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You've probably heard the phrase that ''think positive and you can be what you want.''  Well, I feel positive thinkiing only can't make me a best seller in digital marketing. Of course, it can't make me the best surgeon or boxing champion. Setting goals and motivation can help but relying only on positive thinking is not the best practice. It sure can't help you do anything but it can help you do everything.

As a writer, I've read many articles online related to book marketing. Some authors feel discouraged when they realize nobody is buying their published books. Well thanks to NanoWtdrlimo and Createspace published tutorials on channels for marketing books. it helped me.


Though, I haven't sold a single copy of my published books online but  trying offline marketing proved otherwise. Oh dear, I felt good when a local bookshop accepted titles of my book and after three months it was sold.


The ideal thing is to repeat the process that is to say, market online, social media and offline. Market your books in your community bookshops. Your target audience could be offline waiting for you. You'll be surprised at the result.



All the best  to you!

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Pou APK Mod

Posted by tutuapp Feb 9, 2018

Amazon is a well known, reputable brand that you can easily navigate using your phone or computer. You don't have to pay for the same app when you want to install it into your other devices.Pou APK Mod

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I just finished writing my very first book and are having it published on createspace. I was wondering what all I could do to market it.

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Increased Sales, God's Way!

Posted by Keatts Sep 29, 2015

I once was employed by a company that had relations with Costco Wholesale Stores across the United States. No one expects very much from you on your first day at work. As a sales advisor my job was to promote and demonstrate. On my first day I sold approximately 85 boxes of a nutritional product. On my first day I had the highest sales!


One day I sat at my desk at home and just jotted down 10 key principles for increased sales. Now, I never knew back then that I would ever write a book that was based on those principles. Anyone can hit a good day. But can you do it everyday?

People often remark how they would like a promotion someday. This book is about being promoted the next day!


In my new book I will teach you principles that work! This book is not about some new insight that I have stumbled upon. These are principles as old as dirt but for the most part have been ignored. I'm excited about this book. Increased Sales, God's Way is a 32 page book that can be read in 45 minutes. This is a study book to teach you how to increase and to stay increased!


  -L.M. Keatts, Author

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Best Internet Based Businesses

Posted by Maluth Sep 29, 2015

In my previous post titled, "Sep Up Online Business Account ", I made it clear that, to get started online, you need to know who you are. For a quick help on this, check the Getting Started Page.IMG00133

The first thing that you need to know before you think of starting your internet based business is finding yourself. Daniel Ohide said, "In order for you to find yourself, you must first get lost", and I found this to hold water.

Who Are You?

As usual, we are asking this same question again, "Who are you"? Unless you discover the real you (Check out the book at your right hand side), you will find it hard to get started online. Knowing the real you, means discovering who you are naturally.

To me, we humans, we are both physical and spiritual. What? YES! You have read it correctly. We are made of two things---Hardware and Software. We don't have to believe this in order for it to be real. It has nothing to do with religion either.

Finding the real you is important, because it is only then that you will begin to know who you REALLY are! Because I accept the fact that I am a physical person, I need physical food to grow and stay healthy. Because I also accept that I am spiritual, I also need spiritual food in order to grow and remain healthy spiritually---Software updates!IMG00128

You see the point?

Chip Ingram said, "We become what we eat physically", and this is 100% true. We also become what we eat spiritually, or you can call it 'what we eat mentally'. So, whatever you accept to be true about you, will be who you are! If you believe or accept the fact that you cannot create a website, then there you are! But if you are sure you can do it, then nothing will stop you from doing it now.

What Do You Love Doing?

Next, what do you love doing? I mean, we work for different reasons---money, food, cloths and other issues. We work because of something outside us, and I call this an external force. Check out The Author's Experience for more info on this issue.IMG00191

Sometimes we are not sure of what we love doing. Think of what you find yourself doing with leisure. It may be something simple. It can be swimming, running, fishing, walking around to see the natural world, or playing games. You can turn that into a full-time job!

If you are not sure, ask your close friends about your talents and gifts, and they will be able to tell you. You can also ask your parents, guardian, or whoever you think can help you find your talents. However, you are the best person to know what you like and what you don't.

