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Instagram Shopping slider

Posted by searaoracle Jan 16, 2018

This PrestaShop Instagram feed module help you to integrate your Instagram photos to your Prestashop website easily, make your Prestashop website more beautiful with Instagram photos, attract more customers and sales to your website


Instagram Shopping slider - Prestashop Instagram feed module includes a large number of options that help you to quickly display a nice Instagram photo gallery block on your website in different positions and customize it your way

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Synchronize your shop’s emails with Mailchimp automatically! Automatic PrestaShop Mailchimp Sync is an advanced Prestashop Mailchimp synchronization module which can help you quickly categorize your customers into customer groups synchronized with MailChimp.


  • Auto synchronization: by setting up a cronjob, you can be peaceful in mind that all your customer emails have been synchronized with your MailChimp account automatically every day
  • Manual synchronization: besides auto synchronization, you can also manually synchronize your mailing lists with your MailChimp account via module backend, you can synchronize all mailing lists at ONE time or synchronize each mailing list separately.
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Regardless of size, all businesses in this digital age need to understand the importance of branding. With technology has come immense competition and new opportunities to scale especially for small businesses. Branding leveraging on these platforms is essential for small businesses because they have access to a larger market.

Branding is how you market yourself to your target audience while your brand is what other people think of your products. It should not be left to chance since for as long as a business is in operation, various stakeholders are already forming opinions about the business. The business, therefore, has a responsibility to shape the opinions they desire to be formed by customers. Here I will comment key elements for building a brand include.

1. Identify your niche

It is essential for a small business with an intention to develop a brand to identify a niche either based on specialized market knowledge or market surveys. The brand is thereby built around areas ignored by competitors or potential opportunities best suited for your business. Identifying the right customers and providing them with solutions suited for them will enable your brand to grow on a bedrock of success.

2. Unique identity

Every small business person seeking to be successful has to differentiate his/her products from the competition. A company like Checkthem which offers unique services for background check (people search, contact information, criminal records, phone number history, addresses, professional verifications, licenses, marriage/divorce records) has the ability to portray the image of innovation to the customers hence differentiating itself from the competition. The services have the ability to tell their own stories. It is crucial therefore as a small business to decide what image you desire portrayed to customers and be authentic and engaging as you build that image.

3. Strong social media presence

Social media provides small businesses with an opportunity to interact more closely with customers. With potential users constantly seeking access to information on these platforms about services, a strong social media presence is a basic requirement for any small business. A small business building its brand leveraging on social media should recognize and tap into the fact that as their potential customers make a purchasing decision, they are influenced by various conversations they have with various circles of people. When it goes to some innovative and interesting services like background checker for future job applicants, family members or acquaintances people are more tend to share to their own social media. How a small business taps into the ecosystem is essential since just advertising on these platforms won't build the popularity of the brand.


4. Consistency

In order for your customers to easily spot you, your brand needs consistent presence. This means that your advertising should convey the same message, your branding should be professional and you should use the same visual brand for your company logo, color scheme, and style so that you keep looking familiar to your customers.

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SEO module is a powerful Prestashop SEO module, It helps you automatically generate optimized SEO tags, displays your page SEO status which is very important to help your website pages reach top #1 Google, Bing, Yahoo...

What this product does for you


TrafficOptimize natural search (SEO) on all search engines


SEO  module can help you generate SEO tags for all your page automatically this help you save a lot of time.


It gives SEO status for all your pages and helps you easily edit SEO tags for specific pages from the backend.

You can also define SEO tag rules (SEO tag templates) for specific pages.




  • Generate SEO tags automatically
  • Generate SEO tags manually
  • Manually edit SEO tags, friendly URL...
  • Check SEO status for all your pages
  • Define SEO tags rules
  • And many more great features


Support and update

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.


For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.


What your customer will like

Easily search for your website on the search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo...


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My Book on Christmas Traditions!

Posted by MikeF Dec 8, 2017

The Christmas tradition! Facts, traditions, and customs about the Annunciation, the Nativity, Christmas Day, Christmas decorations, Christmas songs and performances, the Christmas tree, St. Nicholas, Christmas cards, Christmas meals, and much more!

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I figured out how much a book cost on createspace and it came out to be $6.45 including color.  I put the book through and now I can't ask for any less then $10.20 Why?

