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Posted by Jonsnow987 Apr 3, 2018


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Hi, How you All doing?


Let me introduce myself to you, I'm a first-time Author, from Manchester England, This is the first ever Blog I've ever done - hope I get it right!  Anyway, I'm a busy Mother of 5 and have written a Series of 'Epic Fantasy Adventure Books' readership age (18+).  I'm shattered, to say the least, have any of you got any suggestions as to possible Marketing avenues I could consider.  I released Part one last month just weeks before Christmas and am looking forward to getting the first money I've earned later this month, after not earning a single penny since 2009. Yes, I'm sure it's been really hard for many of you too, trying to finish up your books and get the visions of your mind out there for all to read. Hope you'll enjoy mine 'AGES OF RAEKWON - Awakenings Arousal the Peoples Story'.  I never anticipated how hard it would be to follow through with the promotion or get people, to take me seriously. The saying              'do not judge a book by its cover', seems to also apply to them looking at me.  So, please tell me how you're finding it all, I'd love to hear your...Stories!




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I grew up in the Ohio Valley that sits between the Appalachian foothills and the Ohio River. A small town called Portsmouth. A town that once was a thriving city. The main industry was steel. The steel mill provided economic stability. It made men strong and sometimes rowdy. My granddaddies and daddy worked there and thought I would too. Most young boys future began and ended at the mill. Education was not viewed as a necessity. I, however, loved learning. A true bookworm. Being a nerd in the middle of a bunch of rough and rowdy rednecks can be detrimental to your health. Most of my life I was bullied and eventually started fighting back. This led to drug and alcohol abuse and resulted in me dropping out of school.


Years of abusing my body, mind, and spirit took its toll on me. However, I managed to get sober and start the recovery process. A process that will last the remainder of my life. I am back to my first real love; books. Went back and received my education, have served as a pastor for several years, and began writing. Hence, I am here sharing this brief introduction with you.



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Posted by Whistlepig Jul 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I'm knew and would like to say hello and to let you know if your browsing around and come across an author named Riley Michaels, it's me.


I'm also a wood burning artist and we do festivals all over the US.


I live in the country and we love it... so if you run across my books, read them and let me know what you think.


Thanks for adding me,

Read on Everyone!!!

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Hello, new Sci-Fi writer

Posted by Blackie_Chan Apr 16, 2017

Hello, everyone, my name is Justin Pyfrom and I'm a lover of all things Science Fiction and Video Games. I've been a lover of storywriting since I was in grad school and it followed me until I got my Bachelor's in Game Simulation and Programming. But, after a few failed projects, my best mate reminded me that EVERYBODY knows how to design a game but where I really shine is telling a compelling story and creating intriquing characters. With that, I was convinced to do what I really love and write stories that "bend minds". I'm hoping that I do them proud and learn more about myself in the process.


Please, any and all feedback is greatly appricated.

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Another day of pen pushing.

Posted by autumnwhispr Jan 15, 2017

Hello world,

It's a beautiful day full of sunshine and I'm feeling great. I think my mind is in the writing state which means I may get a few good pages of work done on my new book project. I already have one published here so far its going no where but that isn't going to stop me I'm head strong and determined that Great Spirit saved me from cancer for a reason and I'm meant to do great things. My ultimate goal is to help find a cure for cancer and I have vowed that I will donate a dollar proceeds off of every book I sell to doing just that. I write for enjoyment I love it and if I can help kill this dreadful diease in the process then I'll never give up.

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Soothing Words Spoken From the Heart: Teddy Bear Love-a-Grams


Authored by Melonie Lovesmore, Authored by Liberty Justice





List Price: $7.99


5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
88 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1500696900 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1500696900
BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit / Inspiration & Personal Growth


SOOTHING WORDS SPOKEN FROM THE HEART! There's POWER IN WORDS. There's power in the written verse. Find peace of mind; experience feelings of hope and pride; strengthen love in your family; motivate and inspire your children and love ones. Poems bring joy and happiness into your life. Poems inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams. My poems bring you hope and celebrate life and justice. Follow your dreams, and never let anyone steal your dreams!


CreateSpace eStore:


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Posted by lovemom Dec 4, 2016



I just created my account and I wanted to write my first blog here to introduce me and my work. I am still trying to figure out how this site functions.


Looking forward to meet like minded people.

