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GRRRR! Smashwords!

Posted by Seal Aug 11, 2011

First of all, the error messages Smashwords sends out are, somehow, more useless than the generic error messages sent out by CS. Yesterday my file converted with only one failure. Then I get a message saying that the "autovetting" denied it for the iStore. So I go through and double check everything, resubmit it today and EVERY conversion failed!


I am ALMOST ready to spend some money and have someone teach me what I am doing wrong. But I will let other Smashword Veterans we have here try to help me figure it out first.





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The Five: Earth's Protectors

Posted by hulahoop Aug 3, 2011

I finished my first book and it is now for sale in Kindle Store. Good vs Evil has been the longest going battle in history and "The Five: Earth's Protectors" is a new twist to the fight. The Decivers came to earth to save themselves and to rule the planet, the protectors followed to try and help humans fend off the Decievers. I would love any feedback good and bad anyone may have.

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