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Hide titles I've seen

Posted by Sagyo11 Aug 29, 2017
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New poetry book

Posted by Writer2016 Aug 11, 2017

Check out The Power if Words and Emotionally Challenged.  Great poetry books. Available on kindle, barnes and, and here createspace.  Very deep poems. I speak from experience only and will have you wanting more.

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The cover of this book is perhaps more important than the content itself. This is because sometimes people just pass over a book with an ugly cover without caring about the content because it looks so banal and unappealing that nobody wants to waste their time reading a snooze-fest in today's day and age. It is often said "Don't judge a book by its cover, " but that's what we actually do most of the time. Before we buy a book and read it, we first get the information about it through a cover and the brief at the end of the book. When walking around in a bookstore, searching for a good read, most of us pay more attention to the book's cover. Below are few things I like about the “Lady Laughing” book cover;

Bold and Readable Author’s Name and Title


The author’s name is bold and readable, as this will catch a buyer’s attention from far away. The title is likewise impressive and eye catching. This is a good general rule for most book covers. This is especially important if you ever plan on having your book on the shelf of a bookstore. The cover is also recognizable as a thumbnail picture.


The Designer Understood the Book


A script cover designer really did understand the book as this actually helped him to make that important and interesting cover. The book cover design made the right sense as it doesn’t look like a book cover design that will mislead we readers by mysterious and unfathomable design. The theme and characters of the design matched my expectation.


The Message was Passed Across More Effectively


If the book cover is loaded with details and pictures, the target audience might not be able to know what you are trying to convey and might even find the title of the book hard to read from a distance and so might just lose interest and move on. However, this book cover design isn’t loaded with pictures and details, and I found the title and author’s name very easy to locate and read. This is the reason many books cover nowadays follow a minimalist approach as it is easier for a person to read the title and also get to know the theme of the book.


I believe both the author and the book cover designer did work together in creating this great book having an excellent cover. Below is a link to check out for book cover design tips and ideas.

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Posted by Ngwele Apr 30, 2017

I am in the process of finishing a book.  Since it is a religious book about missionaries in North Korea 1920-1945, I know it may not be a "best seller."  Are there any of you who have suggestions as to the best way to get the information out to the public? Thanks

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Review for Review ?

Posted by Mamamia1009 Jan 5, 2017

I would love to hear some feedback from strangers. In return I'll give you a review! My novel is Adult and erotica. Go check it out here


Leave yours link and I will do the same. Reviews are very important in marketing so lets help one another.


Thank you


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I did not do this one through CreateSpace, because of the complication with illustrations; but my other ones are, so I thought I would post this here:


This is amazing!  My book is listed under BASICALLY EVERY CATEGORY on Amazon!!!!  It shows up under:  Home & Kitchen, Beauty & Personal Care, Health, Household  Baby Care, Books, Automotive Parts & Accessories?, Everything Else (literally a category), Industrial & Scientific, Kindle Store, and Pet Supplies!  Haha… that’s so great!  EXPOSURE.


My publisher loved this book!


This is a 32-page, fully-illustrated (in color) children's storybook that teaches children the techniques to proper tooth brushing; written in rhyme to enhance memorization, this fun-to-read book will entice your child to brush his or her teeth and will build great oral hygiene habits that will last them a lifetime!


Dennel B. Tyon - Author/ Editor/ Illustrator

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I write this “Text Book” as a Layman’s Historical view of our distant Constitution.  I did it for those who want to become Americanized as Americans and then Citizens perhaps.  I know, to make this work, we need to restore the framework the Founders originally laid out.  They formed a Government into a single Confederation of States & an overlapping Federal Government: Both occupying, the same space.  One must remember, these Founders; a hundred or more-strong acquiesced to a simple principle: [These original thirteen (13) Governors, did then and still do now; hold the pinnacle of power:  They would never be asked to surrender it.]




