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Penwhiz I have two ISBNs on my proof copy? 42 0 1 day ago by Penwhiz
skitterbug Where to change colour of Cover Creator's cover 155 1 1 week ago by anmohan
amcit CREATE SPACE BOOK COVER DIMENSIONS 208 1 2 weeks ago by Seisa
SENTENCE How Do I Get Rid of Text on Back Cover? 572 4 1 month ago by lilacvalleydoll
Trischa amazon paperback front cover 312 1 1 month ago by awin
HTP1 Help please with cover format 253 0 2 months ago by HTP1
heronsky Why can't I use my Create Space covers in Print KDP? 578 4 2 months ago by walton
Onesimus Making changes to cover 353 2 2 months ago by lilacvalleydoll
thestoryguy Need advice onhow to separate the front of  cover from the back 223 1 2 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Navs Cover Creator Offline 401 5 2 months ago by Layla1260
ReginaIV All I need: exact dimensions for front cover only 253 2 2 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Razni Chapter Openers - Word or PDF? 354 9 2 months ago by Razni
QOH79 Cover Creator JPEG upload 294 1 3 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
pbjmusic Delete Subtitle 280 1 3 months ago by Lighthouse24
thestoryguy I need to know the exact size of the cover using Palm template in createspace 352 4 3 months ago by thestoryguy
thestoryguy Using CoverCreator with KDP paperback 260 0 3 months ago by thestoryguy
Biling about the resolution of barcode. 282 3 3 months ago by some1
JenniferPage My problem with Cover Creator 223 1 3 months ago by JenniferPage
MarsSedona Colors used in Cover Creator? 342 1 3 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
JonADavidson Cover Designers 328 1 3 months ago by Lighthouse24
teddypdx Even more novice ISBN questions -- apologies & thanks in advance! 430 4 3 months ago by teddypdx
MarsSedona ISBN questions, Wholesale Books questions, and Cover Design questions.... 531 5 3 months ago by awin
MarsSedona Why are all the cover creator options spineless? 311 0 4 months ago by MarsSedona
Elliotu If one chooses a stock cover from create space won't many books look exactly alike? 397 3 4 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
BLAlley Cover Creation Video 190 0 4 months ago by BLAlley
HCTG Spiral Binding-is it available? 369 2 4 months ago by Seisa
Elliotu If I choose the create Space covers won't most of us have the exact same cover designs? 246 0 4 months ago by Elliotu
mantis2017 Paperback book cover is dull on Amazon 219 1 4 months ago by some1
patchyhero Is it possible to do a full-bleed for the TEXT on the cover? 278 2 4 months ago by patchyhero
Stygian Book Cover Problems 338 2 4 months ago by Stygian