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ctfromca My book has too many pages to be printed. Can I sell it as a 2 volume set? 37 1 3 hours ago by Seisa
B-Trio Making a single-volume collection from a series 29 0 11 hours ago by B-Trio
Teresa45133 Why doesn't text go all the way to bottom margin? 135 3 4 days ago by Lighthouse24
DH0212 Confused about DBA and Publishing Name 184 4 1 week ago by Lighthouse24
Dr.PVD Looking for the best template for workbook 105 1 1 week ago by Seisa
Lorem_Ipsum Review process getting speedier 83 0 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Mirce PDF Conversion tools 152 3 2 weeks ago by reffort
FRRH Question of breaks... 145 3 2 weeks ago by walton
marksarao How to promote my book so that it stands out? 185 1 2 weeks ago by awin
supersub Abysmal proof delivery service from UPS 166 2 2 weeks ago by awin
Klamb17 Getting worried about coloring book, would like advice please. 354 10 3 weeks ago by Klamb17
volcana How to upload a revised vision of my book? 296 1 1 month ago by Acheknia
MikeBN Help! CS Suppressed Title and Demanding Author Name Change? 780 6 1 month ago by NotoriousE
CleanExpression Royalties Not Registering 171 0 1 month ago by CleanExpression
Denkat How long does it take for Amazon to meet a 100 author print run? 507 3 1 month ago by bekkaarmundda
hub1 From the UK - setting up - where can I get a swift code or Iban number? 332 1 2 months ago by Acheknia
PB2021 Technical book 307 1 3 months ago by Seisa
CoachAngela Upload Photos 608 3 3 months ago by SandysDream
robthepublisher HTML in description and foreign characters 243 0 3 months ago by robthepublisher
childrenbook 2 page spread vs 1 page for paperback 257 0 3 months ago by childrenbook
jenpr Any good video tutorials? 959 7 3 months ago by jenpr
awin Does CS allow a catalog to be published? 613 4 3 months ago by awin
ElizaBennet Copyright questions - Please help 865 6 3 months ago by Amitt5421
BeBrilliant Can you sell book with link to supportive online video content? 299 1 3 months ago by lipmag
SonOfHud Minimal List Price 559 4 3 months ago by awin
Mela_18 ISBN Troublee! Plz Help 392 2 3 months ago by awin
ElizaBennet Problem with shiny/glossy streaks on matte covers? 369 3 3 months ago by ElizaBennet
hotnicey How to create a question and answer book 449 4 3 months ago by hotnicey
andrey20 The formatting on my home-page was messed up..!! 252 1 3 months ago by Seisa
GoffBooks How to publish a B&W book that has only a few color pages? 546 7 3 months ago by walton