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Publish in Arabic

Posted by johadyka May 23, 2017

Can I publish a book in Arabic Language? What about the Cover Page? Why Arabic Title is rejected?

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squaring text on a page

Posted by ricksm Apr 8, 2017

We've been back and forth with CreateSpace, and they are happy to produce proof copies, but they don't seem to have any quality control process to make sure the text and cover meet acceptable publishing standards. What does it take to have CreateSpace ensure that the printed text is printed squarely on the page?

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My question is. How do I convert a mpg file to a DVD ISO file? Createspace requests that film projects be unencrypted DVD ISO files.



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Cover Creator

Posted by JammyDodger Jan 31, 2017

As a new entrant to self publishing I recently used Cover Creator for a book of short stories. On receiving a printed copy of the proof I found that the back cover copy was difficult to read due to the small font used. Is it possible to change the font size? Any suggestions would be most welcome,

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6 x 9 Book in Adobe indesign

Posted by only613 Dec 11, 2016


I am in the process of creating a 6" x 9" book to be printed via createspace. I created a .25 inch bleed all around. I have 2 questions:

1. I know the text needs to be inside the live area. Can I put the page numbers in between the live area and trip area, or will that be rejected by createspace?

2. I am going to be including advertisements in my book. What dimension advertisements should I tell them to prepare? Should they include a bleed?


Thanks very much in advance for your help!

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Posted by JenH2 Oct 14, 2016



I will be submitted a book that is 8.5" x 8.5" as individual pages and so need to know if you want the bleed to just be on the 3 outside edges and not into the gutter? I'm using InDesign. Thanks,

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I am still very new to this. Would like to create double page original illustrations / text for a children's book, then PDF and split into two pages, and finally upload to CR as two 6x9 pages.

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and am not sure how to go about this. Planning to us ipad pro apps such as paper or procreate.  Can someone kindly help explain the step by step pdf process? Again, would like to start the drawings as double pages, then split the file in the middle in the pdf process. Thanks so much in advance,


kind regards,



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Registration issues

Posted by DonNiagaraFalls Sep 13, 2016

I am new to CreateSpace, and just set up a book for the first time. The page proof copy arrived yesterday and I noticed that the 'registration' is a little off: the text on the even numbered pages is printed a little bit lower on the page than the text on the odd numbered pages. If you hold a page up to the light, the front and back should be aligned perfectly (they are in my original PDF file), but on the proof copy they are out of alignment.


Is this just an artifact of a quicky proof printing? Will the problem disappear when copies of the real book are printed? Anyone have this problem before?


Thanks for any help -- I'm a little anxious about going ahead not knowing if the final product is going to be a little off!

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Formatting in LARGE PRINT

Posted by Baumer1985 Aug 15, 2016

Can someone assist me in formatting one of my books into large print?



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I am working on a memorial cookbook that will probably be include around 50 recipes, a few blogs from onlines and photos (already exist). I have been trying to use Word 2008 for Mac in the Publishing View to create a template that I like and can then easily change for each recipe. However, I have not been able to figure out how to do this. Now I am wondering if I need different software for my project or if, for a beginer like me, I would be better off using a service like Blurb? I do want to keep the cookbook affordable and would like to use proceeds to create a scholarship fund for my friend's young son. Any input would be greatly appriciated. Thanks!!!!

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Greetings my lovely and handsome readers <3


It has been a one month though yet no one is paying money for the book yet everyone is keen to get my book for free and it is selling well for free though I am upset that readers are not willing to spend money for the books I have a feeling that  It Is mostly Because of  author SELLING THEIR BOOKS FOR FREE WHICH IS AVAILABLE IN MAJORITY so obviously readers won't go for books which they have to pay ( most readers may be like that) this free scheme must be eliminated ( I feel kinda such way ) I wonder whether others feels this too or not?


HOPE miracle occur to my sales graph after this <3 <3 <3



good day ;-)

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uploading final pdf

Posted by oldprintman Jun 11, 2016



was just wondering if its best practise to upload final pdf in single pages and NOT spreads in order for the book to be proofed by amazon


when interior of the book is passed, do you then upload the cover as single pages or 1 pdf containing FC, Spine and back cover


i hope this makes sense


any help appreciated



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How to Split Videos Easily

Posted by Fonixeine Jun 3, 2016

Sometimes, you just only need to do a simple editing, such as split video, rotate video, merge video and so forth. So here comes this tutorial about how to split video with 3 simple ways.



1.Split Video Online

Online Video Cutter, an acclaimed free online video cutter must be your ideal choice.



2.Split Video with VLC Media Player

As a powerful and top rated media player, VLC media player also owns the ability to split video with advanced recording feature. However, VLC is not the right video splitter if you need fine tuning control or more precision in cutting. And you have to let the video play while splitting. So, it will take you more time to get the job done if you have a long video to split.



3.Split Video with 3rd Party Software

If the the both methods above are not for you, just search video splitter in Google. You can try 3rd party software as recommended on the web.

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