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Introduce Yourself

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Posted by Afrodite95 Jan 30, 2018

Hello my name is Sade and Im writing an anthology of poems


I have never published before and I don't currently have a following, however my writing on websites has been highly sought after and recognised as good by forum members


Do you have any tipson marketing poetry>


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Good Morning

Posted by msplayful Apr 30, 2017

My first time on this board. Looks like a good place to be. I haven't published a book on Createspace, but plan to. I am here to get guidance and suggestions - anything to make my book look better, be better . . . I'm a poet and a writer. Quit groaning . . . for those who don't just LOVE poetry. My poems are more like mini short stories. They rhyme and a few have been published in magazines. . . I've had a few nonfiction articles publshed .. . won an honorable mention award for a short story. My first book may be a very short book of poems that I've written. I know poetry books don't sell all that well, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is my philosophy. I'm so GLAD I found this place!

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'kikicsi' poetry

Posted by kikicsi Nov 1, 2016

sharing the "kikicsi poetry" (in hungarian language) with the community

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I am an upcoming African writer- African Fiction. I am a Nigerian and you must know, I am Ibo by tribe. In every African Child lies a huge space filled with African poetry. The question one would ask is: "How come African youths don't write for the world to see?".

Let me quickly say this: Africa has some numbers of creative writers- Late Chinua Achebe, Flora Nwapa, Cyprien Ekwensi, Wole Soyinka, Ngui Wationg, Chimamanda Adichie etc. We have more whom their stories, like a stone hurled into the ocean that makes the ocean floor its abode, are hidden inside them. Unfavourable environment, disencouragements, porverty and other negative conditions as experienced by an average African child would naturally relegate him/her to that "mute" background.

Africans got stories to tell. Rich in Nature, history and culture, an average African youth who may know how to pen down stories or who may not have seen the walls of a classroom, has STORIES to tell.

Support African writers, give them enabling ground, encourage them with more book awards and prizes. Even within our African soil, tribalism and ethnocentrism also deal big blows to upcoming writers- i am a bitter witness.

I urge you out there, rise up. Tell that story.



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A little about me

Posted by MattMan89 Jul 13, 2016

My name's Matt Frati. I'm a 27 year old writer/poet. I've been writing since about sixteen, but it was only in the last year that i began publishing my work. I've self-published two volumes of poetry within the last year. The first book, entitled Nightingale Blues, was released in April 2015. The follow-up, Standing in the Shadows of Giants, was released December of that year. Both are available for purchase on Amazon and the createspace store. The poems in both volumes cover a variety of topics ranging from the pleasures and pains of drink, the drudgery of work, love, hate, war, death and the rare flashes of beauty found in the everyday phenomena of this messy world. Currently, i'm engaged in the final stages of publishing my first novel, A Leap in the Dark and hope to release it in early September. It's a fictionalized account of a 4 year period of my life when i met a mysterious woman at my latest dead end job and entered into a brief but crucial relationship, all the while trying to take my first steps into the literary world. My primary influences run the gamut from long dead 19th century writers and poets (Whitman, Rimbaud, Shelley, Baudelaire) to more recently dead writers and poets (Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Dylan Thomas etc.) My main influences within the last few years have been Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski, two very different writers with two very different styles which both affected me in deeply profound ways. I hope those who read my work find it insightful or at least amusing if not profound. I greatly look forward to sharing my work with the public for however long i can keep churning out material.

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Fifth Book

Posted by MoonStoryteller May 5, 2016

I am about to publish my 5th book (poetry) on Kindle and Create Space. There are two previous volumes of poetry and two fantasy novels (both are stories within a story - the same method as 1001 Nights).


My name is A.Gouedard


My blog is


My Facebook is Moon Pryderi


I first came to Create Space in 2013 - so it's taken quite a while to introduce myself here !


I have found that although people read my books and report back (through various channels) that they like, or even LOVE them, they never leave a review on Amazon. Does anyone have any tips to resolve this problem?

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Mosaic@Seventy introduces the reader to a series of provocative senior

memoirs, poetry, and essays. Vorkink Machin, in her mid-seventies, now living

in the Rocky Mountains, shares her singular, adventurous life overseas, with an

African family, in a French cafe in Algeria, shopping in an Istanbul bazaar,

on safari, with evocative stories from each point of interest. Her poetry resonates on

social justice themes, love requited and ancestry betrayals, in images detailed

and moving. Her passion to write it down exudes a life filled with vulnerabilies,

growing up, and a courage to survive.

Java's Daughter: Dispatches

In Stricken Liberia We Made a Difference

Mosaic Lights: Poems and Essays

Love Offering: A Meditation

In Mid_Winter Song

Mosaic at Seventy Memoir

Tear Drop: Prisms of Grief

Wanderlust Poetry


Maya Angelou said  ... there is no greater burden than bearing an untold story inside you... @amazon

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New Blogger

Posted by Brickcityborne Aug 4, 2015

Hello My name is Brickcityborne I just recently uploaded my 1st book which is a book of various poems dealing with life, incaceration, spirituality, self-motivation/admonishment, relationships, and a variety of things that I hope my readers can relate with I'm looking to network, brainstorm, and swap books and ideas. The title of my book is "Spoken Word From a The Soul Of a Broken Curb"

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Poet Introduces Himself

Posted by kennyj61 May 17, 2015

By Kenneth R. Jenkins


Kenneth Jenkins in Southern California.jpg

I am a freelance writer, poet, playwright, devoted husband, an associate minister, podcast host/producer living in Savannah, GA.

