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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
Entlover Help resubmitting same cover 36 1 6 hours ago by Lorem_Ipsum
xBeka56x Barcode Placement - Front? 20 0 1 day ago by xBeka56x
LadyA Createspace book covers 127 2 4 days ago by Acheknia
left_out Book cover digital and physical proofs 371 8 5 days ago by Oreohelix
Steve2122 Spine font choices for cover creator need to be bigger, bolder, and more to choose from. 144 3 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
AcousticWords Increasing resolution of pictures 163 3 1 week ago by AcousticWords
libertine999 Book cover is not accepted, has been printed for years 114 1 2 weeks ago by Oreohelix
tfrench I want to italicize some words in the back cover text. how do I do that? 144 1 2 weeks ago by awin
Meridian7 Cover help - The cover is not properly sized for the selected trim size. 311 4 3 weeks ago by lipmag
Jim76 Question about book cover 178 2 3 weeks ago by awin
DKinnard 300 dpi cover errored as less than 200 dpi 414 7 3 weeks ago by walton
Wayniac Missing the CS Professional Services 309 2 1 month ago by lipmag
Multiples Full cover Jpeg 257 5 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
crabandwhale Hey? The cover contains text that extends beyond the outside margin and may be cut off during the production process. 263 2 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
Helpoo Is it possible to add the book name on cover creator? 330 4 1 month ago by Oreohelix
Trying Newcomer Max 362 5 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
AggieMom How do I open cover creator to adjust for edit? 189 1 1 month ago by walton
abdutron Cover won't update in the store after 5 days 243 2 1 month ago by abdutron
pettydesign Book cover not printing at full saturation 348 1 1 month ago by walton
whorsfly is my cover supposed to be smaller on the digital proof??? 230 1 1 month ago by reffort
gkhud Book cover caught in a loop 242 1 1 month ago by walton
typo2 Book cover file formatting? 296 2 1 month ago by walton
thestoryguy Advantage of hard cover 784 7 1 month ago by thestoryguy
Ligenesis jpg to pdf help 332 3 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
thestoryguy cover for smasword ebook 267 2 1 month ago by awin
PhysicalSpiritual Why does my cover come out shortened? 406 4 1 month ago by awin
Odysseus Unable to upload cover pdf 300 4 1 month ago by walton
AaronYeagle Approved .. then NOT Approved? 245 2 1 month ago by walton
milanjoy nice post 179 0 1 month ago by milanjoy
domianCreis Cover issues after uploading PDF to CreateSpace (Cover made in Adobe Illustrator CS4) 381 3 2 months ago by walton