Find your target audience, then pitch it like no other. Post press releases on your FB page; Start a twitter account. (I did, and I was a total twit when it came to that stuff..) If you don't know how to write a press release, you can still create a "Life Event" on your Facebook page. OR you can create a separate page altogether and title it the name of your book. (I did that too.)


Until next time,


Keep the faith & Keep on writing!

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I have posted a preview of the first three chapters of my copywrighted manuscript: The Labor of Dying of Dying: A Minister's Handbook on Grieving. Perhaps there is a more appropriate title? This book is not only intended for minister's but for laypeople as well. I feel it is a fresh new approach to a very difficult subject; but, am interested in someone else's thoughts in this matter. Thank you for listening and may you all have a great day!!


Rusty Hingle

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Introduce Yourself and Your Work

Posted by TSTS Jun 24, 2013

Hello. My name is Tatiana Samarina. I'm an Author of Strengthening the Body, Mind & Soul: Everyday Tips. Amazon:

My book has been translated into Russian and Spanish languages.This topic has been always interested to me and finally i have completed and published my work. I really hope you will like it and will find a lot of interesting topics for yourself. You can find me at: or other Social Media. I want to thank you CreateSpace, Amazon for the great opportunity to publish my work and share it with the World. 

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Please read my review on the COVER OF DARKNESS two, coming soon. I would like to get any feedback, good or bad?

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Brand New To The Community

Posted by msfaith63 Sep 17, 2012

Hi, I am excited about my first book that was published today, 9/17/12. I will be needing lots of feedback from you for support.

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Vishaal Behl.  God says  I’M WATCHING TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE RUNNING AFTER   In fact, says the Lord, I’m watching the races that many are running, even in this room.  I watch races, says the Lord.  I watch the mode.  I watch the motive.  I watch the purity, but this I say to you:  Those who run after Me, they shall receive the highest reward, for many will run after this and that—riches, honor, glory, self-glory—many will run even after success.  But the highest glory is to chase Me down, says the Lord.  The highest glory man can achieve in this life is to seek Me with all their heart and to find Me and then to never let Me go!  The highest measure of glory that will ever come to you, the highest measure of success that will ever be yours is when you capture My heart, says God.  For there are few on earth that really go after My heart.  O, they go after the longings of their heart quite a bit, but there are few that spend their life to capture My heart and My thoughts and My will.  Now, won’t you be one of those? For in the pinnacle of time when I bring forth my jewels, I will show forth those that in their lifetime sought Me and sought Me with all of their hearts.  And, yes, then success will come to them.  Then wisdom will come to them.  Then powers and abilities and enablements, then ministry, crafted after what I have put on the inside of them, will come to them.  But you see, it all starts in Me for I have it all.   The highest attainment of any person on this earth is not riches and fame, although men would love that as the highest.  The highest attainment on this earth, says the Lord, is just to capture Me and to never let Me go and throughout life that you and I walk as twins as it were.  We speak back and forth to each other.  When I move, you move.  When I think My thoughts, you think My thoughts too.  When I speak My words, you speak My words.  O, come unto this oneness of the Lord.  Make Me your prize in life, says God!  And I will use you far and wide, and your heart will burst with the joy and the love and the passion of Jesus!


Vishaal Behl.

Vishaal Behl << click to know more >>

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