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T--Rex Book Interior File Formatting with Photoshop 66 1 10 hours ago by walton
carrzkiss Export Photoshop cover page to PDF 244 11 1 day ago by danwiz
sunilb My illustrated children's book images are disappearing into the gutter... why? 161 6 1 day ago by walton
ambitay desperate for page number and header help Word 2013 64 2 1 day ago by walton
Jeff8765 Do I upload with pics in color or grayscale for B/W book? 93 5 1 day ago by walton
T--Rex Interior File - when I browse, it doesn't even recognize or register the file 86 2 1 day ago by walton
Grady If I buy a font, can I use it in all my books? 71 2 3 days ago by walton
Cedarwonder How do I covert all my manuscript under Microsoft One Note into PDF format for uploading? 64 1 4 days ago by walton
Lulu326 About pen name and copyright 170 4 5 days ago by walton
thestoryguy A question about nook publishing 106 3 6 days ago by danwiz
BARBARAsPETALOS Formatting my Poetry book on "Pages" not Word. Thanks 997 10 1 week ago by BARBARAsPETALOS
project_2501 best workflow for colour accurate prints 185 5 1 week ago by project_2501
Krotekoker Location of text afterwards 98 1 1 week ago by walton
Obie MS Word changes Template Formatting of Pages 84 1 1 week ago by walton
thestoryguy What is a good online English to French translator 474 10 1 week ago by walton
sarahjpitts How do I fix pagination errors? 99 1 1 week ago by walton
IfMiceCanFly How do I fix this inconsistent pagination or page numbering? 174 4 1 week ago by IfMiceCanFly
LifeCoach3 Help Needed Re Page Numbering 326 6 1 week ago by LifeCoach3
MommaD23 How to combine illustrations in pdf and text in word 85 1 1 week ago by walton
LifeCoach3 Pagination in 5 x 8 Interior Template 146 3 1 week ago by walton
thestoryguy Interior revision leaves me with fewer pages 112 2 1 week ago by thestoryguy
IfMiceCanFly How do you get rid of excess pages?  Also, how do get rid of the roman numerals on the last few pages? 62 0 1 week ago by IfMiceCanFly
linda17 Merriweather font 313 7 2 weeks ago by walton
TMIB ERROR: The interior file needs to be at least 24 pages 190 3 2 weeks ago by Oreohelix
Rob1281 Extra page problem? 124 1 3 weeks ago by Oreohelix
RC2014 Varying size of text in Tables and Images to suit number of columns 133 2 3 weeks ago by RC2014
Rockettman Interior Margins for Comic Book 83 0 3 weeks ago by Rockettman
SupaRupa Saving as PDF from Photoshop 138 1 3 weeks ago by lipmag
Vscribe Different shades of black on comic book 186 3 3 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
utajiri cover page and interior of my book 145 2 3 weeks ago by Lighthouse24