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Book Cover File Formatting

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Trouble with Cover Review

Posted by Blackburn2 Nov 30, 2017

I have a professional graphics designer (actually a team) who put together multiple covers for me over the years.  They know how to read and follow the submission guidelines.  Yes, they have all the current specifications.


They created a cover for me last year that was perfect, but when submitted to CreateSpace, it was rejected due to bleed.  They "fixed" it, resubmitted several times, and the end result was less than perfect.  By all rights, if they had left it alone and printed the original, there wouldn't have been any issues.


Now, for a new book, they've created a spectacular cover that wraps (as suggested) but it is still being rejected for similar reasons.  I'm at a loss, because the designers swear they've followed the guidelines to the letter, and from my perspective, cannot find a single thing wrong with it.


Where do I even go from here to figure this out?  I'm stuck between hard submission guidelines on one end and artists on the other, both of which I am paying (one way or another) to get this right, but I can't get them to agree.



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Cover Creator Startup

Posted by newby2017 Mar 8, 2017

I am just publishing book two in a series using createspace. The first book I just uploaded a front picture and left the spine and back blank. Don't like that.

For the second I used a template from createspace.

I need to redo the cover of book one but I want to keep the front the same.

I can't seem to launch cover creator from createspace.

Can anyone tell me how to open this program so I can edit the original cover?


Thank you

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dpi problem

Posted by landerson Dec 24, 2015

I have been told that the dpi on my cover image is too low at 86. The image is slightly impressionistsic. I actually like this effect. I do not have access to a 300dpi image; nor am I wealthy enough to have one made; nor can i afford creatspace's design fees; nor do i have Phtoshop. Can;t they just accept the creative commons image i put up there??

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How do I ensure that the guide layer is turned off before creating the PDF?


I am using Microsoft Publisher.


Lary Crews

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Template help needed

Posted by Bodie4 Apr 5, 2015

I have downloaded the template for the cover and can't see how to use it. I can't get rid of the guidelines or insert my cover pictures. Please help

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Hii Createspace Community!


I am new to this and have worked so hard and am tired about it all now. I hope someone can help me! I have exhausted my trial and errors.


I have created a cover in Photoshop from scratch. It looks great. When I save it as a pdf without merging layers and flattening it, the image (text and photo's) looks like it should. BUT, when I take the same orginial file and merge and flatten the layers (as per CreateSpace specs.) and convert it to pdf, it comes out highly blurry and pixelated. I already purchased a proof copy prior and this pixelation shows what I see on the computer (so I know that it will not appear differently once printed).


Why is this happening and what can I do about it?


Thank you to anyone who has an idea...

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I tried to upload my children's book which is 11 x 8.5.  The template is for 8.5 x 11, and when I did upload it

the inside reviewer wanted to scale the whole book, illustrations included to fit in a portrait orientation.

I don't understand the problem it is the same size just a different orientation.

Anyone know how to get around this?

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Got stranded at Cover Design

Posted by SKY-LAMA Aug 31, 2013

I did pretty well with my first book; simply followed the prompt and voila my first book is published.


Now, I am trying to publish my second book exactly the same way.... I've even chosen the same cover design as for the first one. But the prompt has simply stopped responding. I've already spent a day trying to figure it out but it refuses to budge.


Please help... How to

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Book Cover Design: print & ebook

Posted by TSTS Jun 24, 2013

here it is:

print cover 204 print cover jpeg.jpg


You can find me at:


Available in Russian & Spanish Editions.

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I have a complete jpg cover for my book. It's not one of the standard sizes (it's 4.25 x 7 ") but I don't know how to turn it into a PDF. When I try to change it, my pdf is vertical rather than horizontal.

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Posted by preisler Nov 15, 2011

Uploaded material is in review. I discovered a mistake on the cover. When the review is done and there is a proof,

I can correct?

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Question about Pricing

Posted by lance62 Nov 6, 2011

So I have finished my book i now have my proof in my hot little hands and noticed that the price is not listed anywhere on the proof itself. i know its not really a huge issue but did i miss the place where i was supposed to put the price on the cover creator? i have a set price and createspace knows the price but its not on the proof. will it be rpinted on the actual distributed copies?? thansk

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I have four photos, saved as jpeg, that I would like to put on my cover.  But I cannot do this directly with Create Space?  I have to  create the cover with another program and the upload it to Create Cover?  What program?  How?

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I'm a self published author, through both Createspace and Kindle, and I design all my book covers myself. I really love the creative process and I'm excited to begin designing ebook and print book covers for other independent authors. I've created a website,, to showcase my work as an author and as a book cover designer. I'm just wondering what fellow self-pubbers value most, the design style of the cover artist or an affordable price? I know that maintaining a budget is very important for indie authors because we have to cover all our expenses out of pocket, but having a great cover that perfectly represents our manuscript is also at the top of the list. I'm hoping to get an honest opinion from Createspace authors so that I can grow professionally. Are the prices listed on my website reasonable or does my design style need some improvements?

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File Format

Posted by heartfirst52 Jun 2, 2011

I have created a cover for my book.  I am new to book cover design and I could use some help to be able to upload it into the right format.  Anybody available.

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