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WillGonza 8 0 1 hour ago by WillGonza
sadk555 TSMC said to make 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC starting from 2018-end 21 0 1 day ago by sadk555
DSAKJ265 Xiaomi is looking to raise up to $6.1 15 0 1 day ago by DSAKJ265
kljfakl6565 Weekly Roundup: OPPO Find X, Xiaomi Mi Router 4Q, Mi Pocket Speaker 2, Vivo Y81 and more 26 0 1 day ago by kljfakl6565
suzyv Deciding how to handle partial coloring book w/ story 56 1 2 days ago by Seisa
tyecam5 Resizing a pdf file so it can meet the guidelines 58 1 4 days ago by some1
John1979 Royalty payment failure 146 1 6 days ago by Auzora25
Tonillero Edition number versus my edition name 99 1 6 days ago by Auzora25
Bookworm3 Hello, It appears my book (87pgs) will not be printed with spine text, is this common?  And does it affect either the sales or appeal of a book? 123 2 1 week ago by some1
Eshu153 Children book review rejection 132 3 1 week ago by Seisa
Alterboys New edits (already published) 116 2 1 week ago by some1
cxy2014 Can I do a 27.94cm(11")x21.59cm(8.5") on CS? 98 1 1 week ago by Seisa
some1 Still cannot understand COMMAs 122 1 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
sapphirebook ormatting children's book 8.5 x 8.5 136 2 1 week ago by Seisa
glitch CAN ANYONE HELP ME LOAD MY COVER? 449 12 1 week ago by glitch
SandysDream Getting Started 303 5 1 week ago by SandysDream
Bookworm3 Should I submit my book description in the internal reviewer? 119 1 2 weeks ago by danwiz
Adlerjust Change in Language Use: Is Multilingualism & Bilingualism responsible 78 0 2 weeks ago by Adlerjust
AugustNight Converting back to Word from PDF without loosing formatting? 159 3 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Dragonish Which sourced information 'must' be acknowledged? 191 2 2 weeks ago by walton
Gadz Interior Reviewer Not Working... 14,140 34 2 weeks ago by enddoeo
Dragonish Does general knowledge have to be acknowledged and cited? 229 8 2 weeks ago by Acheknia
neptunian Does Createspace accept scales of gray in the printing of books in black and white? 160 2 3 weeks ago by Maaku
HolisticJohn Providing an index 563 4 3 weeks ago by awin
MatthewM Using styles when converting from Word to Kindle 93 0 3 weeks ago by MatthewM
OldYogaMan Adding the LCCN to the Title Page 149 3 3 weeks ago by some1
hc_solomon My book has no page number? Why? 261 9 3 weeks ago by walton
KathKath CMYK or RGB and what size of image? 176 4 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
LouisvilleLinda Beyond Frustrated with this 300 DPI Resolution Issue 229 4 4 weeks ago by lipmag
jeffreykan Help! Even, not Jagged 167 3 1 month ago by walton