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ketanco cost calculator 1,027 4 4 months ago by ketanco
Anchor Margins revert when WP file is converted to PDF 55 1 3 hours ago by ozed
linda17 images printing quality advice needed 282 7 1 day ago by Lighthouse24
APOlaw My page numbers  show below the margin 178 5 2 days ago by APOlaw
thestoryguy What is a good online English to French translator 280 8 3 days ago by LucileLami
KarriM interior file error fix help 70 1 3 days ago by lipmag
GTScribe Help! My font choice won't work 80 1 3 days ago by Maaku
jenner I just received my first printed proof ... 487 11 3 days ago by jenner
mountaingal Trouble loading Children's Picture book 8.5 x 8.5 150 2 4 days ago by jenner
BreL Line spacing for a journal 61 0 4 days ago by BreL
HeliosComics Margins/bleed for a 6.63" x 10.24" Comic book 67 1 5 days ago by danwiz
Trevor_w Images for children's book 118 2 6 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
MandyBrown TOC looks great but when upload Createspace all numbers off page 91 1 1 week ago by walton
Codex_Regius Createspace staff can't distinguish images and headings 262 6 1 week ago by walton
Butterfly18 Help with formatting a 5 x 8 template 153 2 1 week ago by walton
Aisha101 Hello Everyone, I need help! 161 3 1 week ago by walton
Spiritualized Inconsistent file reviews 324 9 1 week ago by Oreohelix
AndyPas007 File too complex... 241 6 1 week ago by walton
Spiritualized Photo problems after successful review 1,238 21 1 week ago by Spiritualized
CreateSpaceLee CreateSpaceLee You Asked... We Listened - CreateSpace Now Offers Interior Templates for Books 252,008 356 1 week ago by walton
Duchyland Why isn?t there a template for 8.5 x 8.5 full bleed? 95 1 1 week ago by Maaku
QuantumShaman Flash Player not installed error? 701 10 1 week ago by SkyDiary
Gildda All my .pdf files are the exact same size and yet IR keeps saying they aren't 155 3 1 week ago by lipmag
Crikey ISBN Imprint name goes on Title Page? 196 3 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
ready2017 How do I get rid of spacing that shows up when I'm formatting? 147 3 2 weeks ago by Maaku
superVILLAIN the purpouse of full bleed? 172 3 2 weeks ago by Maaku
bayy I am republishing my novel Soul Mates which was published in 2009.  I took it off the market due to serious publishing errors.  I have re-edited and submitted to Amazon. The back and front covers are just fine but using 6x9 for the interior doesn't work. 90 1 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
rjh1109 Book is locked 266 3 2 weeks ago by walton
CRog Double sided books? 311 9 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Brand_Vista Images and Embedded Fonts 178 3 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum