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The Bought DVD

Posted by CarlFanny Apr 25, 2016

Just bought some DVDs ago and try to copy them, some dvd copying program is very helpful and there's no need to copy rented dvd for personal use any more.  Some from the Redbox and Netflix or Amazon, just wondering what tool you guys uses? If you aksing me, the Handbrake is a good choice somehow.

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Unlock DVD Region Code

Posted by dayrepz Apr 25, 2016

DVD always has region code for the sake of business because the same movie in different regions has different release dates. To break the limits and watch DVD freely without region code, the following tutorial will be helpful.



Newly purchased DVD can be removed region code 5 times. Steps are as follows:

Open computer > right click "DVD drive" > "Properties" > "Hardware" tab > select your DVD Drive > Properties > "DVD Region" tab to select the wanted region.



Though this method is free, it only has 5 times to change DVD region code. After the fifth change, the DVD device would be locked. If you have many foreign DVDs, a DVD ripper to bypass DVD region code is necessary. A professional DVD ripper is excellent to help you unlock DVD region code for playback anywhere.

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Тhe Google Drive

Posted by AdamMeroy Apr 18, 2016

I know the NAS offers a local way to stream my DVDs if there's a better way to compress the file to upload OneDrive for Business DropBox and sometimes Google Drive.  So my question is how to compressing dvd to onedrive in a reasonable file size that can be uploaded to cloud for sharing or remoted access?

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Method One - Buy a Region Free DVD Player

You can buy a region-free or multi-region DVD player. It lets you play any DVD without any quality. But the price of such a model will be a little high.



Method Two - Change DVD Drive on Computer or Laptop

1.Open My Computer > Right click your DVD drive > Properties > Select the Hardware tab

2.Under All disk drives select your DVD drive then select Properties > DVD Region tab

3.Select which region you want to change it to. You usually have 5 changes. After that, you can't change anymore.



Method Three - Use Freeware and Open Source DVD Players

There're many open source software DVD players like VLC.



Method Four - Use a Professional Region Code Remover

Use a region code remover to remove region code from DVD, and then convert the movie content to video format or transfer the content to portable devices. Thus, we can enjoy our favorite DVD movies on the go at anytime anywhere.

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DVD Format Thing

Posted by AnnieWayen Apr 12, 2016

When I transfer some dvd to tablet and I tried different video format, like avi and I found that dvd to avi video is better compared to other video format. Some says the mkv is good too, I think I will try that when I'm free.


Good day.

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Copy DVD to PC or Laptop

Posted by zoroku Apr 11, 2016

It's not convenient to store DVDs if you got tons of them, even may be damaged sometime. So copying DVDs to PC or laptop should be a better choice. Directly search on search engines or turn to some pop technical forums like videohelp, afterdawn, etc. There are many friendly people loving to share ideas. The common answer is to use DVD copy software to copy DVD to PC. Handbrake is well-known. But significantly it can't rip all DVDs especially DVDs with copyright protection.

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Kindle Questions

Posted by robwyhad Apr 1, 2016

i can't seem to find a kindle-specific forum so i will ask my questions here.


i've read most of the kindle-related posts and some of the horror scenatios that they describe ie Calibre to Sigit to whatever and back again.


i'd like to avoid all of the drama, if possible.


here are my questions:


i've published a book with createspace.


i submitted the createspce .pdf to Kindle.


the returned item from Kindle (as .pdf) looks excellent to me as does the submitted cover.


i've also opened the .pdf file with the OSX Kindle app.


it also looks great, formatting, artwork etc are all in place.


why would i not  submit the .pdf to Kindle for publishing without getting into all of the conversion?


thank you

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I would appreciate all feedback fellow authors and illustrators!

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Well as the title suggests - I am about ready to throw in the towel. I have a word document all back from the editor and ready for POD  - BUT - getting it into the proper format is utterly baffling.


One - when downloading the template from CreatSpace - do I retain the edited format provided by my editor or keep the format provided by the template? If I keep my old one then how do I know all my margins, headers are correct, etc. If I use the CreatSpace format then I lose all my bolds italics etc.


Two - apparently Scrivener is supposed to make it "easy" so I buy that. Funny thing, every tutorial I watch on YouTube does not match my version of Scrivener so I am lost as to how to format Srcivener so it works for CreateSpace. i.e. inner outer margins, headers etc.


