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Foil Indesign on format for interiors 152 6 6 hours ago by Seisa
Judjah Need formatting help! 31 0 9 hours ago by Judjah
supersub Wrong size template? 42 0 12 hours ago by supersub
thestoryguy New ISBN number? 146 3 16 hours ago by awin
GrungeKitten Set up for Picture book 111 4 17 hours ago by GrungeKitten
Denver2896 First Book 54 2 1 day ago by Denver2896
DarlingAshes Illogical Margin Errors 264 13 3 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Auzora25 Hyperlink appearing in PDF 118 2 4 days ago by Auzora25
Kangin Where are the downloadable templates for a 6x9 interior file, please? 68 1 4 days ago by Lighthouse24
BakersPizza Changing the PDF in reviewer 161 3 6 days ago by some1
EFCarter Reformatting book 80 1 6 days ago by Seisa
Auzora25 Conversion to PDF messes up spacing - Ideas? 245 8 1 week ago by Auzora25
McKeever About Color, a little bit 125 3 1 week ago by Maaku
Gammie Brand new to this 97 1 1 week ago by danwiz
ProductionManager Why is 300 dpi required for interiors when printed book comes out as 100 dpi? 79 1 1 week ago by Lighthouse24
Ztanford InDesign template frustrations 65 4 1 week ago by Ztanford
MarinaMichaels Single-color printing, but not black 79 1 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Tabathavm Can I delete a page in IR without having to edit my doc and re-upload? 66 1 1 week ago by lipmag
Cookderosa Createspace no longer for hire? Need help 101 2 1 week ago by Cookderosa
Rtodd How to section off my book? 98 2 1 week ago by lipmag
Roguecentaur Help with book measurement specifics 111 2 1 week ago by Roguecentaur
sylvanus The file in digital reviewer does not reflect the pdf file I sent to createspace for publication. When I contacted createspace, I was told that my pdf file contained transparencies. Can anyone tell me how to correct this situation? 296 6 2 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
helpplease rejection after being accepted a proof 100 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
bizzyb Create Space Reviewer Calculations Don't See Correct or I Goofed Up 90 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
rmac Interior issues with illustrated book 265 8 2 weeks ago by Acheknia
CaroleS Formatting issues with Avenir Font 88 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
WIDEWALLY book interior? 136 2 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Jen.H Help with formatting! How to delete next page break? 221 5 3 weeks ago by table
Leonato Placing photos outside margins 94 1 3 weeks ago by lipmag
thestoryguy Paragraph indents in word revert to default 240 5 3 weeks ago by walton