I expanded my research to make sure I was correctly explaining the inner workings of the Constitution - What I found, reading the Federalist Papers, as you will see; is devastating!  We have been smothered it, with Ancient Socialisms.   Idealistic ‘crap’ [I need to find a better word here?]  They have molded us to follow a different path; one of self-destruction using the old Socialistic dogma; that kills every one’s initiative to help others.   Dictatorial Democracies Universal Tragedies all over again, one that no Government has ever survived.  We are a “Socialized Democratic Dictatorship.”  Look to the one most recent, that collapsed in its own waste; as Adolph Hitler took over Germany in the 1930’s.  Do you remember; my family certainly does?  I write this book because no one today, seems to care!  We need to replace all these Imposing Treasonous Characters, just to survive!  Returning to what the Governors, envisioned.  



(1) Federal spending for Defense 'MUST be' at least 50% of all Federal Revenues Collected.  Both the People and the Supreme Court ignore this charge today!  The original 13 States of the Continental Congress of 1786 demanded; (It was a Deal Breaker for approving the Constitution.)  The method chosen to raise the funds … they insisted on “taxing consumables” all of this is written into the legers of the time.  The Order was issued to the writers of the Constitution.  Don’t worry about funding, we have that covered.  50% of all monies collected, WILL be spent on protecting this Nation.  Defense first, and building a fundamental federal infrastructure of - Roads, Bridges, Dams, and our Capitol City.   They already authored a “Consumption Tax” to provide the funds to operate the new Government.  “How” was the only drawback.  They worked out the new Federal Government’s Cost; with “pen and paper “can you imagine that problem; without a computer. [In your dreams.] It was to be written down; in the Continental Congress’ Records.  It meant the “Federal Government” would be forever small.  How is this, ‘forever’ missed, I ask?      We recently spent over 40 million dollars to automate that original method, by converting the total problem into a National Sales Tax, that was devised to cover all the current problems of Taxation.   Our Governors today; need only, by a majority vote to order it implemented to replace the current IRS method of Taxing.  [April 16, of 2017 would be a good timed to start.         



[[[One of the four corners, a Safeguard in the Constitution, ignored]]]



(2) The Governor will select a State Legislator; to be State Ambassador to the new Federal Government.  They will bring real knowledge of State’s Problems right into Federal Government’s Floor.    They will be called “Senators” working for your State Governor’s as they are coached, to advise the new President!  This, a Republican method, gives the President real insight about the General Population’s concerns.  It also gives your Governor a direct path back to the Presidential Office.  It raises the honor of our Governors to an enormous positioning, in the world, and places them closer to the inter-workings with the Federal Government.  We need to do this!



Your Senators connection to the State and the Federal Government, was severed; with the passing of the “Fake” 17th Amendment, that did absolutely nothing.   Your Governors [and the State] are now alone, is out in the cold.  It was with deliberate intent, these elitist Socialists of the day, they having recently read Carl Marx’s book, the Communists Manifesto.  Hypnotized the people – Loudly shouting, “We are a Democracy” repeatedly.  My fellow Citizens we were never to be a Democracy then and we are not supposed to be a Democracy today!  We are a Compound Interwoven Republican Confederacy; offering Protections to our Sovereign States! 



How did they accomplish this grand invasion was quite simple; they needed only to Destroy one’s ability to find the truth.   President Lincoln knew!  He, in fact read the Federalists papers. They killed him and remover the Federalists Papers from site; it was that simple.    It was written, “how to do” in the socialists Bible.  [the Communist       


Manifesto, recently published at the time.]    “Do this, then sit back and wait:”



Reading the 17th Amendment stops nothing, it simply gives us a second way to select to Senators.  Go read it!  So! What happened with the Supreme Court this issue?  My guess, they were all out of town; and no one brought it to their attention.  They “assumed” since, no one brought it to their attention, they just let it lay.  Congress was furious with them; for not acting, I guess?  Congress then passed a LAW some place; one of those 2 AM, every one’s asleep law’s.   We will no longer follow the Constitution’s words in Article one (1) Section (3) to select the Senators.  We will follow the better Socialists way written in the 17th Amendment.    [That was the Supreme Court’s second bite at the “Apple” and they were again, out of town.]         



