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ladywrytr My series are epistolary and I have problems with the final product. 42 1 7 hours ago by Maaku
golem2b Professional Formatter/Cover Designer Needed 246 7 1 day ago by Lorem_Ipsum
BlkBeauty I received an error message about the place holder in the header. 379 10 2 days ago by walton
sixgrands Reviewier comments in margins 88 1 2 days ago by walton
annacherry embedding fonts...pdf adds pages...throws mirror margins off: HELP! 161 5 2 days ago by Seisa
BernardB Will my color photo remain in color or become black and white? 181 4 2 days ago by danwiz
JDel Exporting images from word to pdf- images are reducing 174 6 2 days ago by JDel
AleV Image span over two-facing pages 211 9 3 days ago by AleV
LoraKai createspace crashing 193 3 3 days ago by walton
non-grown-up upside down text and flip book 148 3 3 days ago by non-grown-up
MaximusMan Word to PDF issue - PDF file has more blank pages 100 1 4 days ago by MaximusMan
AuntBobbie 8.5x11 Landscape Option? 96 1 5 days ago by Seisa
CreateSpaceLee CreateSpaceLee You Asked... We Listened - CreateSpace Now Offers Interior Templates for Books 240,179 339 1 week ago by walton
lelone Are there Photoshop templates for interior pages? 341 7 1 week ago by Kadams
Aiala Question... Uneven number of lines per page? 417 11 1 week ago by Aiala
WhatKatyDid Question re: PDF X1a vs. High Quality Print 97 0 1 week ago by WhatKatyDid
Bible_Lady How do I embed fonts? 166 2 1 week ago by Lighthouse24
SaklinaBoy CS finds "no issues" with Interior but !Warning! symbol prevents moving forward 190 3 1 week ago by lipmag
TaylorD_92 HELP! Need help getting files into one PDF file. 126 1 1 week ago by lipmag
WhatKatyDid Question about PDF/X-1a Save Settings - File size is HUGE 108 0 2 weeks ago by WhatKatyDid
Lewisbrightrees Formatting problem. 173 2 2 weeks ago by Lewisbrightrees
CreateSpace12 PDF interior how to embed fonts and images MAC Word 2008 100 0 2 weeks ago by CreateSpace12
GCM1 Creating a PDF/X-1a from a Word Document... 288 4 2 weeks ago by danwiz
gcmmkn Convert Word 2007 to PDF 327 6 2 weeks ago by GCM1
DaveWag adding pages to templates... can I? 328 5 2 weeks ago by Magic_Man
DerekRoss File review failed due to full bleed images? 346 8 2 weeks ago by DerekRoss
TheSpeaker How can I add pages to the formatted template and have the page numbers increase? 102 0 2 weeks ago by TheSpeaker
beetles_bub Double checking loosing dpi problem 293 6 2 weeks ago by lipmag
alisonrenea Strange, unwanted space inside Createspace template. 220 5 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
RoArtice Flash Player and Interior Reviewer 203 2 2 weeks ago by RoArtice