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Suggestions for E-Book Blasts

Posted by Hello3 Feb 12, 2016

I have published two children's books and would like to try e-blasts to increase my sales.

Any suggestions for sites or companies? Are eblasts a worthwhile marketing tool?

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I have been following some photographers online trying to sell their books on Photography and also Photo books of their work in genre such as Nature, Landscape, Birds, Portraits, Streetphotography etc.  


Please do the following to market your photography books


1. I know you are busy but be active on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Post regular updates about your book and where people can buy them.


2. Include your location and the location of the photograph you took as hashtag. This will help people interested in a purticular place to buy your book.


Example - Instead of stating "Beautiful #birds" you can say "Beautiful #birds of #Canada"


3. Every week, write an article based on one of the chapters of your book and give a free chapter for people to read.


4. Make a 2 minute video about your book and promote it on Youtube.


5. Some people have several followers on Twitter who charge a fee to tweet about your book for a month. They call it Book promo tweets etc. I have not tried them but worth analyzing.


You can also write to me if interested. Its a free service but please I consider books which are really worth writing about. You can also mail me for an interview.


Fill the form below


I work on this website few hours a week.So give me some time to publish your interview. Please submit books which you believe has good photographic works.


Thank You

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Parallel Aklila Kedan

Posted by Kedan May 21, 2015


10 years ago Aklila Kedan consciously began looking for answers for the fundamental questions many of us have. The turning point which sparked his conviction is contained within the book. This book is ideal for young adults with an intuitive mind whilst being able to captivate religious scholars. Students may also feel inspired to not only read the book but to research some of the recommended sources. This book will expand your mind!


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Wanna Read For Free

Posted by jgbest0412 Mar 4, 2015

I absolutely love writing. I have been writing romance since I was fifteen. I have finally put two books on Amazon Kindle titled Temptress and It's Never Too Late. i have also ceated my very first paperback with createspaces help. I am so excited. I cried when I saw the book cover. Such a dream. I'm sure many of you know the feeling.

Anyway, I would like to invite you to read some stories I also have on (jessicagaff0412) and Archive of our Own (jgbest0412). I would love to hear what you all think about them.


Currently, Temptress by Jessica Gaff is under a free promotion until Thursday so head over for your free copy.


If you enjoy that title look for It's Never Too Late by Jessica Gaff

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ive done the local scene, the social networks, but now  i feel as if im missing something

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My First Audiobook

Posted by nice May 22, 2014

Poetry: Mirrors of Fallen Stones (Volume 5)

by Vanessa M Chattman


This book is currently in production.

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A Tale of a Diseased Journey

Posted by McNonwuun Apr 24, 2014

Inspired from a chapter from my recently published novel series. "Hills Of Exile"


The lurid sun shone on the empty shore. The lady of the sea just bid farewell to her lover, traveling to the new world. If fate had brought them together she would see him again, but everything in her body refused to believe that. The journey was months on end and tales of those who returned was nothing far from a torturous and diseased ride. First one was stricken with a vile malady that caused dysentery and then one vomited continuously until all that came out alas, was blood and slime. If none of these took them to the grave, mosquitoes bit them and brought malaria and that was a quick death. They quivered with fever and the taste of their mouths was bitter and dry. Sometimes the fishes of the sea were fed with their dead brothers by the time they return. Standing by the sea now all of theses stories became vivid to her, but her lover was already at sea heading for the new world.

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Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

In Hills of Exile by McNonwuun, we meet Isaac Kline. He was a promising bio-medical student when he was offered the opportunity to join a research team. Isaac was horrified when he realized he had helped to create the poison that would be used to destroy his own people. A short time later, Isaac received a letter from his father explaining that he was adopted. The Jewish people were being rounded up and taken to concentration camps. Isaac saw an opportunity to help what he would always consider his people. His plan was to join the German army and help some of the Jewish people, but his plan failed. He embraced his wife?s Christian faith and together they escaped Germany and traveled to North Africa where he became a Christian witness to the Zong people. The people were intolerant of the Christian faith; they were violent and barbaric. Despite the frequent beatings, Isaac knew this was his calling, to witness to the people of Zong.

Hills of Exile is a beautiful read. This is the first book in the Hills of Exile series. I wasn?t sure what to expect when I chose this book. The more I read, the more engrossed I became. McNonwuun is an amazing writer; he let this story tell itself. Even through the brutal scenes, McNonwuun kept the pace even and smooth. The descriptions were vivid but not overdone. Issac Kline was a great character. I liked him and Nora. They worked well together and I found it gratifying to watch their self-sacrificing manner. Hills of Exile has a strong Christian message. The ending was well done. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Read a Sample Today...

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.45.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.46.24 PM.png

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The Healing Melody

Posted by McNonwuun Jan 27, 2014

In my recently published book, "Hills Of Exile," the last few chapters tells the importance of a good musical melody. In the bible, David sang to Saul to help him deal with his malady. In this book the protagonist Isaac Kline was beaten and left for dead. The echo of a poetic melody from a beautiful lady voice not only gave him a mild erection, but her voice was so soothing that he arose from his healing bed. That chapter is one of my favorite because I always feel the same way whenever I hear a good melody, whether I am down, sick or nor up for the task.



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Hello all,


Well sticking to your goals & reaching the target is possible, I've done it!


Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this (very lengthly process), it means the world to me & bless those who resonate with my book, much love to you on your healing journey.


Just remember..your're not alone.


Please visit my e-store for a peeky boo!!! - Janet Kingsley


Good luck to all who have started this book writing, self publishing journey ...keep the inner fire burning and you will succeed!


Crazy weird exciting feeling to see myslef on Amazon!!



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Book Daily - Observation

Posted by PassaDave Sep 20, 2013

Okay, I am subscribed to Book Daily, so I see a lot of emerging authors who are paying to promote their books.  It is probably a good way to get some exposure, but what I have noticed is the sample given in the emails.  I would say that about 80% of the authors need to go back and figure out how to write some decent paragraphs/sentences.  Some are okay and some are just awful, but few really flow well and draw you in.  I suppose it's a little like buying a $500 plan ticket and paying for hotels to audition on American Idol, thinking it is a good investment.  But many of those singers are no where near a professional level.  So, Please, work on writing good prose and when you are SURE it is well formed, THEN promote your work, so your money is not wasted. 


Example:  I also am a DJ on a web radio station and the station receives a ton of new music for review.  From time to time, we will get a new CD that looks great on the outside.  The music artist spent a ton of money having a very nice cover and CD label made, so our expectations are high.  Then when we play it, the music is poorly done.  Often the lead vocal is pitchy and ruins the entire music piece.  Now everyone misses a note now and the, but when the album is all songs where the artist has missed notes all the way through every song, then that ablum should never have had great artwork purchased or any money spent on distrobution.  The money spent there should have gone for vocal coaching and a good producer that would not let that stuff go to production.  Same with book artists.  Spend the money on writing lessons and reviews from people you don't know.  Listen to every review and learn how to at least write good sounding sentences. 


Just my take on the subject ... 

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Desperate need for help

Posted by Evolist Apr 30, 2013

right now I am feeling incredibly useless and I just really need some help. I am a young aspiring author. I published my first book: Daffodil about four weeks ago and besides the first two months I have sold nothing despite how much I try o put my self out the. I am just a college student and a beginner and in need of some DESPERATE advise from ANYBODY who is willing to give me help. So please veterans of the book selling/marketing game please help me. I am slowly running out of confidence in myself.

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  There is a large point of contention in today's marketing sphere: free promos. Do they work? Are they worth it, or am I just throwing potential sales out the window? I decided to conduct a three-week experiment with my latest book, Hunter Cell, to try to find some answers. It should be noted that I only used the free services that are available on the internet for this promotion.


  In the week prior to my five-day KDP promotional period, I had only one sale on Hunter Cell and no ancillary sales in my catalog of other works. I began my free promo on Monday and let it run through the Friday of that same week. I did a google search for free eBook promotional sites, and entered my book in every one that would accept it for the week (i.e. Pixel of Ink, etc.) I woke up to go to work at 4am and checked its numbers prior to leaving for the day. It had already moved 78 copies in just one hour! Imagine my surprise. I tracked Hunter Cell over the course of the next five days, and watched in astonishment as it continued to move copies and expand in different markets. Here are the numbers from my free promo week:


US - 1,815 downloads; high of #1 in steampunk, #4 in sci-fi adventure, #15 in general fiction and #436 in overall free store.

UK - 436 downloads; high of #2 in sci-fi adventure, #4 in mystery/crime and #237 overall.

Germany - 47 downloads; high of #2 in sci-fi adventure, #5 in thriller and #210 overall.

Italy - 2 downloads; high of #2 in sci-fi adventure. It's amazing what a couple of sales will do.

France - 1 download; high of #3 in sci-fi adventure.

Japan - 2 downloads; high of #3 in sci-fi adventure.

Spain - 1 download.

Canada - 8 downloads; high of #2 in sci-fi adventure.

Brazil - no downloads.


  In the week after the promo, I saw the sales of my books surge. Hunter Cell sold 32 copies in the US and 11 in the UK. Ancillary sales on my back catalog also increased. There were also a dozen borrows in both markets afterward.


  These figures aren't exactly staggering in comparison to more popular genres, or more established writers. However, they are real and very respectable figures for a nobody like me. The BLUF (bottom line up front) on this experiment is this: you can get good results without spending a dime. You will have to give something to KDP in order to get something (90 day exclusive), but it's worth it to get more visibility. Things to consider for your own promo are the following: your book cover, your blurb and the story itself. Make sure that you have all of these elements on point prior to your own launch. The power of the word of mouth was also a great influence. It all starts with your own. When you launch the promo tell people. You don't have to give anyone the hard sell, but finding ways to work it into conversation with everyone you meet will only help. I even wrote the title down on my bill at a restaurant after dinner. It's the little things that are often overlooked that just might be the catalyst you need.


Granted, not everyone that downloads your book will get around to reading it. That isn't exactly the point, though. Of course, you want some of them to read it and hopefully write a review or two. The bigger take from a free promotion is the increased visibility. More people will be made aware of your existence. If you are looking strictly for more reviews, I would suggest that you join reading groups, the Author's Marketing Club and other great free resources to accomplish this task.


  I'll continue to inform those interested on the book's progress in the coming months.


  Joshua Dyer is the author of several books as well as other content on various sites.

Hunter Cell is available at:

Dyer’s writing blog is located at:

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Published my 2nd book!

Posted by moorer Apr 3, 2013

March 26th, I published my second book.  My Journey: Through Addictions to Salvation


I could also use some more likes on my facebook page.

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I just completed a video trailer to market my American Flyer Repair Guide book that has been out since September and so far has sold over 500 copies. However, despite the success, I want to keep the momentum going and this video should help. The market is segmented and I have posted the video on my personal website, two AF group pages (one of them on Facebook) and on Youtube.

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