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Well, WTV stands for Windows Recorded TV Show. It is a proprietary video and audio file container format, used for storing TV content recorded by Windows Media Center. So it's not as popular as the common media file formats like MP4, AVI, and MKV. It may be not supported by some players or devices while playing. In this case, you can search WTV converter via goolge. Most software usually has the similar operating steps as follows:


After downloading and installing the WTV converter, run it and import your .wtv files. Choose the format you want convert (e.g. convert wtv to mp4 or wtv to avi). And start this wtv conversion after all done above. Although there are various video converting software throughout the web, just go through the main steps to do this job.

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Something about the WLMP

Posted by WillardEden May 22, 2016

When I created some video with the Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker, all my media player can't play them at all, the vlc or quicktime. Then I figure out the wlmp file are not video at all, so I can only save them by windows movie maker in wmv. Later I found a wlmp converter which help me a lot.

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The HTML 5 Format

Posted by WillardEden May 16, 2016

The html 5 format is quite interesting, not many people know it, but we need to use it to play video in many browers, like Opera, Firefox, etc and the html5 video format becomes important when we try to upload video in such format. Before HTML5, no standard for showing videos on webpage at all.

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If you're in trouble with YouTube no sound issue, you are not alone. Here are the possible reason below:

1: The sound is turned off

2: Hardware failure, sound card problem

3: Adobe Flash Player is too old (compatible issue)

4: Copyright restriction

5: YouTube is in the code update phase

6: Poor network

7: YouTube audio and video separation technology



Related approaches are put forward to fix YouTube sound problem. They're all relatively easy to do, but you should choose the method that works best for your own YouTube sound problem.

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Rotate Video Tips

Posted by CarlFanny May 9, 2016

There are three easy ways to do the video rotation tricks:

Method 1 - rotate video online

Actually you can just upload video to or and other sites, following instruductions shown on website and everything is done!


Method 2 - Rotate the video by media player

Nearly all media players can rotating the video free. Like VLC, it built with many functions, follow this steps:  "Tools", click on the effects and filters, choose the "video effects" "Geometry" , select the "distortion" or "spin" .


Method 3 - Rotate the video using Windows Movie Maker

Select "Rotate Left" or "Rotate Right", after the operation is completed, and then save the video.

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How to Extract Audio From Video

Posted by smokan May 9, 2016

Sometimes you may be fond of some background music in the videos, but get on idea about the name of it even where to download it. In this case, you can extract audio from video, in other words, you can convert video to audio.



Extract Audio From Video with the 3rd Software

Various the 3rd video converter freeware support extracting audio from video. After installing, what you need to do is: Import video => Choose audio format => Convert.



Extract Audio From Video with Media Player

Some media players can not only play media files, but support to convert audio files out while users are playing some videos. Take VLC for example, Go to Media => Convert/Save. Then you'll understand what to do next.



Extract Audio From Video Online

Audio-Extractor and Online-Convert are the simplest online service to extract audio tracks from video files. Just follow the instructions to finish the whole process.

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Rip and Stream DVD to 4K TV

Posted by dayrepz May 3, 2016

In the past decades, we used to watch DVD movies on TV by the way of DVD player. It is conventional, and seems to be the only way. But now, you can rip and stream DVD to 4K TV for playback without DVD player. Just google "DVD to 4K TV converter", you'll find related software you need. When you finish the DVDrip, follow the steps below to stream DVD to 4K TV.



1.If your TV supports USB port, copy the ripped DVD movie via flash disk or mobile hard disk to be played on TV.

2.If the TV comes with its own Android system, you can use the Android software to transmit/synchronize the DVD movie wirelessly.

3.If you have an intelligent router (with hard drive) at home, copy the ripped DVD movie into the router, and then TV can directly read the digital video. Like AirPort Time Capsule by Apple.

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The Bought DVD

Posted by CarlFanny Apr 25, 2016

Just bought some DVDs ago and try to copy them, some dvd copying program is very helpful and there's no need to copy rented dvd for personal use any more.  Some from the Redbox and Netflix or Amazon, just wondering what tool you guys uses? If you aksing me, the Handbrake is a good choice somehow.

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Unlock DVD Region Code

Posted by dayrepz Apr 25, 2016

DVD always has region code for the sake of business because the same movie in different regions has different release dates. To break the limits and watch DVD freely without region code, the following tutorial will be helpful.



Newly purchased DVD can be removed region code 5 times. Steps are as follows:

Open computer > right click "DVD drive" > "Properties" > "Hardware" tab > select your DVD Drive > Properties > "DVD Region" tab to select the wanted region.



Though this method is free, it only has 5 times to change DVD region code. After the fifth change, the DVD device would be locked. If you have many foreign DVDs, a DVD ripper to bypass DVD region code is necessary. A professional DVD ripper is excellent to help you unlock DVD region code for playback anywhere.

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Тhe Google Drive

Posted by AdamMeroy Apr 18, 2016

I know the NAS offers a local way to stream my DVDs if there's a better way to compress the file to upload OneDrive for Business DropBox and sometimes Google Drive.  So my question is how to compressing dvd to onedrive in a reasonable file size that can be uploaded to cloud for sharing or remoted access?

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Method One - Buy a Region Free DVD Player

You can buy a region-free or multi-region DVD player. It lets you play any DVD without any quality. But the price of such a model will be a little high.



Method Two - Change DVD Drive on Computer or Laptop

1.Open My Computer > Right click your DVD drive > Properties > Select the Hardware tab

2.Under All disk drives select your DVD drive then select Properties > DVD Region tab

3.Select which region you want to change it to. You usually have 5 changes. After that, you can't change anymore.



Method Three - Use Freeware and Open Source DVD Players

There're many open source software DVD players like VLC.



Method Four - Use a Professional Region Code Remover

Use a region code remover to remove region code from DVD, and then convert the movie content to video format or transfer the content to portable devices. Thus, we can enjoy our favorite DVD movies on the go at anytime anywhere.

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DVD Format Thing

Posted by AnnieWayen Apr 12, 2016

When I transfer some dvd to tablet and I tried different video format, like avi and I found that dvd to avi video is better compared to other video format. Some says the mkv is good too, I think I will try that when I'm free.


Good day.

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Copy DVD to PC or Laptop

Posted by zoroku Apr 11, 2016

It's not convenient to store DVDs if you got tons of them, even may be damaged sometime. So copying DVDs to PC or laptop should be a better choice. Directly search on search engines or turn to some pop technical forums like videohelp, afterdawn, etc. There are many friendly people loving to share ideas. The common answer is to use DVD copy software to copy DVD to PC. Handbrake is well-known. But significantly it can't rip all DVDs especially DVDs with copyright protection.

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Kindle Questions

Posted by robwyhad Apr 1, 2016

i can't seem to find a kindle-specific forum so i will ask my questions here.


i've read most of the kindle-related posts and some of the horror scenatios that they describe ie Calibre to Sigit to whatever and back again.


i'd like to avoid all of the drama, if possible.


here are my questions:


i've published a book with createspace.


i submitted the createspce .pdf to Kindle.


the returned item from Kindle (as .pdf) looks excellent to me as does the submitted cover.


i've also opened the .pdf file with the OSX Kindle app.


it also looks great, formatting, artwork etc are all in place.


why would i not  submit the .pdf to Kindle for publishing without getting into all of the conversion?


thank you

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I would appreciate all feedback fellow authors and illustrators!

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