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Hi I am new here.. to marketing... LINKS...I need help from somone who can write clearly and in blonde and have had 8 strokes....I have books written and ready but do not know how to make a link which I can post to my fb friends to buy


my isbn numbers are below, if that helps ...

contact : EGAR White  us



1.   Conspiracy Series: The New Land Fraud Scheme of the 1%   . by E G A R White


Title ID: 5887026


ISBN-13: 978-1519455161   




2.   CONSPIRACIÓN DE LA SERIE: Casas Españolas Sean Robados por EMPRESA Judios ricos,by E G A R Ribera White


Title ID: 6084605


ISBN-13: 978-1530140404




3.   CONSPIRACY SERIES: Terrorists' Massacre at Paris Bataclan by E G A R White  ENGLISH VERSION


Title ID: 6152756


ISBN-13: 978-1530642175 cc white house chief of staff Chief  McDonough






Title ID: 6154238  BY EGAR White     FRENCH VERSION


ISBN-13: 978-1530653379




Version française
Titre ID: 6154238
ISBN-13: 978-1530653379



5.   conspiracy series: Terrorists Massacre at Bataclan Paris in ARABIC


Title ID: 6154217   by EGAR White     WRITTEN IN ARABIC


ISBN-13: 978-1530653157


النسخة العربية اللغة


مذبحة الإرهابيين مؤامرة سلسلة كتاب 'في باتاكلان باريس


وعلم الاجتماع في خلية إرهابية من قبل الخبراء وطالب من الشرق الأوسط الدراسات الكاتب Egar الأبيض






Title ID: 6168047  ISBN-13: 978-1530757336


ЗАГОВОР СЕРИЯ: ТЕРРОРИСТИЧЕСКОЕ Резня в Париже Bataclan на русском языке


Название ID: 6168047  ISBN-13: 978-1530757336


7.     Conspiracy Series Banking Bailout Fraud Scheme by E G A R White  Banksters Steal Hundreds of Millions  Poised to Repeat                                            Title ID: 6229106 ISBN-13: 978-1532908101




8.   Conspiracy Series Banking Bailout Fraud Scheme in Russian  Banksters Steal Hundreds of Millions  Poised to Repeat                                              by E G A R White       Title ID: 6229112 ISBN-13: 978-1532908200




9.   Serie Conspiracion Esquema de Fraude de Rescate Bancario     Banqueros Roban Cientos de Millones       A Punto de Repetir.         . by E G A R White         Title ID: 6229119 ISBN-13: 978-1532908248




10.               Série de Complot Banque Système de Fraude de Sauvetage


Banksters voler des centaines de millions Prête à  Repeat.


by E G A R White          Title ID: 6229134 ISBN-13: 978-1532908385



11.               Conspiracy Series Banking Bailout Fraud Scheme en Arabe  Banksters Steal Hundreds of Millions  Poised to Repeat        by E G A R White                  Title ID: 6229147 ISBN-13: 978-1532908453




12.               Verschwörung Serie Banken Bailout Betrugssystem                                                               Bankster stehlen Hunderte Millionen     Gratwanderungen zu wiederholen      by E G A R White  Title ID: 6229154  ISBN-13: 978-1532909078



Diary of Mouser: A Year in the Life of a Cat by E G A R White


Title ID: 5925263 ISBN-13: 978-1519751997




Diary of Mouser: A Year in the Life of a Cat LARGE PRINT by E G A R White


Title ID: 6084694 ISBN-13: 978-1530138869   FOR THE Purple Hair Readers




Black n White letter version with Famous Alerta Letter written  in Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, and English ?.listed on Amazon dot com as: Revelations: A Commentary to Aid in the Understanding of End Times Prophesies BW by E G A R  White Title ID: 6073810 ISBN-13: 978-1530064021






REVELATIONS: A Commentary to Aid Understanding End Times Prophesies by E G A R White  Title ID: 6029052 ISBN-13: 978-1523729470

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Suggestions for E-Book Blasts

Posted by Hello3 Feb 12, 2016

I have published two children's books and would like to try e-blasts to increase my sales.

Any suggestions for sites or companies? Are eblasts a worthwhile marketing tool?

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I have been following some photographers online trying to sell their books on Photography and also Photo books of their work in genre such as Nature, Landscape, Birds, Portraits, Streetphotography etc.  


Please do the following to market your photography books


1. I know you are busy but be active on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Post regular updates about your book and where people can buy them.


2. Include your location and the location of the photograph you took as hashtag. This will help people interested in a purticular place to buy your book.


Example - Instead of stating "Beautiful #birds" you can say "Beautiful #birds of #Canada"


3. Every week, write an article based on one of the chapters of your book and give a free chapter for people to read.


4. Make a 2 minute video about your book and promote it on Youtube.


5. Some people have several followers on Twitter who charge a fee to tweet about your book for a month. They call it Book promo tweets etc. I have not tried them but worth analyzing.


You can also write to me if interested. Its a free service but please I consider books which are really worth writing about. You can also mail me for an interview.


Fill the form below


I work on this website few hours a week.So give me some time to publish your interview. Please submit books which you believe has good photographic works.


Thank You

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Comic Cons? Any Luck!

Posted by Greg16 Aug 31, 2015

Hello Createspace!


So I'm almost at the end of the first month of my book being in print. I've gotten very great reviews so far and have been impressed and deeply moved by my friends and family helping push the title, along with the Createspace community!  Thank you to whoever bought my title out there I hope you enoy it!


This brings me to my question - I purchased a table at Granite State Comic Con in NH to sell my book in two weeks.  First, I'm terrifying.  The usual "What if no one buys my book???" "What if I just threw away $150 dollars!" comes to mind...


Has anyone had any luck selling at comic cons or similar shows?  Let me know!


