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Can anyone help? I need to add header & pg# to a current doc, diff. header for odd/even & pg# to start on page 7. I have edited and deleted the header & pgs above and this deletes everything else. What am I doing wrong?

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Would comic layout and single page be best?  i was hoping for a little better quality paper for hardbound...i have been sucessfully redoing and downsizing to fit comic margins and bleed?  here my stump question now?  what size hard paper should i ink my final product on for comic book size?  i have to photo ink line on 35 mm camera in white light for 5x8.5 template i believe?  am i correct so far?  lipmag are you around or Walton?

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Posted by Dee62 Apr 3, 2012

I think its about time createspace offer Hardback covers in print on demand, and better quality paper, it would help to sell our books as they would look much better!

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New to CreatSpace

Posted by pugdog4deb Dec 30, 2010

Hi!  My name is Debbie, and I'm very new to this.  I would like to write a book about my struggle with my 35 years with an eating disorder.  I don't know where to start, how to start, etc.  If anyone can help me by giving me some hints or any information that could help me start this project, I'd appreciate it tremendously.

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Copyright Info Page

Posted by Bill_C_627 Nov 2, 2010

Hi. First-time author. I didn't see anywhere in the setup process if I have to insert a Copyright page with "Published by" info, etc. Does CS do this for us?

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Posted by clatsopfirewalker Oct 12, 2010

Sweetbriar by Paula Judith Johnson

During the turbulent years leading up to the War of 1812 American, Bradley Anderson, the strong-willed captain of the merchantman, Angel Star, has foresworn to live life on his own terms. Heedless of the feelings of others, he lusts after beautiful Beth Avery.

But Lady Beth, the pampered daughter of Milton Avery, 4th Earl of Rockwell, resists the longing in her heart. Choosing to remain in the safety of her homeland, she determines to marry a fellow Englishman.

While free-spirited Louise Jetter, desiring to cast aside the restrictions of her English Puritan upbringing, risks all for love as England and America clash in the rising tides of war.

Preview of the book is available and your comments are welcome.

This riveting and heart wrenching story is now available through Create Space. Use special discount code #GNL44938 to save $5.00.

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look into my book now

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A quick question about publicity

Posted by EMarie Aug 31, 2010

   I just wanted to ask everyone this one simple question.  As self-published authors, should we have to "pay" for publicity?  There's an offer on my desk for a publicity package from a marketing team.  All of it sounds good (most of it I can do myself, but don't have the time - and I do realize that I would be paying for the time they would make for me), but aren't there ways to get our names out there without  having to pay someone?  If so, share please.  Thank you!

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A Memoir of Jane Austen: Special Edition with reinstated "Lady Susan" (novel) and "The Watsons" (unfinished manuscript) included.  Companion book just released, "Jane Austen: Her Life and Letters."  Perfect matching bios and histories for the Jane Austen reader.

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Posted by stuckinjersey May 7, 2010

Just like to invite everyone (Ninian thanks again...I see you are very helpful to all) to check out my website

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I don't know if this is actually a discussion thread, or simply an idea for others writers to consider.


I've been writing since I started working decades ago, but creating fiction has been a brand new, fun challenge, with a huge learning curve still to climb. My pitch for the contest flopped.  When the successful pitches started appearing, I decided to try writing a new pitch for my novel based on the successful pitches, rather like a composer playing Bach to polish his own style.  It's been a useful exercise in increasing the focus and tightness of my "pitching" - within the really tough discipline of 300 words.


Here's one of my efforts, based on the successful pitch for "Pecadillo."





Blood Brothers is the first in a series of historical novels featuring master spy Henry Pelletiére, ******* son of Sir William Johnson  raised by the Iroquois Indians in New York in the 1760’s.


After fighting futilely to save his Iroquois people from the seizure of their lands by the American colonists during the Revolutionary War, he leaves his homeland for England. In time he becomes one of Britain’s most successful secret agents in its efforts to build an empire in the Middle East, North Africa and India.


His many enemies and even his British employers view him as a cold-blooded, remorseless killer for hire, capable of appearing and disappearing like a shadow, leaving death in his wake.  For Henry, his path is simple:  to do everything he can to preserve his newly adopted people, the mysterious Tuareg nomads of North Africa, from the same fate of conquest that destroyed his birth people, the Iroquois.


For his own aims, then, he agrees to act as chief scout for General William Eaton’s U.S. backed invasion of Tripoli in America’s 1805 war against the Barbary Pirates.  To his surprise, among Eaton’s officers is the young American half-brother he never knew he had, U.S. Navy Captain Peter Kirkpatrick.  As Eaton’s expedition crumbles in political intrigue, Henry must decide where his loyalty lies.


The appeal of Blood Brothers lies in part in its gripping story of treachery and betrayal, as the United States’ first attempt at nation building in the Muslim world explodes into warfare without quarter on land and sea -- amidst the choking pall of ship against ship cannon fire and the swirling dusty chaos of desert cavalry battles.


The novel’s greatest strength lies in the emotional collision of two different ways of life:  Henry’s hard-earned cynicism and Peter’s youthful American optimism.  [299 words]

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I don't care if I win. I just want help from those who specialize in marketing literature.


I'm sick of shopping my own work around, sending out emails filled with links to people who may or may not be able to facilitate my book or film being bought by a retailer, etc.


I believe throwing my demos at reviewers is futile. Unless I am represented by one of the five major agencies, no reviewer will spend their time on me. Nothing personal, the quantity of work is just too darn much - of A list authors, much less an unagented writer like me.


That said, Amazon's Breakthrough Novel competition was music to my ears, so to speak. I don't sing. But I can write. Though I don't count on winning, for winners are often picked from The Color Purple-Virginia Wolf types, I am sure gonna make some noise.


I've also been doing this long enough to know that the first novel is the name-maker, not the cash cow. It's the third or fourth novel that pays the mortgage, the latter ones from there that get Pulitzer's attention or Brian Grazer. If anyone wants to buy the rights, you ask for a balloon payment, not expect to be the next "Adapted For The Screen" Guest at the Oscars in 2 years. Keep it practical, Mr. unagented writer.


The fact that I am also a producer helps. I am sober to the process, and, frankly, more educated about the process as a whole than most delusional narcissistic writers/artists. I know ideas are cheap, and that building brand equity is more valuable at the unagented stage of the game. I also understand that agents can only sell what we make, they cannot really fix it if it sucks.


So, from where I am, married with three kids, with plans to develop hundreds of motion pictures of the gospel genre over time, and be joined by others who want to do the same, I am looking forward to an honest shot at a level playing field. Put in the work, the success will come.


And, as I hear from both classmates (I'm the fish-out-of-water 30-something among teenage and 20-something coeds at daily classes), and peers about how they are going to publish someday, boasting of stillborn works and mythical connections to publishing entities that will make them the next Big Name, I gag. Yes, there are wannabes who remain wannabes because they refuse to go through the process. They reject constructive criticism, and in some cases, a much-needed psychiatric evaluation.


I thank Amazon for developing what even the producers and lawyers behind HBO's defunct "Project Greenlight" and American Express/Tribeca's Online Film Festival failed to do: give Rocky a shot at the title. If he's incapable of going the distance, let him be the one to walk out of the ring. It's a virtual ring, and he's being asked to pay for his own training, so, there's no overhead. And the fact is, you're gonna mine the greatest, hungriest and most ripe literary talent in the world for literature that will sell - unagented writers who would otherwise get missed amidst the vaccum of politics at most literary agencies.


Cue Bill Conti music. "All I wanna do is go the distance."


And I thank every proof reader and English teacher, including my wife, (especially my wife), for popping my balloon in preparation for the moment that editors, and then millions of readers read my work.

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There is a saying that everyone has a novel in them.  I think this is true.


For over 15 years I've been meaning to complete a sc-fi story that wouldn't leave my head.  Much of the story has changed over the yeas with a core of the story remaining pretty much untouched.  Last year I took the plunge because I found


First, let me say I am in no way a trained writer.  I've always enjoyed writing poetry and lyrics and a short story here and there.  Yes, I've taken a creative writing course here or there through extension classes or what not but, nothing I'd say would qualify you as an expert, trainer writer.  But that shouldn't stop you from telling a story after all that is what novel writing is, telling a story. And thus, my adventure.


I looked around the Internet for awhile, read different peoples online postings of their great works and intensely followed a writing contest ran by a very popular English daily.  The contest winner really gave me the courage to seriously get my story completed and published.  I'd read the story and knew I could write just as well, so maybe not being a classically trained writer won't hold me back.


I didn't have much in the money department to get a book to the people.


Tradition publishing requires an agent which requires mailing out tons of copies of manuscripts, written correspondences and other printed materials until the right agent for your genre signs you up. I couldn't afford that.


I heard about self publishing and looked into it.


I first found and didn't particularly care for their legal agreement.


Amazon was still working on CreateSpace and just released the new version which was great.  The deal was that you could get a Pro level membership and an ISBN for free.  The entire book publishing process was straight forward.  There was this awesome community that was filled with people with writing and publishing experience eager to lend their expertise.  And since I did have future plans for my story that involved derivative works I really like the freedom of the CreateSpace legal agreement.  Other pluses were the included book selling web site as I didn't have mine ready for visitors, and automatic listing on


There was no way I could turn down that offer.  I opened an account and my self publishing adventure began.


First, I had to complete my sc-fi story.


Note:  This blog at CreateSpace is my personal musings on my experiences in the world of self publishing as a complete novice to it all. I will attempt to make a posting at least once a week.  I am a computer programmer by trade and am working on my application code for

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Well, it's on the virtual shelves of the web! I'm very impressed with the amazing quality of the printing, which is saying a lot since my book features about 70 paintings I've done of New Yorkers who have found fascinating ways to embrace life on the roofs, streets and rivers of the Big Apple. The book is an outgrowth of my  Overlooked New York website, and holding it in my hands, in real life, is a feeling beyond description.


-Zina Saunders

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I am new to CS and have a book ready to publish (final proof ordered).  Using Cover Creator (or at least the template I chose) I am unable to add price to the back cover. Is there a trick way to add it to my next book?  In the meantime, what do I need to do to get stickers with the ISBN and the price?  Thanks!


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