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Hey guys. I need help formatting my cover.

The instruction reads, "The spine width is based on the number of pages in your book."


I used Vellum to generate the PDF interior and there are 70 pages. Does this mean my book has 70 pages? Or should I count page 1 and page 2 as "One Page" when calculating the spine since page 1 and 2 is technically on a one sheet of paper? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by Dave56 Jul 7, 2018

Are all pictures done on a separate page from the actual text and then uploaded with the text when ready to submit for publishing?



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Where can I find help in making sure my book has been formatted and in uploading pictures to my book for publishing?  Very confused

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On my account and anyone I work with, the permanent message for all browsers is that I have to load flash.  Well, guess, what?  All my browsers have flash loaded yet I get this message on all browsers and all the computers I have access to.  This behavior is abyssmal and insulting.  Is there any browser this works on?  I want to see a proof of my cover, but createspace is permanently blocking this ability.  Does anybody know of a work around.  I have tried installing flash on browsers but it refuses to install stating that its installation is not allowed.  Createspace still pretends I don't have flash installed on the browsers it is installed on (Chrome).  Why is Createspace deliberately blocking me from viewing my cover in any possible way?

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Where to indicate "6th Edition"?

Posted by Waiki May 11, 2018

For the sixth edition of my textbook I am moving over to Createspace from a different custom publisher.  Should I add "6th Edition" to the title, put it in as a subtitle, or as a Volume number?  Thanks.

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Hello. This is John Thornton

Posted by GOD1980 May 4, 2018

whats happening, guys? I need help. I need readers!
Please check out my autobiographywith the silly *** add campaighn on It is just an exampleof of why
I need help. When people look at it they dont get it, and they and I am mikssing out.
Iwas hit by a train when I was a failing pothead  junior in highschool and now im a stud.

God is My Hero by John Oliver Winston Thornton is a very good book that needs to be 9 dollars a copy and a dollar on kdp.
I think I can get that right. But I suffer from amnisia. Please yall. H
elp me by helping you because you will have read the best book a guy with amnisia has ever written!lol

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I tried to upload the description and bio of my book Sleep Apnea, Sleep Study, CPAP Machine many tims and I got this error code. only print printable words. I even tried creating a new book and I got the same results. I tried and tried and called several times to customer service and spoke to several people but nobody could help me until the last call. I was very frustrated and I couldn't believe this but the guy that I was talking to finally said something I could relate too. I always copy and past from my book onto the Create Space Template I have done this many times for several different books.  He said it was the formatting.

I went back to my document and cleared the formatting and then copy and pasted onto the template and it worked. Yes.

Linda Meckler, author

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I've finished formatting my manuscript and although I have Createspace's 6x9 format I can't get the Table of Contents to line up properly.

Is there anyone out there that provides this service and is familiar with Createspace?

Thanks JArae111

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Hi everyone,


I have just made my presentation and already have a question that seems to not be answered. What are the best fonts for Self-help book (science, esoterism). I have seen here and there the popular fonts like Minion Pro or Garamond but I think they are good for novels, science-fiction book and son on and so forth. It doesn't look serious enough on a self-help book, right ?


So here I come to you CreateSpace community Do you have any idea what fonts are "standards" for this kind of books ? I wrote mine with Time New Romans font (11.5) but I wonder if I can find a better one.


Thank you so much for your time!!




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Posted by PlusSizeDiva Jan 25, 2018


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