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PhysicalSpiritual Why does my cover come out shortened? 20 0 3 hours ago by PhysicalSpiritual
mstary1 Help. Upload cover error Down for maintenance screen. 329 13 1 day ago by mstary1
mdabtmfx The robotics and space 44 0 1 day ago by mdabtmfx
thestoryguy Advantage of hard cover 153 4 3 days ago by lipmag
SeattleLisa No title on cover- I don't want one 191 3 1 week ago by awin
AFS_Poetry Confused about bleed for 5.5" x 8.5" book cover 189 4 1 week ago by AFS_Poetry
mopa Cover font changes? 164 4 1 week ago by walton
JohnDCHilton How do I stop hyphenation in Cover Creator? 390 10 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
thestoryguy Question about barcode 144 4 1 week ago by thestoryguy
IZRobertson Back Cover test Size? 297 7 1 week ago by walton
roguepoet What's The Deal With Createspace And It's Spine Issues? 351 8 2 weeks ago by Maaku
IfMiceCanFly How do I turn off the guide layer in the cover template before creating the PDF? 82 1 2 weeks ago by walton
wealthy Cover format professional and also a cartoonist. 104 1 2 weeks ago by walton
Inventsomething can't apply text to about author or back cover text 81 1 2 weeks ago by walton
wealthy CreateSpace not accepting cover 255 7 2 weeks ago by walton
mcwizard Relook cover 146 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
thestoryguy Cover images below 200 dpi 462 11 3 weeks ago by typo2
samandad Can't upload my pdf cover 118 1 3 weeks ago by danwiz
MimiFresno I can't seemed to replace my old cover with the new one 166 1 1 month ago by Oreohelix
Pins Typo's in final product 185 3 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
KCJ12 Changing book cover after approved review 192 2 1 month ago by KCJ12
Jessie12 Book cover and interior designs 175 3 1 month ago by lipmag
bitbybug Why is cover darker than expected? 389 4 1 month ago by walton
Schnitzel How Do I Change a PDF Cover's Spine Width Using Free Software 280 4 1 month ago by Schnitzel
LTHewitt Why won't my cover upload? 219 2 1 month ago by lipmag
Evileyed_editor Requested back cover barcode measuring size 302 5 1 month ago by Evileyed_editor
Crikey Cover doesn't appear after upload 182 2 1 month ago by Crikey
thestoryguy createspace and barcode 289 4 1 month ago by awin
SGCampbell Cover Coloring and Curving Issues 369 5 1 month ago by awin
BastianD Can you stop the 9000 barcode going on the back? 406 3 1 month ago by lipmag