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Parallel Aklila Kedan

Posted by Kedan May 21, 2015


10 years ago Aklila Kedan consciously began looking for answers for the fundamental questions many of us have. The turning point which sparked his conviction is contained within the book. This book is ideal for young adults with an intuitive mind whilst being able to captivate religious scholars. Students may also feel inspired to not only read the book but to research some of the recommended sources. This book will expand your mind!


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Nikki Ziehl

Posted by Niknak Apr 7, 2015
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Reunion 108 movie

Posted by Alpaka Mar 22, 2015

Reunion 108: an edgy, satirical, strongly R-rated baseball clubhouse comedy.  The screenplay, written by former major league baseball player, Billy Sample, took top honors at the Hoboken Film Festival.  Now availiable on DVD and shortly on instant downloads.

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Book Promotion

Posted by jsswolfeauthor Feb 6, 2015

Hey all like you I just released my book and I'm looking for sales. Take a look at my book The Elemental Conductors and buy a copy, it's only $9.99 and I'll even throw in the first chapter for free!


Free 1st ch


Buy the book




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    I looked at the schedule for the LA Book Fair and there were thousands of writers I have never heard of.  There are thousands of people writing books.  Readers think my books are great, but so what?  No vampires, no romance, no bloody gunfights, rather literary.  We writers are part of a massive vortex of unknown writers that is growing as the number of authors self-publish or beg for agents who don't want to see anyone that hasn't been recommended to them. When someone tells me that my novel changed their life or should be made into a film or are just in shock that the math teacher writes novels, what does that mean?  Not much.  We need a way to winnow the readable from the nonreadable and to have someone recognize that and sell it for us.

     What we have here is a massive problem that didn't exist 50 years ago. What the **** are we going to do?


Pattie leo Krohn, 3 novels on amazon

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My name is Rod Williams and I've just listed my novel "An Americana Singer for the Twenty-First Century" on Amazon and Kindle. The storyline follows the journey of a man who, disgusted with the financial crash of 2008 (which he calls "The Great *******"), decides to take to the road like a modern-day Woody Guthrie to sing his songs and search for the "better angels" of America.  Previews are available on CreateSpace. Please check them out, and give the book a read if you're so inclined.


I'd like to ask the "golden question," which is: now that I've published through CreateSpace and have harangued friends and family into buying my book and posting reviews on Amazon, what next?  How does one snag the attention of the wider reading world out there?  I can certainly self-promote the book on a local level, but are there any strategies (beyond establishing blobs, a website, a Facebook presence, etc) that seem to open doors for anybody?  I understand there's no "magic bullet" for marketing, just looking for options. 

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My First Audiobook

Posted by nice May 22, 2014

Poetry: Mirrors of Fallen Stones (Volume 5)

by Vanessa M Chattman


This book is currently in production.

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A Tale of a Diseased Journey

Posted by McNonwuun Apr 24, 2014

Inspired from a chapter from my recently published novel series. "Hills Of Exile"


The lurid sun shone on the empty shore. The lady of the sea just bid farewell to her lover, traveling to the new world. If fate had brought them together she would see him again, but everything in her body refused to believe that. The journey was months on end and tales of those who returned was nothing far from a torturous and diseased ride. First one was stricken with a vile malady that caused dysentery and then one vomited continuously until all that came out alas, was blood and slime. If none of these took them to the grave, mosquitoes bit them and brought malaria and that was a quick death. They quivered with fever and the taste of their mouths was bitter and dry. Sometimes the fishes of the sea were fed with their dead brothers by the time they return. Standing by the sea now all of theses stories became vivid to her, but her lover was already at sea heading for the new world.

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Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

In Hills of Exile by McNonwuun, we meet Isaac Kline. He was a promising bio-medical student when he was offered the opportunity to join a research team. Isaac was horrified when he realized he had helped to create the poison that would be used to destroy his own people. A short time later, Isaac received a letter from his father explaining that he was adopted. The Jewish people were being rounded up and taken to concentration camps. Isaac saw an opportunity to help what he would always consider his people. His plan was to join the German army and help some of the Jewish people, but his plan failed. He embraced his wife?s Christian faith and together they escaped Germany and traveled to North Africa where he became a Christian witness to the Zong people. The people were intolerant of the Christian faith; they were violent and barbaric. Despite the frequent beatings, Isaac knew this was his calling, to witness to the people of Zong.

Hills of Exile is a beautiful read. This is the first book in the Hills of Exile series. I wasn?t sure what to expect when I chose this book. The more I read, the more engrossed I became. McNonwuun is an amazing writer; he let this story tell itself. Even through the brutal scenes, McNonwuun kept the pace even and smooth. The descriptions were vivid but not overdone. Issac Kline was a great character. I liked him and Nora. They worked well together and I found it gratifying to watch their self-sacrificing manner. Hills of Exile has a strong Christian message. The ending was well done. I look forward to the next book in this series.

Read a Sample Today...

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.45.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.46.24 PM.png

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The Healing Melody

Posted by McNonwuun Jan 27, 2014

In my recently published book, "Hills Of Exile," the last few chapters tells the importance of a good musical melody. In the bible, David sang to Saul to help him deal with his malady. In this book the protagonist Isaac Kline was beaten and left for dead. The echo of a poetic melody from a beautiful lady voice not only gave him a mild erection, but her voice was so soothing that he arose from his healing bed. That chapter is one of my favorite because I always feel the same way whenever I hear a good melody, whether I am down, sick or nor up for the task.



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An Experience...The Review

Posted by McNonwuun Jan 7, 2014

Hills of Exile is the work of a potent imagination bred from eyes that have seen too much and a heart ever expanding. This is the beginning of a fine career, one we’ll all be wise to follow.”


                  --Thomas Cobb, author of With Blood in Their Eyes





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