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Is createspace a fake??????

Posted by littlemiss Sep 3, 2018

I have published 2 of my books through createspace and they appeared on Amazon. As I have never received a single Penny for them,

I decided that I wish them removed from all channels. Though I informed createspace about my wish, one of my books still shows available on Amazon. I asked createspace why they did not follow my instructions, createspace said that third parties who have purchased the book are

entitled to sell the copies they have. No I am even more surprised, because as I said, I did NOT RECEIVE 1 PENNY!!!!! So, who earned when copies of MY book were sold????????Is createspace a fake???????

I wish that to be cleared immediately or I will talk to my lawyer as someone must have cheated on me by selling my books and not give me royalties!!!!!

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Order was not refunded

Posted by Selbander May 14, 2018

In January 2018 I ordered 10 copies of my book to be delivered to an address in Brazil and I was charged for this order. The books never arrived the destination and on the site of "my purchases" there is a note "This order was refunded", but I never received cash back. I already sent a message to createspace, but didn't get an answer. What to do now?

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I have 3 books I have made through CreateSpace.

The 1st one I made 4 years ago printed at a very high quality with every order.


Since then, with my last two books,

Almost every other order is completely, messed up, with cuts on the cover, chopped off edges of the book. Alignment issues inside the book.

Even though Amazon will send you new books, it's extremely disappointing to have to reorder half of all books I order, because their printing process has gotten so sloppy.


I'm currently looking for another online printing option, with higher quality, if you all in the forum could recommend one, that would be great.


My Best,



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Blog module

Posted by searaoracle Dec 19, 2017

Blog module is an advanced and flexible Prestashop blog module which brings all essential features of a blog to your Prestashop website. This Prestashop blog module is fully optimized for SEO and implemented with Ajax


  • Blog module - All in one package blog provide the best blog solutions for your Prestashop website. As the meaning of its name, this Prestashop module includes everything you need to build a professional blog for your Prestashop store.
  • Blog module - All in one package blog includes all major features of a blog such as: blog posts, blog categories, blog comments (with security captcha protection), stunning image gallery, beautiful image slider, latest news, featured posts, most popular posts, posts by author, blog likes, rating and reviews... (all in one package)
  • Blog module - All in one package blog comes with a powerful backend panel which is carefully designed to bring the most comfortable experience when you manage the content of your blog (add or edit blog posts, categories, slider, gallery or make configuration...). This backend is fully implemented with Ajax which helps you quickly do what you want in the backend (your backend is not reloaded when you update a post, add a new category... This is an amazing feature!)
  • SEO optimiz ation:SEO is one of the most important thing of this Prestashop blog module, SEO is carefully checked to ensure your blog posts can easily reach the first position on search engines (Google, bing...) for your SEO keywords
  • Flexibility: This Prestashop blog module is the most flexible Prestashop blog module, everything appears on the frontend can be managed from the backend. HTML, CSS and PHP code are also made with flexibility consideration so if you're a web developer you can easily customize the display of the blog the way you want or extends its features
  • RTL mode: if your store is based in countries with RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac... This module is for you! We have taken a lot of care on making the frontend of the module to fully support RTL languages
  • Multi language support: This module is completely integrated with default Prestashop multi language feature. Parts of the the front end are already ready translated into all the major languages in the worlds such as English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic..., You can easily translate everything from the back office




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I've retired a number of titles published through my account, but it recently occured to me that Createspace offers the ability to bring them back into regular distribution, indicating that they're storing copies of these retired titles but not distributing them to the public. Does Createspace have the legal right to keep files of retired titles for possible republication? Is there a way to have books completely removed from Createspace altogether so that they're not just retired, but also no longer being stored by the website? I'm no expert on copyright law but does the author have all the distribution rights, including the right to have retired titles completely removed from Createspace's servers/databases or wherever they keep all these books? Or does Createspace have the right to save and hold onto any retired book they want?

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I am publishing in the USA and Mexico. Is it possible to set up an author page on .mx?


Can I have two accounts for the roayty payments-one from USA and one from Mexico?

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Advice Please: I have uploaded my new book to all distribution channels, and it is available on every one except This is frustrating as I am based in the UK and is my prime audience. Technical Support are apparently looking into this problem, but it is taking forever, and the publication date is looming. I tried to list the book on Ingram Spark as well (thinking that it would list on through their distribution channels) but they advised that it is not possible to list the same book on CreateSpace and Ingram Spark at the same time (despite online forums saying otherwise). My question is, does anyone have their book available on CreateSpace and also on another provider (like Lulu or similar)? What is the best UK platform for POD distribution online other than CreateSpace, that will list on Please help - I'm getting desparate here...

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Hi there, I wondered if anybody can please help me with some info on Createspace turnaround time. From the point of uploading my files, how long should I expect it to take for the book to be available to buy on Amazon? Ingram Spark take 14 days, and I wondered if Createspace is the same? I read today that Lulu is MUCH faster. Taking only 4-5 days max, to get the book sent out for proof reading, and then listed on Amazon. This sounds wonderful to me. But so far, it looks like the Ingram royalty is much higher than Create Space and Lulu. I'd hugely appreciate any answers on the turnaround time at Createspace please... (if anybody knows much about the Createspace/ Ingram royalty comparrison, that'd be wonderful and really appreciated too). Thank you in advance X

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Distribute elsewhere?

Posted by Slingo Jun 12, 2016

I self published my first book on Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle last year.  Now I am looking to expand to other distribution methods.

1)  Do I have to sign up for EDC (assuming I do)

2)  Can I then offer my hard copies or ebooks to any other distributors?  Such as Smashwords or Bargain Booksy?

Do I need any special permission?

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It would be most helpful to know who is purchasing our new Journal.  At a minimum we would like to know the locations they are being sent.  Is it possible to receive this type of information regarding sales on CreateSpace or Amazon websites?  If so, please provide information where it may be found.  Thanks.

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