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For more, please visit us on the web at;

Readers are saying it is an "excellent read" and a "great book"

Thank you for taking a look,



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I am a new author as of 2015. I was born in BountifuUtahuah and raised in Boardman Oregon. I finish my last year of High School in Chehalis WA. I know live in Olympia, WA. I use self-publish publishers to published my first children phonic adventure for ages 0-adult. ABC, 123, Color Animal KId. My second published book genre us adventure western fantasy sci-fi for ages 8-adult. Boys Adventures Through the Wild West; Ghost Town Adventures. I am in working progress of getting my third book published genre is children adventure fantasy for ages 0 to an adult. The Little Boys Beach Adventures; Little Boys Treasure Hunt Adventures. I am a student going on my 3rd year at a university. I am majoring in screenwriting BA.


When i write stories I feel like I'm walking with the characters in the books. I am always looking for new opportunities to find a writers job in freelancing or ghost writers. I am also looking for a writers grant to help me with the funds of my books to promote them for the audience to recognize my books. My goal is to have my books transformed into film.




Author Irene Holmes

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A Radiant Smile

Posted by howaboutpinhead Aug 4, 2016

My life experiences have included events that most people would consider to be out of the ordinary. Some have been downright incredible. Frequent enough are the occurrences, that I am comfortable making them a theme and sharing them through this blog without fear of running out of content. The blog won't focus exclusively on these tales, but when appropriate you will be treated to one of these little nuggets.


In my late thirties I moved to a developing Asian country to take on a senior role in a cellular start-up. That was over twenty years ago. Having revisited the country many times, this is far less likely to happen today. One morning I woke with a toothache. There were many dentists in-country. In fact, there was a dental practice at a medical facility frequented by the expat community. It was purported to operate at an international standard of care. I made an appointment that morning. 


Having previously been to the clinic for digestive ailments there was no concern with the admissions process. Soon I found myself in the dentist's chair. Similar to what can be expected in most parts of the world, the doctor was intent on expanding the focus of her examination beyond the troubling tooth. The extension beyond the area of concern was an annoyance, but I played along. I did stop her however once it appeared that the scraping and probing was likely to create more problems than it was solving. To me this kind of behavior falls under the heading, "drumming up business". I wasn't looking to create a long term relationship, I wanted to get in, out and done, with as little intervention as possible.  


The doctor complied and ceased in her exam but indicated that proper diagnosis required that she take a full mouth x-ray. I figured, how troublesome could this be, and although not concurring that it was necessary, I reluctantly agreed to the treatment. Soon I found myself in a separate room with a large piece of equipment, manufactured by a well-known international company. The technician appeared knowledgeable. She instructed me where to sit, to place my head in a particular position and described how the machine would work. She then left the room.


The hardware made some noise and began moving. It functioned by making an arc around my jaw, taking a photo as it made its ear to ear journey three inches from my face. About a third of the way through the voyage it stopped. It paused directly in front of the aching tooth. Not knowing how this equipment worked, I assumed it was functioning properly. It was only after five seconds of waiting that I luckily realized that the machine was malfunctioning. I quickly rose from the chair and left the room advising the technician of the breakdown. She agreed that equipment was not operating according to specification. Without saying it, she implied it was good to have left the room. She retrieved the partially generated film and asked me to return to the dentist's chair.  


While sitting in the chair the doctor returned examining the partially taken x-ray. She said that it wasn't very useful. Then to my surprise she suggested that I undergo the x-ray again. She was apparently not concerned that I had already been over-exposed to radiation. She seemed surprised that I would question her judgement when I said, "I probably shouldn't subject myself to another x-ray today or for at least another twelve months." Needless to say I decided to leave the facility.


While in my car heading back to my office, I was truly concerned that irreparable damage may have been done to my jawbone. It was then that I realized that my tooth didn't hurt any more. In fact, it didn't hurt again for almost ten years. Ten years later I had a cap put on as a precaution against the breaking of an over-sized filling. So far there have been no outward signs of negative radiation effects from the encounter, although a natural or unnatural reshaping of my jaw has closed a noticeable gap between my two front teeth. Maybe the facility stumbled upon some new treatment regime. In apparent recognition of the unorthodox and potentially damaging experimental treatment, no bill was ever rendered.   


So now that you have invested two minutes of your life you might ask, what is the point? Most of us have had an annoying toothache. We will do just about anything to make it go away. We try taking aspirin, applying heat and rubbing whiskey on it. None of these interventions usually bring relief. Now perhaps there is another option. If you have a real old wrist watch with an illuminated dial you might consider strapping it to your face. You could also head down to the local mall or government building and stand in the metal detector for a couple minutes. If you work in the security field this is much easier to accomplish as other patrons will likely get upset with an unauthorized lingering in the building entrance. If, however, you tell them you are there because of a nagging toothache, you may find they may be kind enough to give you a well-deserved pass.               


