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OmarCI Cover Design Creation 495 8 1 day ago by Educator
milsey Can 8x10 be printed as 10x8? 93 2 2 days ago by milsey
milsey How to compare prices for different formats on KDP? 107 3 3 days ago by Seisa
catsklgd1 Why do my images not retain their size on Kindle previewer? 179 2 1 week ago by danwiz
amcit Text Sizing and Paragraph Spacing 269 1 3 weeks ago by walton
lizz1 Cover image created, but No hardcover printing available. 197 1 3 weeks ago by some1
MuraniaPress Sample e-mail from a disgruntled customer 501 7 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
goexplore Content Validation Problems 256 1 1 month ago by mand
Endicott Color book proof came back as black and white 324 3 1 month ago by walton
gdavies monologue quotations, and grammar tense 386 4 1 month ago by walton
Quentin MS Word 2010 not keeping custom document sizes when converting to PDF 200 2 1 month ago by walton
shamansdance Help on how to format Word for a workbook with boxes in the outer margin 164 0 1 month ago by shamansdance
OmarCI Amazon look inside and font license required 420 2 1 month ago by OmarCI
Sam2018 uploading on Kindle Create 394 1 1 month ago by Khan84
OldYogaMan Adding the LCCN to the Title Page 594 6 1 month ago by a-h-k
CarrieH Spine Design and Formatting - Knowing How Page Count Works 241 1 2 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Moonlake Why does the interior reviewer remove page numbers in table of contents 321 2 2 months ago by lilacvalleydoll
NancyStokkset Changing orientation of pages to add to book 236 1 2 months ago by danwiz
Hades777 need help: template and file reviewer are "out of sync" 342 3 2 months ago by Seisa
SwagSam Cover not correct in hard copy 207 1 2 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Darinfan Diagonal Lines Jagged in PDFs 344 6 2 months ago by Darinfan
teddypdx Navigational TOC in a fixed format ebook? 392 6 2 months ago by Lighthouse24
TuckerdogAVL Specific steps on doing a second edition 156 0 2 months ago by TuckerdogAVL
OmarCI Need opinion over font quality: Lanston Type Company 206 2 2 months ago by OmarCI
ashuVN Interior file - Can some one suggest what is Interior file and how to write and its asking to submit atleast 24 pages........ 197 1 3 months ago by Seisa
Eva2018 My colors are off after CreateSpace puts them up... 225 2 3 months ago by Eva2018
teddypdx Is it possible to publish a truly fixed format ebook? 235 2 3 months ago by teddypdx
GiaB 4 Extra Pages Added To Proof.  How to minimize blank pages ? 268 2 3 months ago by lilacvalleydoll
OmarCI Modify cover in LIbre Office? 204 1 3 months ago by OmarCI
Dr3am5tep Having EXTREMELY frustrating formatting issues! HELP! 300 1 3 months ago by Auzora25