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Jpeg Image Size

Posted by Infoseeker3 Oct 10, 2013

I need to provide an image for my DVD in Amazon Instant Video.  I don't know how to convert the image to what Amazon requires, which is exactly 1200 x 1600 pixels.  I will appreciate any guidelies someone can provide.

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Formatting Cover for DVD

Posted by DRRON Sep 7, 2013

I have a NASA photo in jpeg, I'm getting an error

message that it is not in proper jpeg size.


Any recommendations on how I change this?


Thanks, Dr. Ron

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A Cardinal Approach

Posted by secondstring-one Jan 26, 2013





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cd cover for mp3 downloads

Posted by fusionman Oct 26, 2010

fusionman asks: how do I resize my cd jewel case insert (front cover) if no access to photoshop? I can only reproduce 5 by 8s, or 4 by 6s?

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I am Having trouble uploading the artwork for a dvd that has been finished for a year. All I have on this computer is a pdf proof of the original artwork...which is not acceptable. I created the dvd cover on a different computer and it was difficult for me then! I would appreciate any suggestions, hoping I dont have to start from scratch...I am not familiar with the program template they are asking me to use...thanks Thea

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Album Image Issues

Posted by mahlon Jul 30, 2010

Having difficulty sizing album cover photo to 1448 X 1448 pixel (createspace) requirement.  I am using photoshop and when I enter these dimension it change the height to accomodate the width of 1448 or the other way around.  Any help.

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Getting the right pixel size

Posted by JonC Nov 19, 2009
I am using DiscLabel to create my artwork for my CD's in a Mac environment. When I export my artwork to the desktop in preparation to uploading it to Create Space, I can't seem to get the required pixel size. The pop up window has two levels of JPEG and one level of PNG, choices for millimeter dimensions, and a pixel per inch choice. I've tried many combinations of these three aspects, but when I check the exported file, the pixel dimensions are not the ones Create Space requires. Has anyone used DiscLabel with a Mac and found the right combination of settings?
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