My next blog entry will deal with the shedding of my Luddite skin. See you in a few days.

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The Joy of Editing

Posted by RozD Apr 7, 2016

I'm Roslyn and I've been writing and editing for years, primarily for other people's magnum opuses, lol, but today, I dropped my first Book, A Seies of Failed Suicidal Careers, Book 1, Jeanna Rose and it feels long overdue. It's not Pulitzer worthy, but every message, eloquent and passionate, deserves an audience. I had no idea I was such a persnickety artist until the editing process commenced! Yikes! There are subtle, important nuances to writing that I am only beginning to grasp, but what a privilege indeed! Let me exhort the weary self-publisher to carry on, to publish as many works as you can to lose the self-consciousness which hindders the beauty of the creative process! Your message matters so GET TO IT!


As for me, its back to the computer to finish Book 2.




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     I may be a 38-year journalist and author of several books, but I'm brand new to self-publishing and Create Space. One thing I know is the Big Three aren't there anymore for authors unless they have big bucks behind them.      As an editor of probably 200 books - some while with Amazon's forerunner to Kindle, Booksurge-  I thought I could succeed at small publishing but they quickly ran me out of business (in 2 years) by the huge percentage distribution took after I'd paid all the costs. All the small publishers I used to edit for are out of business too.

     The authors I've worked with are making 2 and 3 cents on each sale. It doesn't look like the landscape did 25 years ago when my first publisher (traditional) Rainbow's End flew me to Pennsylvania to speak at a writer's convention. Since then, I've had my chops busted by agents, publishers and distributors.

     Don't ever let it be said there's negativity in self-pub labels. That's where it's at today and the big guys in NYC know it. They're scared to death of the self-published, because they know that's the future.

As someone who has tried all venues of publishing (yeah- I'm old as dirt and  still a hippie in many ways) I'm coming into this arena brand new with practically no technical experience, just word-smithing.

     I know I can learn a lot from younger tech-savvy writers and swap my experience with the business of writing with theirs of the "brave new world." Nuts- when I started, newsrooms could barely afford pencils- we had Remington Rand typewriters and the first computer was a Compugraphic, orange type on a blue screen that didn't save if your cursor was in the wrong place. Sohelp me out when you can, and I'll give you some sage advice anytime. Thatks for reading my early-morning rant. I think I need more  coffee!

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Larry Bernard Perkins

Posted by Buck72 Feb 12, 2016

Hi all,

Larry B Perkins, CFE, CPP, CMP, Vice President & Assistant General Manager, PNC Arena/Carolina Hurricanes, NC. He also spent 24 years at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, NJ. He is a world-renowned Crowd and Human Behavior expert, author and a former Undercover Agent who held a US Department of Defense Top Secrete Clearance. Larry has spent his live giving back and raising his family. He now makes his home in NC, and is where his three younger children attend college.


Well, I'm in this new game called Publishing, new to me any way. Thus, like anything else, there is a huge learning curve, especially marketing, which way harder than writing the book any day. Like you, I've sent out thoughts of emails, purchased ads on social media, blogs, twitted and cursed a few times, bought posters, flyers, business cards, websites, bugged family and friends to the point no one wants to join me in Facebook or LinkedIn, etc. I also went to a Bookstore to sign up to do a speaking engagement and they would not take online publishers.


My book reviews have been off the charts, I've had a bout seven very good articles written about me and my book (Buck Seventy-Two, A Destiny of Will) and I've gotten standing ovation at my speaking engagements, people have asked when is the movie coming out, and yet the sells are not there. Even when all the proceeds from my good is going to support Fosters, Adopted, Kinship and abused children. I know that if people (publishers, bookstores) read my work, they will be inspirited. So, what "Can be done" to get into bricks and mortar retail space or to get on a talk show?


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In Search of Mana

Posted by sandrus42 Jan 23, 2016

I have been working on this book for three years.....I'm FINALLY finished!

It was a labor of love, to fulfill the promise I made to my Aunty to write about Hawaii, and Hawaiian culture. I only hope that I achieved her wishes.

She passed away on March, 17, 2007, and I have her picture beside my computer, to remind me to "keep on going!"


I must say that I am not sure what I will do with myself, now that the book is completed. I wonder if I am going to have writer's PTSD?


Any suggestions on how to handle this possibility?



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