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Book Cover File Formatting

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Trouble with Cover Review

Posted by Blackburn2 Nov 30, 2017

I have a professional graphics designer (actually a team) who put together multiple covers for me over the years.  They know how to read and follow the submission guidelines.  Yes, they have all the current specifications.


They created a cover for me last year that was perfect, but when submitted to CreateSpace, it was rejected due to bleed.  They "fixed" it, resubmitted several times, and the end result was less than perfect.  By all rights, if they had left it alone and printed the original, there wouldn't have been any issues.


Now, for a new book, they've created a spectacular cover that wraps (as suggested) but it is still being rejected for similar reasons.  I'm at a loss, because the designers swear they've followed the guidelines to the letter, and from my perspective, cannot find a single thing wrong with it.


Where do I even go from here to figure this out?  I'm stuck between hard submission guidelines on one end and artists on the other, both of which I am paying (one way or another) to get this right, but I can't get them to agree.



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A new Journey

Posted by CanadianCaro Nov 10, 2015

Blogs are something I like. I understand a blog. I write content, I send it off to blogger or maybe a link to Facebook or twitter even. Yep Blogging I understand. But, I am on a new journey. I have published three small books on KDP, yipee for me. I was delighted. Ah, then along came marketing, tough stuff that marketing.


My little books are competing with milions of other books, AND even some very successful authors who have already paid their dues. I (although semi- retired RN) am new to self publishing. Eeks I have to catch every typo (when I submitted anything to news columns before the editors made it look pretty.)  Now I as author, publisher, promotion woman, and computer guru need to do all things. A daunting task I have set for myself, I surely hope I enjoy what I am doing. I have had my little books digitally published, since mid October, on three different platforms, each one different, Kindle, iBooks, and Kobo, and I believe I have sold a total of 18 books. (some of which were purchased by me or my kids) So.............


I start a new journey, I fiddle with the covers and format and hopefuly upload to CreateSpace and hopefuly obtain printed copies of my dearly loved content. I have much to learn. It would have been good to have this opportunity many, many years ago, alas, the eyes fail me now and the brain lags a little. Oh well, you take the opprtunity when it presents  it's self.


What shall I do? I shall do the best I can with it, take great pleasure in my meager or (the dream) not so meager, accomplishments and value that which I learn. Yipee Canadians get free ISBN numbers, this is nice- do have to provide the Gov with my content though -a legal requirement. 


Just finished reading a very long and involved post regarding who is the publisher? Eeks another pitfall, I am okay with being the publisher. I am okay with taking the risk, fortunately for me, nursing taught me a great deal about being responsible for my own actions. You can't blame the Doc, or the LPN, or the housekeeping staff, if there is a screw up, you deal with it. Maybe I can handle this????????


Carolyn Ann Vaughan RN

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How do I ensure that the guide layer is turned off before creating the PDF?


I am using Microsoft Publisher.


Lary Crews

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I tried to upload my children's book which is 11 x 8.5.  The template is for 8.5 x 11, and when I did upload it

the inside reviewer wanted to scale the whole book, illustrations included to fit in a portrait orientation.

I don't understand the problem it is the same size just a different orientation.

Anyone know how to get around this?

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Book Cover Design: print & ebook

Posted by TSTS Jun 24, 2013

here it is:

print cover 204 print cover jpeg.jpg


You can find me at:


Available in Russian & Spanish Editions.

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I made a front cover for my novel but there's no option in the cover creator to upload it. I have it in Gimp, Paint AND Word formats. How the **** do you do it?

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...always always ALWAYS ask for the layered PSD files upon completion of the job. I've had several clients recently that have needed changes made to their covers (by other designers gone AWOL) but were unable to provide more than a flattened PDF or JPG file. Depending on the type of design and changes required, often these cannot be modified as needed, and the new designer might have to start a new cover from scratch. They can either try to replicate the existing design, which will most likely not be identical to the original, or come up with a completely new design. Either way, what could be a quick and under $50 job could end up taking days and several hundred dollars. So save yourself (and your replacement designer) some heartache and get the source files from the original designer. Even if they don't disappear into the ether, there's no guarantees your designer will hold your source files indefinitely.


(This goes for the interior files too. Even if you don't have the software to open your typeset book files, ask for copies anyway because you never know when you might need them.)

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Help!  I am determined to use my own cover and have designed it just the way I want it.  But they keep telling me it's not sized correctly.  I have picked a 6x9 size and designed it as a rectangle, title set in the middle of the right half, centered at 6" (half of 12" open book size).  But they keep telling me it's not big enough, or back cover only, or front cover only...  I've printed it out and held it up to the cover format and it fits, but they keep saying no.  What do I do now?

                    MollyPiper (my character, not my name)

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