Three - I can't afford to pay someone massive amounts to do all the formatting.


Four - I don't even know what to search anymore in order to learn. I'm happy to learn but I'm so confused anymore I'm just about ready to give up. If everyone says it's so easy then I must not be very bright! 


I am soooo lost - please someone suggest an EASY way to understand how to get my fully edited and complete book into a format that works for POD.

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Posted by MATHITGPX Jan 30, 2016

I am looking to create a coloring book via CS, using its biggest size 8.5 x 11.


So every page will be a two page B&W spread, but i cant seem to find a correct template for this.


please help

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Question please

Posted by BooBoo333 Dec 17, 2015

what causes graphics to change size when uploaded?  thanks SO very much for your expertise.

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Hi, please correct if I'm wrong, but I thought I read or heard that I may need to update my Mac Operating System to at least OS X 10.7 in order to use and/or upload my pages/images into CreateSpace. And, if this is no issue, please advise so I can put it to rest in my tech-weary mind. Can somebody help??? Thanks. Scotty B.

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I'd love to swap Previews

Posted by chadsteelers Nov 4, 2015

Hey everyone, I'd love to swap previews and give ratings for others previews.  Here is my link to my preview.

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I want to open my novel to a blank page, then turn that page and see two pages. on the left hand side I want something, on the right side I want something else. When setting up the formatting for the pages and using page numbers. What page number would that left page be?

Thank you for any help. Mary

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Here is how I create my books.


I use LibreOffice Writer rathern that Word, but that's not significant. The way certain things are formatted may differ, but what formatting is needed remains the same.


When I write the book I apply these basic formats:


Standard Letter .docx

BLACK Text (I found out the hard way it can end up with random gray text when exporting to PDF)

Justified Text

Single Line Spacing

12pt Times New Roman

First Line Indent .25

Headers off

Footers on with page numbers (for my personal reference while I write)


The only additional formatting are the following paragraph styles:


For the Legal page I center the text and create a style for the publisher logo with padding above and below.

Dedication with padding above.

TOC with extra padding between lines.

Chapter Number 18pt. with alignment, font size and style, and padding above and below.

Chapter Title with alignment, font size and style, and padding above and below.

Section breaks (* * *) with .1 padding above and below.

Acknowledments for center alignment and padded.

About The Author for alignment (varies) and padded


Once the book is finished with all corrections, edits, proofreading, and beta reading (and more corrections) I make a second copy to use for the CreateSpace print formatting. This technique makes it simple and keeps your original intact.


I remove the footer and import the original into Calibre (Which makes a copy automatically). Then restore the footer and save the original. On the imported version in Calibre I add the Metadata and then convert it to ePub. The basic HTML formatting is done automatically during the conversion based on the paragraph styles, so it already looks good as an ebook.


I use Calibre Edit to complete the ePub:


I link the TOC to the pages (a very easy process.)

I create the virtual TOC (the one that pops out of the side on tablets)

I add the cover into the beginning (so it appears when you open the eBook)

Remove any CSS lines (just the line, not the entire tag) that add a background color (FFF white). If not you will have white boxes around text when using a colored background on the reader.


Once it looks good I can convert it to azw and view it on Kindle apps to make sure.


Once it's done I upload the epub to KDP. This eliminates the conversion bugs you get with uploading a doc file.



For the print version I rename the copy 'XXX for Print' and follow the CS guidelines.


Print Version Tips:


Remember, BLACK text, not Automatic.

Make sure your images are flattened (Layers merged)

CS recommends at least .25 outside margin. I recommend doubling that, at least. (I set it to .52)

Learn Page Styles so you can properly number your pages and have alternating headers with Author and Title.

Export as PDF/A-1a (or something similar to that), lossless compression, NO watermark.

Save as a template but leave the doc open until you have a acceptable proof in hand.


Things to avoid:


Don't use the same file to make both versions. Keep them separate and save them as templates.


Don't create indents with TAB or SPACEBAR.


Don't add extra spacing between lines or paragraphs with SPACEBAR.


Don't put your TOC at the end. Let the reader find it (it looks more professional, too).

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