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Hard Cover

Posted by jephphika Jun 28, 2018

Hi Everyone! I've seen some older posts about hard cover formatting and based on what I've seen CS doesn't offer it (which is weird because when I did a search, I found guidelines for setting up a hard cover book).


What is out there for hard cover formatting? Best I've seen is Lulu and one other site but I cannot remember their name. The discussion I found was pretty old and last comment was from January 2017. Is there anything new out there that people have used and have been happy with?


I saw a few people who commented that there are hard cover publishing scams out there. Anyone know about those?


Thanks in advance,



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Know How to Write a Good Story

Posted by keerthi May 29, 2018

Very often we hear people say, I have a good story with me, but I don?t know how to write it .



We have to remember that the readers who don?t read fiction are those who seek information on their favorite topics. Theses non-fiction readers would love to read, only to gather information, and the writer here emphasizes only on communicating the relevant information.



However in fiction writing, the writer needs to hold on to the interests of the readers. The readers expect to be entertained and excited while reading it, making fiction writing uniquely difficult. There is no doubt that practice would make your fiction perfect, but you won?t be able to know if you are progressing in the right direction, unless you get some feedback on your work.



It is therefore, natural that you would like to show your work to your friends and family. However they would be more focused on providing you with encouragement, and wouldn?t want to give you a real picture, if it isn?t good. Also people who know nothing about writing can hardly help you to improve your writing.



For constructive and a good feedback?s, you should rely on other writers and book reviewers. Therefore connect to book reviewers and writers groups. These groups may be those that physically get together locally, or meet over the internet or through forums of organizations etc.



You need to be prepared for an honest and hurting criticism, particularly in the beginnings. Some may be indifferent, offering a harsh criticism which could be a disheartening experience. But you should remember here that the reviews are from individuals with extremely different tastes, and that these are their personal opinions. Learn to accept criticism and don?t forget to thank each one of those, who offered these.



It would also help you if you could critique others work. Taking a critical look at other writers work can help in improving your own writing. As you begin to recognize flaws in others works, you can get to implement these better in your own work.



So this way your book now gets better shaped, before it reaches an editor, prior to its publication.



Publisher |

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putting out words

Posted by persistant Mar 9, 2018

I write.... sadly, I'm addicted to writing.  I can go a few days without writing, but I can feel the words fermenting in my mind, like some moonshiners bucket of mash, until it gets to the point I have to write.  I've tried to not write more on a book, but I can't do it.  I find myself writing my friends and acquaintances emails that get longer and longer, until I realize, I'm being far too wordy, and then I have to get back to one of the many books I'm in the middle of, and just wade in and put down twenty to fifty pages.  It's not a bad addiction.  I find I write much better after I've washed my nightly dinner dishes.  The warm water limbers up my fingers and I can type over sixty worlds a minute, making my twenty to fifty pages go fairly quickly.


I never have writers block.  I hear about it, but I never have it.  I write best after I've been out on a long drive, wandered in a building supply store for a a while, or exercised in a gym for two to three hours.  The world around me seems to fuel my efforts to write.


So, I saw this blog opportunity and thought I'd do a little blogging and see if anyone responds.



Stephen Lowell Richey

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Trouble with Cover Review

Posted by Blackburn2 Nov 30, 2017

I have a professional graphics designer (actually a team) who put together multiple covers for me over the years.  They know how to read and follow the submission guidelines.  Yes, they have all the current specifications.


They created a cover for me last year that was perfect, but when submitted to CreateSpace, it was rejected due to bleed.  They "fixed" it, resubmitted several times, and the end result was less than perfect.  By all rights, if they had left it alone and printed the original, there wouldn't have been any issues.


Now, for a new book, they've created a spectacular cover that wraps (as suggested) but it is still being rejected for similar reasons.  I'm at a loss, because the designers swear they've followed the guidelines to the letter, and from my perspective, cannot find a single thing wrong with it.


Where do I even go from here to figure this out?  I'm stuck between hard submission guidelines on one end and artists on the other, both of which I am paying (one way or another) to get this right, but I can't get them to agree.



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help me somebody

Posted by maxine12 Oct 12, 2017

ok i have created my cover front and back but the uploader says i can only upload one page so how do i put my back cover in, i don't want to use the cover creator because i have created the cover but it won't let me send it as a zip or a two page pdf can somebody help me

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The system won't check my pdf file for the cover when I change it to another pdf. What's wrong?

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Back Cover Photo

Posted by Florida_Newbie May 26, 2017

I have uploaded my book's interior PDF and have reviewed the result which looks fine. I am looking forward to see it in print.


I am using cover creator in the Hawthorne format and am generally satisfied with the end result but my submitted text has been forced to all caps which I don't like and would prefer normal sentence case.


Additionally, I would like to place a photo above the text but don't see a way to do it.


Can either of these be done within the constraints of the creator conventions?

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Font size

Posted by Betlou Mar 12, 2017

How do I reduce the font size on my back cover.  It's huge and looks silly.

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Cover Creator Startup

Posted by newby2017 Mar 8, 2017

I am just publishing book two in a series using createspace. The first book I just uploaded a front picture and left the spine and back blank. Don't like that.

For the second I used a template from createspace.

I need to redo the cover of book one but I want to keep the front the same.

I can't seem to launch cover creator from createspace.

Can anyone tell me how to open this program so I can edit the original cover?


Thank you

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front cover upload problem

Posted by Niki77 Jan 21, 2017


I'm having a problem with uploading my JPEG cover, is there anyone that has this same problem?

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