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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
jack_ Format change from paperback to Kindle 57 2 8 hours ago by walton
TobyNix first time user, first time author, and computer illiterate to boot 168 2 2 days ago by walton
mikar I need help with book design and formatting?! 167 3 4 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Mems full-color illustrated book 475 11 4 days ago by DerrickHall
sciphi Interior Reviewer Flash problems 631 3 1 week ago by AggieMom
MsMary Hello, my name is Mary, I'm new to the forum. 119 2 1 week ago by walton
BackstreetZAFU Does Createspace Make Hardcover Books? 356 2 1 month ago by awin
JRitchieAuthor Subtitle question / linking to a series 257 4 1 week ago by lipmag
Mr_Good_Guy Need help formatting ISBN in book 267 5 1 week ago by lipmag
JRitchieAuthor Adding italics/bold in listing description? 177 4 1 week ago by JRitchieAuthor
Janjan-I-Write How can Amazon sell my book way under the minimum price that I had to charge? They put my $12 book on sale for $5.25???? 355 3 1 week ago by Caleb007
Homeschool Guidelines still on cover? 201 4 1 week ago by Homeschool
Randy_ee ISBN Problem? 160 2 2 weeks ago by Randy_ee
bookman81 ok! on to the next step or steps 148 1 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Mr_Good_Guy Book Cover Help 164 1 2 weeks ago by awin
Paul12345 Annoying error prevents me from finishing interior 119 1 2 weeks ago by walton
loudmouth Do I have to stick with Cover Creator? 138 1 2 weeks ago by walton
Mr_Good_Guy Font for Poetry Books 427 8 3 weeks ago by Maaku
Kiefaye Has anyone heard of an e-book being released in phases? 224 2 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Homeschool Part of a series? 106 0 3 weeks ago by Homeschool
Mandoliv Unsure of formatting 213 2 3 weeks ago by walton
Peatkay What is the best format and tools for creating an art book of sketches? 133 1 3 weeks ago by walton
bookman81 coloring book with storylines 210 2 4 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
Mr_Good_Guy How much money does it cost to publish a book? 244 3 4 weeks ago by walton
Mr_Good_Guy Trying to publish a book in Different Languages 262 4 1 month ago by awin
Mr_Good_Guy About publishing through CS Books 242 1 1 month ago by lipmag
Kialea Help with coloured page pricing 226 4 1 month ago by walton
JonathanAuthor Confusion about updating print book with substantial content, title, etc 357 3 1 month ago by jmds1951
jaxalee The minimum price was way higher than I thought! 367 6 1 month ago by Oreohelix
RFMaxwell3 uploading illustrations? 213 1 1 month ago by mama2dasha