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ketanco cover picture qualities 29 1 55 minutes ago by Lorem_Ipsum
RoosMumsy Cover Creator pictures-Why are the size requirements different than PDF submission? 144 4 4 hours ago by walton
timmerz What am I doing wrong?  "The cover file needs to be a valid PDF." 58 3 5 hours ago by timmerz
TreasureMe My cover looks dull and lifeless 212 8 3 days ago by Maaku
abusimbel No File Path for PDF Cover File Uploaad 100 1 5 days ago by Seisa
LexieLarson Pros and cons of Word vs Publisher - please help 83 1 1 week ago by walton
ketanco how to submit for best quality 123 2 1 week ago by walton
GeorgeMac Cover Help - Can anyone solve the riddle? 228 6 1 week ago by walton
GeorgeMac Another riddle I can't solve... (Can a lovely person on the forum help?!) 147 4 1 week ago by walton
Bubbity CreateSpace has locked my trim size in the wrong dimensions - help! 107 2 1 week ago by R.C.
beetles_bub recommend word program 907 17 1 week ago by Maaku
Arthur1910 Any ideas why the image gallery has no images? 65 0 1 week ago by Arthur1910
MiraTari So my cover passes their inspection... But is ruined on arrival. Help. 123 2 1 week ago by walton
ideabasket Shipment arrived: 1 book looks great, 9  are mud. Now what? 300 5 1 week ago by MiraTari
BrianG I'd like to illustrate your map 157 1 1 week ago by walton
Oldwest Createspace cover template use 636 15 1 week ago by reffort
Pricerj Cover Template Issues 441 13 1 week ago by Pricerj
southeast Kindle Cover vs. Print Cover 296 7 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
MAGICHAPPENSXX Why does CS want a larger cover when template is correct? 777 32 2 weeks ago by reffort
Lewisbrightrees Cover size issue 188 3 2 weeks ago by walton
MovingForward WARNING:Your book's physical properties were updated. Please resubmit your Cover Creator cover. 221 3 2 weeks ago by tudomain
DRChh Problems with Spine 491 12 2 weeks ago by walton
GeorgeMac Why does my cover have a black line down it?! 134 1 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
jbsboy What are the rules for including text on back of book cover? 219 4 3 weeks ago by jbsboy
sdinstoon HELP!  My PDF cover is NOT uploading 124 2 3 weeks ago by danwiz
GreenDinosaur Inside Cover - Format 191 2 1 month ago by GreenDinosaur
LexLuthor Updating Covers and Reviews 172 1 1 month ago by Seisa
1-JD Front and back cover 241 2 1 month ago by walton
Moosky Converting color cover from MS Word to PDF 251 4 1 month ago by Oreohelix
one2 No one talking about matte finish covers 691 11 1 month ago by BooksAndMore