[[[Second corner, “Safeguard” was simply pirated away]]]



(3) Electors are not ‘rubber stamps’; they may select the candidates of their choice.  The ballots; secret and individually sealed, by States, allowing Electors to select both Presidents.  The Electoral College; NO ONE understands, the how and Why?   There are two groups of “Sovereigns” (that word no one likes) First group are your Governors.  You know that part!  The second group, you missed; because our Socialists Driven Government Schools have cleverly eliminated that means of discovery.   [They Assassinated a President and hid the Socialists Papers.]    The second group of Sovereigns are you!  Citizens of these United States.   BOTH groups have a certain degree of cause, selecting the Presidents.  The founders made this happen also.  This process has simply been ignored by the States.   “THEY ASSUMED” the law of the Constitution, giving the States the duty to draw the District Lines, also allowed them to dictate how these Electors should vote.  [A Treasonous Assumption!]  Your State’s involvement concerning the Election of our Presidents, ends by drawing that district line, period!   This is a FEDERAL DISTRICT business, by federal employees only.  



The FOUNDERS (and who are they) The Governors of our States, these 13 men, using their own common sense to have both Sovereign Groups have consideration in this selection process.   Hum; 13 of them and 3 million Citizens, to equate into a meaningful compromise.  The Federal Districts have one representative, and two Senators… So; the Electoral College will have one Elector from each Federal District and two from each Governors selection.  That will make a suitable assembly of Citizens that will select our Presidents.  We will call this group of Honored Citizens the Electoral College; as (non-paid) Federal Employee’s.  Their instructions about the methods to cast their ballots, will be a Federal Procedure.   They will be selected at the time of our Congressional General Elections.   The Elector name will be on the Ballots; who they will vote for…no one will know!   If they run for that office; we would suppose they would let the people know for whom they are leaning; NEVER for whom they vote.    These are Federal employees, one would assume the have the same protections as supplied a Federal Grand Juror.  With their Selection from the General Population in November, one from each District; and then two from the State Legislators, by the Governor (on that same day) leaves little doubt for subversion, collusion or whatever to intercede; there Vote in December.  They just cannot vote for a sitting, nor recent Sovereign Governor.                




[Today we can most efficiently; using GMT do that.]  The ballots are never to be opened until they all reach Washington.  It’s not a STATE [winner take all function!]  It is not even a State function at all.  It is a Federally controlled Republican District Process –protected by the Federal Militarized Government.   Totally Ignored as being overly complicated.  It bothers me; that the people we elect to run the Government, think this way.  When the complexity of these numbers carries over into a third digit; it boggles their minds.  It is no wonder a ‘trillion dollars’ is meaningless to them, today. 



[[[Third corner of the Constitution, a completed Safeguard]]]



(4) The Constitution is our Corporate Charter.  Our Governors are the "Board of Directors".   Their Leader, will First meet with them as the President of these United States



The leader, our President will first meet with the Governors to work out “their plan” about how we will work with the world, for the following 4 years.  That first meeting sets the rules.   Governors never knew (why not), no one studied the Federalist Papers, I guess.  The Executive Branch of our Government is in the second tier - down, period!  The President is not alone at the TOP, period!  He’s not even in the Top Tier!  No one ever knew, nor even cared.  It was a “safeguard” to stop a hallucinating, radical, indignant, dictatorial, un-American treasonous person, from ever becoming President of these United States.   When this first (Closed Assembly) meeting with our Governors and Presidents is over, the meeting of the Minds, the rules set for the next four years.  The agreement between the Governors and the President over. The celebration begins:  the President becomes the Chairman of the Board.




[[[Fourth corner, the Safeguards now complete.]]]



Our Supreme Court, for these last one hundred (+) years, has not intervened into these original concepts; WHY NOT, I ask the Court; have you never read the Federalist Papers?  Are you afraid the people will see your real Socialists trappings?  This all can be fixed in a week or two and if we pass the fair tax along the way; then stop talking of injudicious social issues, and concentrate on complex political factors strengthening our defenses here on earth and out into the vastness of our own space frontiers – then onto the more distant alien space issues.  



WAKE UP PEOPLE!  This will allow the States to be Independent States once again!







Businesses will be able to repatriate their funds stuck overseas because of our high Taxes.  2017 will be as prosperous as the end of WW-II; all over again!

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I invite you to read unedited version of thoughts and feellings of Larissa traveling back and forth through the loss

and suffering she faced losing those she loved. Larissa shares her jouney to help you heal and survive the grief and heart ache.

Larissa goes through the journey of past and present, you will see how her mind was able to help her work through the grieving process.

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