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ElaineOrCaroline I am having a cover format issue, any advice? 71 1 9 hours ago by R.C.
Ntonkin Issues with ISBN Verification 289 7 1 day ago by Ntonkin
Melinda97 Why is Createspace shifting my cover? 363 5 2 days ago by stevoz
Candlelight8 RGB to CMYK using Gimp Separate+ 529 17 2 days ago by walton
Neosan Title in the dotted line in cover proof? 183 4 2 days ago by reffort
Hairytoe Free ISBN or Universal ISBN, what's the real difference? 83 1 2 days ago by Maaku
bnrcktts Cover Was Fine, Now Transparency Issues 169 3 4 days ago by bnrcktts
Ginger My cover file had price on barcode but proof has 90000 133 2 5 days ago by Ginger
CreativeJungle Will createspace generate the barcode for an ISBN I purchased elsewhere? 171 2 1 week ago by stevoz
flytacious Help Wanted!! Need Ideas for my book cover fast!!! 278 7 1 week ago by flytacious
WriterJim How do I Create a Single pdf file to include my Front Cover, Binder, Back Cover 150 5 1 week ago by walton
zola Image DPI changed to 400 and Cover Creator says 93 171 4 1 week ago by walton
lifeisgood Right to left books - Creating a cover 311 2 2 weeks ago by Oreohelix
MRPerry Problems with bleed in cover, HELP 224 4 2 weeks ago by walton
davidboyle1958 words cut off? 319 9 2 weeks ago by walton
FelixC Can the CreateSpace book cover be used for a HC book? 274 6 2 weeks ago by FelixC
one2 No one talking about matte finish covers 329 9 3 weeks ago by walton
blueraven Delete yellow square for barcode on template before submitting? 238 4 3 weeks ago by walton
LilyoftheValleys How do I save a smaller pdf to be able to upload the cover: 189 2 3 weeks ago by walton
Aiala Question... 146 2 3 weeks ago by Aiala
Ppod My book cover won't upload, what do I do? 1,291 22 3 weeks ago by Seisa
JoshM Does my back cover have to have a bar code? 309 4 3 weeks ago by stevoz
tmlee Struggling to keep image 300 dpi 371 5 3 weeks ago by JacB21
spit Is there a way to preview the cover after I upload the pdf? 217 1 3 weeks ago by Oreohelix
CSdude99 Looking for a book cover artist 185 0 1 month ago by CSdude99
JAMIAM923 Edit a book cover 285 4 1 month ago by lipmag
gcmmkn Ink Density Above 240%? 279 3 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
NotSanta What's the best way to replace a cover on CS and KDP? 291 4 1 month ago by NotSanta
stevoz Barcodes 419 8 1 month ago by Oreohelix
skip7 Back Cover? 445 5 1 month ago by skip7