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Mastering Visual Content Marketing

When tackling a content marketing campaign, you need to know what will rouse online growth and engagement. Text-based content will always be important, but in this digital era, visual content is integral to the success of content marketing.


Websites that are mobile-optimized should focus on visual content as the internet has made attention spans shorter than ever. The popularity of content presented in big blocks of text is long gone.


It makes sense to use visual content when over 50 percent of people are visual learners. Content that resonates psychologically is said to be at least 43 percent more persuasive. To reach your audience on a deeper level, here are 3 types of visual content to incorporate in your next campaign:


Compelling Images


Images are the first thing people think of when it comes to visual content. Knowing to add images to your content marketing campaign isn’t the hard part, it’s choosing the right type of images to get your point across.


Just like relevant keywords are important in text-based content, high quality and relevant images are vital to visual marketing. When deciding on how to choose images for your campaign follow these tips:


§  Aim for original images over stock photos


§  Candid photos over posed


§  Capture a feeling


Stray away from the cheesy stock photos for several reasons: your viewers can sense that they are fake and there is the chance that other businesses in your niche have used the same photo. Original images add a personal touch to your campaign that will only contribute to its unique qualities.


Depending on the aim of your campaign, candid photos may be a better choice than posed ones. Unlike posed stock photos, candid images are more realistic and therefor, more relatable. Your viewers will find it easier to picture themselves in your ad.


Be selective when it comes to choosing images for you content marketing campaign as a photo has the power to transport. Think about what you want your viewers to feel when they see your campaign and choose a photo that inspires those feelings.




Videos can become the chief representation of your brand if you are successful in creating the right one. For a visual marketing campaign, videos are images brought to life through movement, sound, and music.


Just as images, videos need to be of the highest caliber. Anticipate that your video will be watched and shared, so plan to optimize it.


Whether your video is for a landing page, e-mail campaign, or a blog post, there are several types of videos to choose from. To begin, think about the message you’d like to convey through your video.


There are a variety of videos that can enhance your business:


§  How-to videos


§  Animated explanations


§  Demonstrations


§  Customer testimonials


§  Expert interviews


It’s important to keep in mind that whichever type of video you choose, it should fall in line with the style of your brand.


Considering that most people may view your video on their e-mail or through a mobile app, it should be short and to the point. Give the viewer all the information they need, but be quick and concise about it. If they’re scrolling through e-mails or their social media feed, they don’t want to be held up for too long.




Memes are most commonly known as images that are followed by funny captions. They are new to the visual marketing campaign, but vary popular amongst internet users across social media platforms.


Memes were originally a form of entertainment amongst teens and college students but have gained traction as an easy, creative, and even quirky way to present visual content. Given their origins, it would benefit you to decide whether memes are appropriate for your niche.


If your brand is targeted towards a younger audience, memes are one of the best ways to motivate engagement. With this engagement, memes can build a community around your brand and allow to make inside jokes about your niche.


The measurement of success for a meme is when it goes viral and people begin replicating it. Viewers not only post and share the meme, but they go back to the original source which means major exposure for your brand.


Visual content is a great way to encourage your audience to explore your brand. Aim to create high quality visual content that truly connects with your audience. Don’t rush to put up any visual content for the sake of a schedule – substance is of the utmost importance.


Articles and posts with visual content gain up to 80 percent or more views than those that don’t have any at all. Don’t just add a visual component to your marketing strategy, master the art of imagery. For more tips on how to enhance your internet marketing

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Honor Among Writers

Posted by Naturahigh102 Apr 21, 2018

Hi, my name is Adam and I have a book if poetry called ' Try This at Home'. I have a great idea; If anyone is interested I will sell copies of their book @ my table during Fairs, Festivals, & Flea Markets under one condition. If you are willing to do the same for me.


             Best Regards

                            Adam the Artist

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wow! sad to say who would have thought that bullying would be such a big infulence. Writing my experiences and anxiety moments and learning how to put them into a format for reading is an amazing feeling. I can still feel some of the moments when I go back and read what I have published and sometimes cant beleive I even wrote it. was I in a state of mind at the time or did I really go back there spiritually? just wow

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Hi!  I'm new here and I just got a first book published Jun o9 o17.  I'm been trying to promote it ever since on various social media sites from Amazon to Facebook, but the reviews just aren't coming.  Would appreciate any advice on how to further promote it?