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Hello, fellow authors and all readers of books!


My name is H.D. Greaves. I live in Port of Spain, Trinidad, where I was born and raised.


I have fifteen books on Kindle as well as CreateSpace Print on Demand. Three of my books have received wonderful reviews from readers (and I'm quick to point out that the reviews were written by strangers, not friends, family, wives or lovers).


My major work is Mandragora - A Ribald and Irreverent Tale from the Italian Renaissance. It is an historical satirical comedy based on Niccolo Machiavelli's play The Mandrake. Even after five centuries, this is the only novel ever created from Machiavelli's outrageous play.


The Kindle editions are currently on a free promotion, which ends on Sunday, October 19th, when they will revert to their original prices. My work is available through Amazon's Prime.


Fourteen of the fifteen books are my own work. The fifteenth is my edition of a very famous book: Edward FitzGerald's The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, which, interestingly, has the distinction of being self-published (in 1859) and anonymously so. It was also a financial flop that ended up in the penny box. Considering the work's notoriety since then, that is, I think, a most startling fact.


My edition, unlike so many, contains all of FitzGerald's versions: the First, Second, Fifth, as well as the variations in the Third and Fourth Editions, all of FitzGerald's notes, his biography of Omar Khayyam, and a Glossary.


I've written a brief Preface and a Synopsis of FitzGerald's life. The quatrains are as FitzGerald wrote them, using his spellings and punctuation. This is an important point, as many current editions modernize the punctuation and his spellings.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope that it has been of interest to you, as well as being of some good service to me.


H.D. Greaves

Port of Spain, Trinidad

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Posted by sinceritylyrics Aug 5, 2014

I am 22 years old and a student at Hunter College in New York City. It's my dream to publish books starting with a poetry book! I perform Spoken Word poetry and want people to not only hear me, but to grasp it my poetry in its entirety. I'm here, so I can say I have gotten started, but no really, how do I start? Who has self-published a poetry book before?

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Sinners and Salutations

Posted by AsherHaven Apr 17, 2014

I am beside myself (or under the bed or in the closet if you were a monster) that my first book has been finally published worldwide thanks to Amazon. A book of horror fiction and literary devices, it explores the labryinth of your mind and makes you reevulate your true motives, morals, and ethics in life. Turn off the lights, cozy up, and wait for the hair on your arms an dneck to curl,

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J.E. Taylor

Posted by JETink Jun 25, 2013

I was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky in the west end the most dangerous part of the city. I was very blessed to have both of the parents in my life to absorb life lessons. Also the ability to see it for yourself and for my siblings to point them out to me. My neighborhood filled with gangs, drugs, robbers, and killers among other things. But no matter where you are those things exist. There are also good people in the city of Louisville. The best thing that I can say about my family is no matter what happen my family stays always together. In middle school is when I started to write poetry; sung in the choir for two years and I love to sing. Though my high school career that continued when I spent all four years in choral. I spent two years on the track team as well. Sophomore year sparked the greatest year in my high school career, and my worst year in my personal life. During this time my school was selected to sing in the National Youth Chorale. This was held in New York City at the prestigious Carnegie Hall with conductor Moses Hogan. That was the first and last time being on the big stage. That was the first time I seen with my own eyes at the age of fourteen I can be bigger. At the same time I was selected for Who’s Who among American High School Students. After graduating high school I went to EKU. In the summer of 2005 I join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity IIInc. The person who really got me writing and wanting to write is my siblings: Monica, Dennathan, and Bobby. We did a lot of things together me and my brothers played football my sister cheerleads, we sung together as a quartet sometimes, and we all write to this day as well. I realized I had a talent for writing poetry when I would write poems for other guys to get girls in high school. The experience that is leading me to be the person I am and yet to become is learning the true history of our ancestors but not leaning on the greatness of them but to carry the touch higher in our own steps. Always getting better always improving the knowledge of Self.



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Introducing Myself

Posted by ken59 May 14, 2013

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jasmine K. Lewis and I am an author and Chef. I write books and cook in my free time. I do catering and travel a lot promoting my business. Cooking and writing are my two most favorite things to do in this whole wide world; but writing is my first love. I have been writing stories and poems ever since I was 11 years-old in the seventh grade. I got inspired by watching one my older sisters write poems and stories. One day I decided that I wanted to do some all on my own. Since then I've been writing like crazy. I've got over a hundred poems I've written and dozens of stories that I've created.


I hope that many people will check out my work and critique it. I am always looking for ways to improve on my writing skills. I write mainly about love, God, and relationships. I am woman of God and so I believe in putting God first in my life. After all it has been Him that has kept me this long. He is the reason for all my success and happiness. I thank God for giving me this wonderful talent of writing and allowing me to use it for good. It is my dream and deepest desire that all my writings encourage people (especially women and girls) to just be themselves and express who they are. I believe that my life story will help many people.


Please give my latest published work, The Love Collection. It is a collection of poems that talk about love, heartbreak and betrayal, and relationships. I have published them on createspace, Amazon, and Kindle. Soon it will be in book stores across the nation. I believe everyone should be able to identify with all the poems in this collection. The poems are written from the heart and are my life experiences. I definitely feel and know that this a positive work and a lot of people will like it.

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This is the first time I've really put forth the effort to publish my book. I have talked about it for the past few years and finally decided to stop talking about it and just do it. Any advice for a newcomer? I plan on designing the cover myself and uploading everything with pdf

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