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thestoryguy How do I retire/unpublish a book? 80 2 20 hours ago by thestoryguy
Smookie Prices on and 77 0 3 days ago by Smookie
Riddlemethis Delivery time 79 2 4 days ago by Riddlemethis
a-h-k USPS tracking number scans 471 1 1 week ago by
HiYoSilver Colleges & Universities 781 7 1 week ago by leighpod
GoMePub Ordering proof for friends 104 2 1 week ago by GoMePub
FPZed Price discrepency for 249 5 1 week ago by Oreohelix
eventhorizon publish a copy on demand - Ingramspark 148 2 1 week ago by eventhorizon
.mau. What steps are necessary for removing a book? 101 2 1 week ago by .mau.
ketanco Search ranking for new books 186 4 1 week ago by Oreohelix
vincefont Criteria for expanded distribution to B&N, Powell's, etc. 90 0 2 weeks ago by vincefont
ketanco Expanded distribution - making change later 63 0 2 weeks ago by ketanco
StevenMNedeau IMO The Createspace estore is a scam. 677 10 2 weeks ago by Dan_Medium
polishingpeanuts Posting author copies to multiple addresses 225 3 2 weeks ago by KikayonPub
Rommi Pricing with both KDP and createspace? 124 0 4 weeks ago by Rommi
GypsyNerd The price on Amazon is higher than the price I set in Createspace 180 3 4 weeks ago by Maaku
Pennycat Is there a way to find out how many books Amazon has in stock for a title? 216 2 1 month ago by danwiz
brenchris Are your books in both paperback and Eformat? 317 2 1 month ago by R.C.
jeffreyallendavis Setting a Release Date 171 2 1 month ago by R.C.
DeeN2017 Canadian Authors with CS. How long did it take to get your book on, with Expanded Distribution? 267 6 1 month ago by BooksAndMore
DeeN2017 What is the easiest way to distribute to India? 161 1 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
DeeN2017 How to add more categories to my book? 134 1 1 month ago by Seisa
lilyleaf Random Sales Tax Applied 137 0 1 month ago by lilyleaf
PoetNick Nielson and Createspace assigned ISBN's 221 2 1 month ago by PoetNick
RickorNanci Ordering author copies 985 14 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
Koolaide How do I get my paperback book listed in Amazon categories that are not listed on Createspace? 197 1 1 month ago by Seisa
Alexu Cant find a specific catagory as an option for my book. 183 2 1 month ago by Alexu
Smookie Which first: CS or IngramSpark? 630 9 1 month ago by Smookie
Bill-in-Colo New First-day CS Book has 3rd Party Sellers in Marketplace? 244 3 1 month ago by R.C.
2Chance Create space coupon codes 395 3 1 month ago by Seisa