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Why I am not depressed that my book is not moving

Posted by memoriea on Mar 16, 2011 10:42:01 AM

Distribution/ marking.


I have learned a few things about this publishing thing over the past few months.  Some of it the hard way but most of it from this community.


Anyway, my latest hard learned lesson:  Marketing does not do much good if people can't find your book.  Yes my book is listed on Amazon but you would have to be a very dedicated searcher to find it.  I am waiting for a shipment to get n the locale book store but I don't see that as my first line of sales.  What i need to do is get a web site up.  I just can't afford the $200.00 for web hosting that most people seem to be asking for. I am trying to do this with as little financial investment as possible.  So far I have spent $69.00 on proofs and pro plan which seems a good deal to me.  I know I am going to have to spend more on copies to send out for reviews and ink and paper for marketing materials.  I keep telling myself this is a learning curve and the next book will benefit from all this ground work.


To Do

1) Get a book to B&N for reading next month

2) Get a web site up and going

3) Send out query letters for book reviews with PDF preview

4) Create and print two sets of postcard and bookmark: one for the public which directs them to the web site and one for book buyers that list their options.

5) Book school readings by sending query email to districts

6) Book readings at local churches for Easter by going into rectory


That should be a good start and give me capitol to invest in more marketing


Mar 16, 2011 10:54 AM Ricocrossfire    says:



You can start with a free web site that charges nothing, if you don't mind the advertising. I use Last year I bought my own domain for $65.00 after using the website free for a while. I am very happy with it and you can turn the templates to your liking with a little practice.


I can also suggest when you post add in your links to your book especially in your email signature. promoting takes time and alot of effort, so hang in there...Good luck..



Mar 16, 2011 10:57 AM walton    says:

Godaddy offers economy hosting at around $50/year. 


Google offers free blogging:

If you've never made a blogspot it will take a few hours. But you will have a "site" where you an do almost everything you could do on your own website, for free!  The templates are good. You can get widgets that you install, to sell your book.  You can't beat free and you can't beat the qualtiy.  You don't have to know anything about writing code.


In addition to what you listed, have something online.



Mechanics & Punctuation free, 20 page guide to everything punctuation Build Your Book free 98 page guide to designing your book Contact for graphics, design, and typesetting help  GIMP tutorials, GIMP, GIMP Help, excerpts from GIMP Supremacy

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