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Regardless of size, all businesses in this digital age need to understand the importance of branding. With technology has come immense competition and new opportunities to scale especially for small businesses. Branding leveraging on these platforms is essential for small businesses because they have access to a larger market.

Branding is how you market yourself to your target audience while your brand is what other people think of your products. It should not be left to chance since for as long as a business is in operation, various stakeholders are already forming opinions about the business. The business, therefore, has a responsibility to shape the opinions they desire to be formed by customers. Here I will comment key elements for building a brand include.

1. Identify your niche

It is essential for a small business with an intention to develop a brand to identify a niche either based on specialized market knowledge or market surveys. The brand is thereby built around areas ignored by competitors or potential opportunities best suited for your business. Identifying the right customers and providing them with solutions suited for them will enable your brand to grow on a bedrock of success.

2. Unique identity

Every small business person seeking to be successful has to differentiate his/her products from the competition. A company like Checkthem which offers unique services for background check (people search, contact information, criminal records, phone number history, addresses, professional verifications, licenses, marriage/divorce records) has the ability to portray the image of innovation to the customers hence differentiating itself from the competition. The services have the ability to tell their own stories. It is crucial therefore as a small business to decide what image you desire portrayed to customers and be authentic and engaging as you build that image.

3. Strong social media presence

Social media provides small businesses with an opportunity to interact more closely with customers. With potential users constantly seeking access to information on these platforms about services, a strong social media presence is a basic requirement for any small business. A small business building its brand leveraging on social media should recognize and tap into the fact that as their potential customers make a purchasing decision, they are influenced by various conversations they have with various circles of people. When it goes to some innovative and interesting services like background checker for future job applicants, family members or acquaintances people are more tend to share to their own social media. How a small business taps into the ecosystem is essential since just advertising on these platforms won't build the popularity of the brand.


4. Consistency

In order for your customers to easily spot you, your brand needs consistent presence. This means that your advertising should convey the same message, your branding should be professional and you should use the same visual brand for your company logo, color scheme, and style so that you keep looking familiar to your customers.

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Review for Review ?

Posted by Mamamia1009 Jan 5, 2017

I would love to hear some feedback from strangers. In return I'll give you a review! My novel is Adult and erotica. Go check it out here


Leave yours link and I will do the same. Reviews are very important in marketing so lets help one another.


Thank you


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All Hallows Angel

Posted by Chellerenee Jul 30, 2016

  With all that is going on in our world today, we really need to find our "happy" again.

That is what my book is.  A feel-good romance that will warm the heart.  Read it and you won't be dissapointed.  You can find this title on createspace and amazon.  I hope you will enjoy it and let it warm your heartstrings.  Full of fun and excitement and the importance of family.

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Posted by KatzLibertybooks Jul 14, 2016



The book “MADiSINe” has no competition in today’s satirical writing arena. It is a happy marriage of truth and humor.


MADiSINe consists of 87 cartoons and more than 560 satirical aphorisms.


This book is a political battle with Obamacare, dedicated to the great man eternally alive, President Ronald Reagan.


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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Madam HELLary

Posted by KatzLibertybooks Jul 14, 2016

SoSialist Precedent


The book “Madam HELLary – Socialist Precedent” is absolutely unique in style.


It consists of 40 sharp satirical cartoons and close to 550 aphorisms.


Free radicals endanger our life.


By the way,  let us call them “ridicules.”


Why consider them Liberals if they don’t give a **** about  the liberty of the individual?

Why should we accept them  as Democrats if they are deaf  to the voice of the majority?

They consider themselves progressive  but the worst type of cancer is a progressive cancer.

It may be proper  to recognize them as leftists,  ideologically crippled  left-brainers.

Undoubtedly the smartest people in the world,  the most progressive, are the Democrats.

And the smartest of the smartest  are called the Establishment.

And the absolutely smartest of them become  Presidential candidates, like HELLary, who pass such ASSsense that no one in the world can compete with her.


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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The book “Rendezvous With Scorpions” is a documentary, accusatory act against Islamic-Fascism.


It contains diabolic mantras of world-leading jihads and satirical responses in the form of 50 destructive cartoons and 100 aphorisms.

“No prisoners!”


Readers will be shocked by satanic revelations from proponents of Islamization.