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Book marketers

Posted by JackFlash Aug 18, 2017



Jack Flash, here. This is the thread that  comes closest to answering my question about promting a book. When I  published my first book a year ago, I looked into organziations that  would market my book for a fee (e.g., Page Publishing, Readers Digest,  Dorance). For prices ranging from $2,000 - $10,000., they offer to  relase announcement about your book to tems of thousands of outlets.  They also say that they will strive to get you an interview with a radio station. Sounds  like an approach that would give me great exposure. However, a retired  publisher told me to be cautious of such offers, as many are a waste of  money or a scam.


My question: how do I verify the legitimacy of book  marketers? If anyone has had experience with such organizations, please  share that with me. If anyone has an opinion about such an approach,  please let me know.




Jack Flash

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My child wrote a 26 pages book and we want to sell it at the lower price possible. It seems that the lower price is 9.15$. I think it is too expensive. How can I lower the price?


Thank you!

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Posted by Bambam2017 Jul 23, 2017

My Book has only been out 1 week. And it's number 2 out of 116 books in my book category. No Reviews and no publishing companies just hard work.  If you don't believe what I'm saying check out AMAZON BOOK'S and type in Goodness and Mercy by Fred Amina and you will see for yourself. 116 books in my category im number 2 in 1 week. Send me your email address if you are self-publishing and I could give you some tips of what I did.

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As they say you need to always be the hardest worker in the room. Don't just believe these Publishers get out there and Market at yourself too.

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Use My Book!

Posted by mamaofbrie Jul 16, 2017

Because all your personal information is outdated, feel free to use my books for your website ads!  Promote current author's, please!


Toni Mariani Author

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CreateSpace Author & Artist Kris Courtney

Official Announcement

Austin Revolution Film Festival








Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir



Amazing news!

"Norma Jean's Sun" Screenplay Adaptation, was just selected FINALIST in Austin Revolution Film Festival @ARevolutionFF via @FilmFreeway #ARFF6352 #ARFF2017 #TrueStory #Screenplay #Script

American Artist & Author Kris Courtney

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This question is only for those who know and not for the clowns, fools, ridiculous and ridiculing trolls.

I went to the local bookstore, asked the owner if he would sell for me, and after asking a few questions he said yes and wrote down the cost, per book $14.99, and then said $10.62 for cost, and I would get 70% as the writer and he would get 30%.  He's going to add tax, to each at 5% that the customers will pay. 

How much will my share be?


I figured 14.99 x .05=________


Add that to $14.99 and get $16.11

$16.11 divided by 70% is $10.62, which is my share of each.  Is that correct?

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Kotton Grammer has helped many business owners make millions of dollars with his SEO expertise. He made over 10 million dollars last year helping business owners increase their revenues dramatically by driving massive amounts of google traffic to the company website with his proven search engine optimization techniques. His search marketing formula is unmatched and is currently making millions for his clients!


But Kotton didn't always have the success he is having right now. He knows what it?s like to be a struggling entrepreneur and so he always looks to pay it forward and mentor other business men he sees potential in.


So, aside from running a million dollar a month business, Kotton has been generous with his time and has been a mentor to a young entrepreneur named David Castro. David, the owner of RankRabbit SEO, gives a video testimonial of Kotton Grammer and you can view it below:




Kotton Grammer runs one of the most successful premier SEO agencies in the world and is mentoring the young and ambitious internet entrepreneur to do the same with RankRabbit - David?s own Search engine optimization agency thats being run from the other end of the United States!


David currently has his headquarters in Riverside, California while Kotton Grammer runs his multimillion dollar agency, Kotton Grammer Media, in Miami, and yet, Kotton has been by far the most important factor to David Castro?s success in growing his own nationally renowned search marketing business!


Being that Kotton has had such an impact David, both as a internet entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, the founder of RankRabbit SEO made the trip to Miami to hang out with Mr. Grammer and record this video review of Kotton to thank him for all that he?s done for him.


Here's what David said, I'm David Castro, Owner of RankRabbit. Currently the leading SEO company in Riverside and on it's way to being one of the premiere search marketing agencies in the country.


I say this, not because I like to talk about my business on here, but because I wouldn't be able to say any of that if it wasn't for Kotton Grammer.


Kotton Grammer is without a doubt the Michael Jordan of Search marketing and it?s truly a pleasure to call him a mentor. I've actually never told him this but, if Im completely honest, there is NO ONE I know that I look up to more than him.


