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Posted by LindaLinda Mar 31, 2014

Hi, I want to share my experience with margins for my book a 5 x 8. The first time I finished my book A Basketball Adventure the margains that was on the website for that size book worked fine. No problems. Then after I received my proof book I made changes and the margins were a mess. The sizing was off big time. After a long time of frustration and stress I decided to check out the template. I found out that the template margins, headers footers were sized completely differently from what is on the website for different size books.

I hope that this confusion is changed and the correct margin sizes is updated on the website.

Thanks for listening. Linda Meckler

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I made it to the first round last year, and am trying to enter my book this year. I am using TNR, 12 pt., 8 1/2 x 11 size. I am using Word. I have tried Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Explorer, all with the same result. My cut and paste of my excerpt looks fine in the entry box, but when I preview it, it is completely jumbled. I have asked contact support and they say they are working on it, but I have heard nothing from them, despite repeated contacts, except that it has been a problem for a few entrants. I can accept that I may be making some rookie mistake. Can someone PLEASE help.

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Hello everyone

Posted by graylady Feb 21, 2014

Subject, downloading to the Novel contest.  I too am new to this site.  I learned a few things while riding the bumps of mis-information.  This is especially for Sassie 333, I answerede your question the other day incorrectly.  Found that out last night when finally receiving an e answer from support.  I called early on and asked if my work should be single or double-spaced and was told single....that is wrong.  It should be double-spaced.   I am so sorry to cause you extra work....

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help for placeing pages

Posted by TwoBears Feb 9, 2014

i have my core book done however forgot a couple important pieces. my intro, acks. ect. how do i set these pages inline with the rest of the book?

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Cannot contact Support

Posted by SunnyvaleGeorge Jan 11, 2014

One of my books is currently 476 PP in length.  When I tried to upload a new file with changes, I got a message that stopped the process, and stated that I could not submit anything over 480 pages.


When I tried, using the 'Contact Support' link, to get a 'Call Me' phone response, that did not work.


Comments or help is welcome.



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Pages in OO Preview

Posted by music1 Nov 11, 2013

I'm wondering if all is o.k. or if I have a problem. This is a 28 page childrens picture book.  When pulling up a two page preview, my 8.13 x 10.25 inch image covers completely the 8x10 inch template page.  I have selected "mirrow" in OO page layout.  Should I be allowing something here to enable the inner margin to show in the preview.  There is no white space on the inner or spline area and curious to know if I'm starting off wrong.  I have put a 0 inch in the 4 margin area of the OO page style.  I have looked at Bleeds but still unsure about where I am on this.  Please let me know if there is something wrong here if anyone can understand what I'm trying to relate.

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Final Proofing

Posted by Scarlet_Nighthawk Nov 2, 2013

In the last stages of fixing that 1 paragraph marker in my finish doc before reloading it - we are talking a single stroke change, in Word 2010, all the chapter views of the margins changed, and it looked like there were inconsistent margins between all the chapter sections.


If my colleagues are doing their final proof and find that Microsoft Word 2010 onscreen view of their document messes up, before you go on to make all the document updates to correct the problem, I suggest you do a .pdf and look at it in the two page view.


In fact, there were no changes to the section paragraph setup, and the book margins were still all in tact.


When doing changes, just know that you know what you did. If you set up margins to the whole book, it is not likely going to change with a single stroke.


Word has a tendency to mess up the screen views. Before panicking, and doing major changes, do a second view. Always update the page numbers on your Word file TOC before doing your .pdf. If you forget, go and do it a second time. I mean the .pdf, for this is your view of your file, even moreso than what Word projects.


Also, another little tricky thing. When changing one thing at final proofing stage, and perhaps I need to go in and unclick a few selections on my "Modify styles" set up, but changing one aspect of an overide over a style changes the whole book. If you want to go in and change 1 thing on a view of something in Word 2010, "clear formatting" first. Then, apply whatever change you need, so that it does not change the whole book.


These are tips to quicken your paces, dear colleagues. These little things can be frustrating, but together, we will overcome.

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I have a new project I am working on. This is a single-page 11" by 17" brochure printed on both sides (preferably  with black and white print, and some color figures), which I would like to  fold twice into a brochure approximately 4" by 11".

There are 8 separate brochures, which I would like to have the options of selling separately or as two big categories.

Three questions:

(1) Can CreateSpace do this?

(2) If so, should this project be uploaded as 1 file or 8 PDF files?

(3) Does each of  the 8 separate brochures need its own ISBN number, or can the whole project be produced under the same ISBN number?

If  there are any other immediate concerns of which I should be made aware  in considering this project, I would very much appreciate your letting  me know.

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Children's Book

Posted by 4art Oct 22, 2013

I recently wrote a children's book and am attempting to self publish. However, I need to put it in the proper format so that I may download it on

Create Space.  Help I need guidance!


4 Art

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This New Start!

Posted by wayzzthetruth Jul 1, 2013

I'm just getting start an I need help getting everything together, then it hard to know what to do next. Someone that has did this already can you help me at the begininging, So I know what to do next very lost an I reaching out for good sound advise okay?

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Can I publish in Landscape?

Posted by About2Be May 20, 2013

I formatted all my pages in landscape, but all the size options appear to be portrait.  Can Createspace bind my book in landscape?  Also, all my pages were scanned into an Adobe file that is formatted to 8x11 size.  Can Createspace reformat it to 6x9 for me?

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blank pages

Posted by purple7 Apr 17, 2013

I have downloaded a create a space formatted document. How do I delete the extra blank pages?

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I published a book on Createspace in November 2012 and have recently edited and corrected it.

I will upload the new version on Createspace. So far so good


But I have forgotten how to upload the electronic versions and in my file I have several. edition edition

Smashwords.Sony edition



Can I copy and paste the revised MS Word version into Smashwords.doc and upload it?

Will Smashwords then distribute it to the electronic versions?


Thanks for your help

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Publishing on KDP

Posted by Maluth Mar 26, 2013

This may sound crazy to the professionals, but I thought it is good to blog about it. I never knew that I can publish my books on KDP right on CS by using the "I want to publish my book on KDP" link. This is the most easiest way to publish on KDP for many reasons:


1. I do not need to copy and paste and rename my new book for KDP publication e-book version after writing

2. I do not need to take time uploading my book cover image into KDP platform

3. I do not need to upload my book files and wait while they covert into Kindle Edition


And many more... I love the feature and I really want to change the books I published ealier by using the "I want to resubmit my files to KDP" button. What do you think? The e-book versions must be formated differently sometimes especially if I want to make a table of contents with links to click on an e-book. But this is not a problem. It depends on the nature of the book. I love writing about computers.


See my CreateSpace eStore>>>

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Posted by Flutter Mar 18, 2013

Hi. I'm new to Create Space. I am working on a children's picture book. I am having trouble centering my text on the page. It is centered in my pdf, but on the interior reviewer, it is not. Do I trust what it looks like on the Interior reviewer and move it? I really want to get this right, hope someone with more experience can help.



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