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thank you for your time in reading my question.


i'm in the process of uploading my print ready .pdf version of book.


please can someone clarify?


once I have uploaded everything - then what?


do I have an option to choose how many books I want printed and sent to me?


or is it like once the book is uploaded and is on-line at amazon -

if a person buys it - they print one copy at a time and send it to the customer(s).


i'm just intrigued?


thanks again.



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One lucky reader will become a character in Ann Massey's next book

To  launch my new website, I'm giving one of my readers the chance to be  written into my next book,  how good is that? The winner's character  will be integral to the  storyline and likable, one of the few good guys  in Salvation Jane, an electrifying political thriller. In  addition, the winner will be  mentioned in the Acknowledgments and will  also receive a signed copy.


For your chance to WIN, visit Ann Massey's website for instructions on  how to enter and prize details. Your family and friends will be rapt.

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Hey, gang!  A sign up ahead reads: Warning!  Shameless Plug!"  Please give it a peep!




A Sudden Dominance of Shadows is a collection of short stories by author Wade Alan Steele.  Shadows sweeps the dark corners of the mind for the catches, barbwire, and hobgoblins that daily haunt our thoughts.  From small town Minnesota where the shadows of the forest hide a forbidden exploration and a deadly accident, to the Big Apple and its talking cockroaches and subway discomfort, Mr. Steele not only explores the scary things that make us human, but also the little glints of humanity that make us wondrous.  Shadows graphs our struggle to hold onto slippery sanity in the midst of life’s brutal maelstrom, and win or lose—no one is left untouched.






Thanks, CreateSpace family!

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Today Google Tomorrow...

Posted by memoriea Mar 5, 2011

Today Google tomorrow the world, well maybe not so much.


Today is a marketing day and it has been an interesting one.  With The Flower being my first book and this is my first marketing campaign, well I am doing everything a** backwards, but oh what fun I am having.


Today I spent the morning at the annual March into Reading ev3ent at Salve Regina.  They do a really nice job. Each year the students at Salve pick a theme and bring in children?s book writers and illustrators.  They have three lectures by the guest writes and book signings.  The Salve students do crafts with the children and theme appropriate guests are brought on.  Last year?s theme was centered on the ocean and the coast guard brought a rescue boat for the kids to explore and a video of a whale rescue, this year was farming and the local organic farm came with the cuties baby goats for the kids to play with.  Anyway, I remember sitting there listening to the guest writing and thinking I used to want to do that.  I guess that planed a seed because here I am doing it and next year I will be there on the other side of the table signing books.  Life is funny.


Right now I am trying to upload the PDF of my book to Google books partner program.  So far I don?t show up on Google searches at all.  Earlier today I put together a Google photo album of images from the book and last week I started a Google blog.  I feel like the kid on the playground no one seems to see and Google is the popular kid..  LOL


Tonight before I go to bed I have to finish the press release and tomorrow I need to spend some time adding to my list of people to send it to so it is all ready to go out Monday morning.  I also need to write my press kit query letter to send out to potential reviewers and, oh ya, grow my reviewer contact list while I am at it.  That is what I mean by a** backwards, most reviewers want an advance copy of the book at least three weeks before the release date.  I think I will press release it for an April first release date because the EDC won?t even be up until after then.


Thank you to all the posters here I would be so lost without all the info I have gleaned from you.   To those who reviewed my book, you were invaluable in shaping the final outcome.

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‘You can keep on knocking but you can’t come in -  is no longer true as the market is swamped by self-published books.  Droves of writers are bypassing publishing houses in favour of DIY. No  longer does an author wanting to self publish have to commit a large sum  of money upfront to buy thousands of copies of his title and then have  to sell them himself. One of the most welcome by-products of digital  technology has been the development of on-line publishers that offer  free publishing tools to assist aspiring writers to complete and sell  their work without having to spend a cent.

How does DIY affect publishersI

Ironically,  it is the excluders who are finding themselves excluded. Mainstream  publishers that would only consider work submitted by a literary agent,  the famous or, a relative of someone eminent in the literary industry,  are being bypassed by a new breed of  writers who refuse to slink away,  completely demoralized.  It’s true that independent  authors can’t  compete with mainstream publishers when it comes down to selling to book  chains but book shops are on the wane and on-line shopping is in  ascendancy and you don’t need a  sales/marketing /publicity department  or a huge budget to market on the net.

It has always been difficult for  self-published authors to be taken seriously by the literary reviewers,  snobbishness is alive and well in the media. But the media is small  bikkies compared to the world wide web. Savvy writers are writing blogs  or articles, joining book communities, forums and social networking to  market their books on the net and, the general public doesn’t give a  toss. The publisher doesn’t come into the equation when it comes to  buying a book.

What lies ahead

The  future doesn’t look good for publishers with sky rocketing printing  costs, decreasing numbers of retail outlets, escalation in on-line  shopping and acceptance by readers of e-books Competition from hordes of  independent authors who are prepared to take control of their own  destinies is just another nail in the coffin.

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The main vehicle for the movement of goods,services and information on this super hiway is contacts. I have created a potent product and is in the market for a credible partner harnessed with massive contacts for a lucrative venture.

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