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Has anyone else had problems with pagination in the CS formatted template?  If you have, would you please share your solution?



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Re:  Interior formatting

Posted by sunnysky Dec 10, 2017

I am using Create Space Formatted Template for my book.  I have transferred the manuscript into the template.  I cannot get it to paginate correctly.  Is there a secret?  I click on "insert" and then "page numbers."  I choose the location (bottom of the page).  Then, I click on Format Page numbers, with start at 1.  The footer is not accepting the series of pages.  It will print 1 on every page in the footer.  How can I get it to continue the page numbers in order?

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Coffee table book in JIS B4 size

Posted by maps Nov 30, 2017

Am working on a large history coffee table book with lot of maps and JIS B4 paper size will work perfectl for the interior pages. Want to self publish with 100s of copies not thousands.  Can't even find the JIS B4 standard paper size for sale for trial printing.  In the end it will be offset press printing in Color.  Is this something that Createspace can help with?

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Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? I have MS office 2016. I checked on this forum but there doesn't seem to be information on the latest verison. Does anyone know? I tried to upload my file but it gets rejected. They state that my file is 8.5x11 instead of the size I have chosen. He went on to say that it is a common question. Why not post it in here createspace? Please help if you can with details. Thanks so much!

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Non-printable markup removed

Posted by gkhud Aug 14, 2017

I received this message on a single page in multiple uploads of my docx file:

"We've removed non-printable mark-up from your document. Examine these pages visually to confirm there is no impact to your intended design."

The error occurs for the single page that contains a Table of Contents and List of Photos. The message intimates there is something on the edges of this page by drawing a green frame around the edges of the page.

I have tried making the margins larger, but nothing seems to fix the issue.



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header ****

Posted by BenedictUK Aug 8, 2017

I have spent centuries - OK lots of different times - trying to get the headers to work in a book in Word 2003, so different chapters of a book can have different headers. I know you have to inset a section break. I think I have done that - how do you know - but still it won't work. How do you deselect 'Same as previous'? Anyone answer that question and I'll be v grateful! Lord, it's frustrating!

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I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to publish a book in reverse. I want to be able to open up the the normal way, but just see the ending. So the start of the book is as the very end.

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I've been writing Stories since I was in my early teens to the present.


My full name is: Sir Faramarz Fred Abolfathi and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in the UK when I was last there in October of 1999.


I've recently finished after messing up the name of the Book for Uploading it with the wrong File name three times, and then I sent it for that third and final time to be completed perfectly.


The Book I'm talking about is titled: "MURDER IN PARADISE: PART 1" (These Books are in a lot of Parts.)


I'm nearly towards the Finale for Part 2 of Book #2.


I'm going to stop for a long term Sabbatical to rest after this Book is sent to CS for Publication on and Amazon.EU.


However, I plan to dabble while I'm Vacationing and assisting my Partner in Amsterdam on a time to time period.


If weather permits, he and I plan to do a lot of work for our joint Business Deals in throughout Europe and Africa.


That's another place I wanted to see and go to Nigeria for the final trip to marry my Fiance named Sandra.


She'll turn 25 this November as she's already studying at Oxford in the UK.


In closing, I wanted to say I hope you all will look into my many Books written for purchase on CS and at the Amazon US and EU Web Sites.

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I have been using 'Insert/Shape' and the 'Draw' tab in Word to create six simple diagrams (arrows, text labels, simple matrix with 4 quadrants) in my book. I group the drawings and wrap 'square' in the text. Looks perfect!  I save the file as PDF but find on CS digital reviewer that some of the drawings are corrupted - lines and arrows broken or blurred or with ghost lines lurking where there should be (are) none.


Using latest Windows. Warnings about 'flattening' on review.


How can I correct please . . .  Should I go through a different PDF process?  Correct, somehow the flattening problem?


Everything ready to go - so really need to sort this! Many thanks

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Right binding

Posted by Manin May 21, 2017



My book is written in a right to left language. It is required by the specifications that the interior PDF should be created with the last page appearing as the first PDF page. Additionally, the cover pdf must be formatted with the front cover placed to the left of the spine and the back cover to the right.


Can anybody help me to make the interior pdf  and the cover as requested please?



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