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greagybss movies this week released 30 0 1 day ago by greagybss
GoffBooks Promoting Ideas for my book? 496 1 1 week ago by Dragonfly66
thestoryguy Who knows the skinny on getting your book in bookstores? 336 5 1 week ago by Dragonfly66
Philippe_ Swapping reviews 620 5 1 month ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Philippe_ Let's swap reviews of each other's books 151 0 1 month ago by Philippe_
coffeewriter Getting a book into the brick and mortar Amazon store 866 12 2 months ago by coffeewriter
4Mom2C Newbie author seeking wisdom and direction 681 2 3 months ago by 4Mom2C
FelixC Anyone have luck going on a digital or local radio station? Other ideas inside. 441 2 3 months ago by FelixC
DougBrunell Thoughts on this deeply appreciated 744 4 4 months ago by DougBrunell
Pandi Self-publishing and Awards 826 6 4 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
GoffBooks Can I sale to other book retailers? 792 4 4 months ago by lipmag
Hunyah24 How do I find my payment numbers and publishers to sell my books 518 3 4 months ago by Oreohelix
johnbooth Printing 549 1 5 months ago by Seisa
Barb04 New indie-author bookstore opening and in need of books! 1,309 8 5 months ago by Barb04
clebzz a motivation speaker 692 1 7 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Gnomehome Mailing Signed Books 1,224 10 7 months ago by Gnomehome
Travelwithliz Getting around "Non-returnable item" in bookstores 1,222 4 8 months ago by Lighthouse24
Life-Long-Learner Resource-Miami Dade Community College Book fair 744 0 10 months ago by Life-Long-Learner
Nico14 Cover book 918 1 11 months ago by Parleremo
banner44 Scared To Death and need advice 1,606 5 11 months ago by tinyjose
MasterLaster Can I share my personal sales commission with others who help sell my books? 1,421 6 11 months ago by tysontom
lazlo Simplest way to get more sales 2,255 9 11 months ago by templewms
Merseywriter Listing Your Book In Waterstones 1,577 6 1 year ago by lazlo
Newt0811 first book signing 1,509 3 1 year ago by Lorem_Ipsum
LADYJLB New Book and writer. 982 1 1 year ago by danwiz
MasterLaster Can I Sell my own books with my own creative way? 1,298 2 1 year ago by danwiz
knoripuwo9 How best can I promote my blog? 1,111 0 1 year ago by knoripuwo9
Alex_Mel looking for a manager to 1,239 0 1 year ago by Alex_Mel
TheKosherCouponLady Library Book Signing - What should I do at the event? 2,864 3 1 year ago by anno
anno AnnO 1,249 2 1 year ago by anno