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ceyhun242 How can I modify cover indesign file to adress change from white interior paper to cream paper? 446 10 19 hours ago by ceyhun242
taylorc Help with Coloring Book Interior 77 5 22 hours ago by walton
Kev1n Number of pages in one book 308 20 1 day ago by Kev1n
TradJung Wrong Pagination 83 1 2 days ago by walton
Gadz Interior Reviewer Not Working... 3,134 21 2 days ago by Gertie192
jejjy123 feel some difficulty with photoshop 733 9 2 days ago by walton
thestoryguy How to get a copy of mt ebook cover for my files 68 0 3 days ago by thestoryguy
Andi_A How do I put pictures into 6x9 word document for createspace 170 2 4 days ago by Andi_A
saywhat2 I'de like to get my poems copyright, first what should i do? 159 2 5 days ago by walton
MediaModes KDP Select 130 2 5 days ago by Seisa
LBSpishi Need help for Page numbers! 146 1 1 week ago by Lighthouse24
DavidGK Interior Reviewer Never Finishes Loading 121 1 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Perkons Book Cover: I'm confused. 222 4 2 weeks ago by danwiz
Perkons How to handle a book with lots of illustrations? 274 6 2 weeks ago by danwiz
DustyCatWriter Please help! First line of page arbitrarily drops to center of page 209 4 2 weeks ago by DustyCatWriter
Jewellstar3 Question about Interior Editor how to get there 212 3 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Stink2 Can you change from black and white to colour? 185 2 2 weeks ago by walton
M_B_Ager Can I make alterations to my kindle version after completing on here? 272 5 2 weeks ago by M_B_Ager
SonnyFB New to CS 172 1 3 weeks ago by Lighthouse24
PinkNezzy Editor 411 6 3 weeks ago by PinkNezzy
SWDC Trim size: prices and recommendations 249 4 3 weeks ago by SWDC
DisabilityLiturgyEtc Paper samples? 199 3 3 weeks ago by walton
Miss_Story 5.5 x 8.5 Book in Photoshop 292 3 4 weeks ago by Seisa
Eshu153 Need help with publishing errors 246 6 4 weeks ago by Eshu153
RPBass What publishing program should I buy to create a children's picture book on a MAC? 179 1 4 weeks ago by Chris-iStudio
RamblingAbare Using my own Publishing Comp LLC and ISBN 200 1 1 month ago by danwiz
Dragonish Latest info re: putting 'own ISBN' on book cover 2,100 31 1 month ago by Dragonish
beetles_bub Needing help with Gimp 457 6 1 month ago by beetles_bub
RainyDay77 Barcode and price 538 11 1 month ago by R.C.
RainyDay77 Formatting problems! 274 3 1 month ago by walton