He's provided me with a wealth of SEO knowledge and just the most cutting edge marketing techniques that truly set us apart from any internet marketer on the planet.


But most importantly, he's taught me to demand more from myself and to continually push the boundaries of my capabilities in all areas of my life. I learned so much just from watching him hammer away as he went after everything he set his mind to.


I love it..He's changed my life; that simple.  So, Whether it's as a consultant or a coach I guarantee you, for anyone reading this, Kotton will have a HUGE impact on your business. If you get the opportunity to work with him, take it.? View Source

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I just published my book approximately 3 weeks ago, however, I can't get it to sell.


What must I do to catch the audience attention towards my book.


My book is on Amazon and also Barnes and Noble and in local Libraries.



I am a new Author, so I am lost right now.


I need help.

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I am beginning to think that CreateSpace might not be the right place to publish my book.  It is in the format of sketchnotes (if you don't know what they are, do an image search on google).


My black and white "art compositions" are interweaved with art, quotes, and words of advice.  I think people are expecting it to read like a book, and it doesn't.  it is a journal companion book, you pick it up, browse through it and get inspired to reflect on a topic.  I'm also ending up under 55 pages, so it would be a thin book, with a free page to write on I would be at 100+ pages.


One good piece of feedback I received is to add an explanation paragraph to each composition, because the page is a bit of a collage and the user may feel lost.  I know there are artsy journal companion books on Amazon that have done well.  I was planning to leave writing space in my print version, and in the kindle version leave just the pictures as a true companion guide.  Originally my daughter wanted me to make a coloring book, but mine is more heavy on the sketchnotes, so I feel it would be misleading marketing.


THE QUESTION: so I am wondering if I should sell individual page downloads on etsy or something and skip the book.

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Pitching Your Book

Posted by LouiseHathaway Jun 30, 2016

Okay, you have just written the next great American novel and can't wait to release it to the world; then watch those royalties come streaming in. You have asked a friend to proof-read it and give you constructive criticism.  He thinks your book is really good.  You may have even forked over $100.00 to a professional who designed a mind-blowing cover. Who wouldn't want to buy a book with a cover like that? you ask yourself.


Stop.  Take a deep breath.  There's one more make-or-break job you have to do: write a book description.  That's not as easy as it sounds, especially with publishers like Smashwords who limit the short description to only 400 characters.  You may have a great long description, but you are going have to start deleting parts of it to fit into the short one.  It can be very frustrating.  I've seen some short descriptions where part of the last sentence is cut off.  Obviously, the writer didn't double-check it before publication.


Here are some suggestions to consider:


Don't use subplots:  Keep to the main point and don't confuse your readers: they probably don't want to take the time to read a long description anyway.  Ask yourself, What is the primary action that drives my book??

Make it concise.  A creative writing teacher once told me that a poem is more difficult to write than a short story or novel because with a poem, every single word must be packed with meaning.


Keep it under 150 words.


Write in the third person, present tense.  Imagine sitting face-to-face with your reader and they've asked you what your book is about.


Write it as if you are the publisher not the writer. Remember, the book description is a marketing tool: it's not literature; so it is okay to hyperbolize a little.  Just don't overdo it.


Read book descriptions by other authors in your genre.


Last, but not least:  Use Emotional Power Words.  Make your readers wake up and take notice.   How?

Use words that will raise their spirits and make them feel better.  Examples: miracle, triumph, jaw dropping.

Sex sells.  Take advantage of this by using words such as: sensual, thrilling, naughty, steamy, brazen.


Make it forbidden by using these words: Pandora's Box, confidential, cover-up, bootleg, Black Market.


Fear is a powerful motivator, especially if you write murder mysteries.  Use words like: looming, revenge, frantic, searing.


Fan the flames.  Make them feel outraged at injustice. Use words such as sick and tired, back-stabbing, ruthless.


Feed Their greed: most people either want to make or save money. Use these power words to take advantage of this: bargain, profit, discount, quadruple.


Make them feel safe.  Use these words: no risk, privacy, official, tested, guaranteed


Try using only six to ten of these emotional power words in your description.


And last, but not least, here is the most important factor to keep in mind when you are writing your description: make sure that your book lives up to your promises.  You don't want your reader to feel cheated.  Make sure you deliver what your advertise, or your reader may want his money back; and even worse, may feel compelled to write a bad review or give a one-star rating.  And that's the last thing we writers want.  Happy editing and good luck with your amazing new novel.

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