Best Internet Based Businesses

Here, I will show some of the best internet based businesses that you can do at home, or as you travel. However, there is no money for free, or else I will be teaching you to be a thief. Even stealing has to be done with care, because it is deadly, right? So, bear in mind that any success requires work. That is why you need to know what you love, since you can't just do anything and succeed.

Freelancing Businesses---Here I mean being a writer. If you love this, it will not take you long to write great articles either for yourself or for others. People need a quality content, and if you can provide it, they pay you for that. There are many places online to either write and publish your writings, or write for others.

  • Amazon Kindle Direct

Affiliate Businesses---There are so many affiliate businesses today online. Amazon Associate, Payoneer Affiliate, Commission Junction, Internet Download Manager, IObit, SFI and Wealthy Affiliate are just a few of these programs. You promote products and services and you get paid when someone purchases them. There are many illegitimate ways of many money online, but you are on your own if you use them! Beware of getting free scams online. Read product reviews from people who have used the products. Check out my reviews for the products and services I use below. There are reviews about: Payoneer MasterCard, Wealthy Affiliate Program, IObit ASC, and IObit Malware Fighter, and more are coming soon.


Well done, and thanks for reading. In this post, you have read about the importance of knowing who you are. You know who you are, and what you love doing. You have seen some legitimate programs that you may like to use based on your likes and dislikes. Now, it is your time to take action.

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HDIFF this past weekend

Posted by Seal May 27, 2014

I worked the High Desert International Film Festival here in Pahrump this last weekend and had a unique opportunity to meet, greet, and party with film makers, producers, stars and writers. Also in attendance were Ann Serling (As I Knew Him) and Sophie Tweed-Simmons. In addition I slipped 60 copies of my book A Very Tubby Christmas into the swag bags given out to the film makers and VIPs. Now I am just waiting for feedback from the many I talked with.


And finally, on Saturday morning I hosted a Flash Fiction contest.  I gave them 3 articles they had to included in their stories and 15 minutes to write it. Amazing how someone who has lives in Calgary and another in New Zealand were able to come up with a story that fit "a toothpick, a snow shovel, and a Yucca Tree when they only have the slightest idea what the heck a Yucca is.


All in all, Dorothy and I enjoyed ourselves, as did the filmmakers, etc.



A retired porn star fights political corruption, intrigue and murder in...

Not Much of a Crime - 2013 ABNA Quarter Finalist

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Offline Marketing

Posted by juls1023 Apr 7, 2014

Hello, though I have published several books through Createspace, I have just finally found time to begin offline Marketing..I have read blogs and other articles that have been of tremendous help. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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TV 4 U ?

Posted by FreeNewPower Nov 30, 2013

I've been publishing my books with CreatSpace for years, and promote a lot on TV.


If you want to get TV publcity for your books, check out Celebrity Launchpad at


The average attendees at this workshop are getting more than 7 TV appearances booked in 1 weekend.

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Hi everyone I'm looking for artists to help and collaborate with.My interests, are books, movies,

and always on the look out, for original material that is interesting, and sell

My goal eventually is to set up a talent agency to help people with disabillities break into

The entertainment industry.i have mild cerebral palsy, but 'm blessed that I've been given the

ability to create art.And want to give back to others like me someday.By passing along my experiences.

If anyone is Intrested let me know

Thanks for reading

Nate troxel

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Why swap reviews when

Posted by Seal Jul 23, 2013

you can swap book sales? The only reviews that hold any weight with me are reviews by individuals who have bought the book, paperback or Kindle, and have given an honest opinion of the book. I don't care if the individual is a friend, relative, or stranger - if they put out their money, then they have the right to make a review, good, bad or indifferent.


Swapping reviews by trading ebooks or print books, just doesn't hold water with me. Buy my book and I will buy yours. Give me your book and I will give you a review, but without the "verified purchase" label it just sounds as if I am there stroking your ego in an effort to make it look as if your book may be better than it really is.





A retired porn star takes on city hall in...

Not Much of a Crime - 2013 ABNA Quarter Finalist

Kindle 99¢ Ends Friday July 26.

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