Massacre, betrayal and deception  are proven facts of jihads perception.


Long ago I stepped on the path of struggle with the idiotic ideas of Totalitarianism.


Now I have no intention of washing away the war paint.



Please read, buy, share and comment!

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KATZscan of Islam

Posted by KatzLibertybooks Jul 14, 2016

This book is a World's largest encyclopedia of insults against Islamic-Fascism.

Book “KATZscan of Islam” has no analogs. It consists of truthful scientific research of Quran and Hadith as well as 80 sharp cartoons, 600 aphorisms, barbs, jocks, satirical boomerang against hatred and medieval intolerance.


There is no explosion more dangerous than the explosion of truth.


All aphorisms and cartoons are my commandos armed with arrows of satire to fight the swine flu of Islamic-Fascism.


Dear Readers, I excavated an ancient military manual, no surprise it smells quite peculiar.


Islam is a war, Quran is not a peace, ISIS is a way to Apocalypse. God did not create me to be Moses, but he did create me to be Ilya Katz, God offered me a chance to be a fighter and I couldn’t turn it down.


In a fearful time, I try to be one of the fearless.I do not know how to use weapons. I am a religious man, but nobody can stop me from shooting satirical arrows into indecent creatures.


This book is my satirical fight against the rotten body of resurrected Islamic-Fascism.


Like cancer, which must be radically treated before it metastasizes; the roots of medieval evil must be pulled out before they sprout branches.


I am trying to disgrace, degrade and diminish overblown demonical  jihadists-cannibalism to the level of blood thirsty rats and cockroaches.


It is not recommended to look into the muzzle of the loaded gun, but try-open this book.


Please study my aphorisms and cartoons in daytime; it is too scary to do so at night.If we will not understand the urgency of our situation with the help of brains, later it will be too painful to do it with the other parts of the body.


Gloves off, America! Time to stand tall in defense of our values, our civilization and the future of our children.

“If not we, who else? If not now, then when?”


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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The Reality Show in the Twilight Zone


This book is a Trumbuster. It is the time to get tough against Trump's bluff.


Insults for every occasion against a person who detrimental to our nation!


My aphorisms and cartoons have extra acidity to contrast the sweet lies from Donald Trump.


Please review, read and share my newest book!

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Omeka Samuel-Andderson was born in Miami, Fl. She is married to Michael Anderson and she has four children. After graduating from high school, Omeka went to school for nursing. Having grown up with parents struggling with addiction, Omeka went on to be raised by her grandmother Alice. Because the disease of addiction was so prevalent in her family Omeka herself struggle with an addiction with pain killers which ultimately caused her to go through many trials in her life like prison, homelessness and loss of children. Through these trials Omeka begin to write poetry in which she expresses in her book Courage, Faith, Hope. She details her story and many other women story through this poetry. How they battle their demons, how they conquered those demons and what helped them in the process.

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I often run into writers who are good at what they do but they don't know how to promote themselves. They are passive in their marketing approach and just waiting for "their moment" when they will be discovered and earn the respect and recognition they deserve. While this may still be true in some cases but for majority of people out there, it is highly unlikely.


In order to be a successful writer, you have to promote your brand before you promote your work. This may sound a difficult concept to grasp but personal branding is the most important piece of the overall puzzle.


For those who are interested in promoting their personal brand through online marketing, here are few useful tips and tricks.


Content Marketing

In digital age, it is all about storytelling. Work on developing a compelling story about yourself, your background and what makes you who you are. Once you have the story, reach out to your close friends and family members to gather feedback. Once your story is refined, you should promote it online via display advertising(CPM), blogging and by writing content for third party websites. You may not get paid well for writing but it is the exposure that you're counting on.

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twiiter can provide tremendous exposure fairly quickly. Remember, social media is "pay-to-play" game and you'll need to advertise to get meaningful exposure but eventually your organic reach will grow exponentially.


Email Marketing

According to recent data published by Campaign Monitor, email marketing provides an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. If you're collecting email addresses from your website visitors or through any other offline channel, it is critical to put this information to good use. Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to market yourself.

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From author Michael Bronte:

Please check out my giveaways on Goodreads for all five of my Michael Bronte novels.  They are Lost Friday, The Tenth Caller, Porchball, The Dealership, and Presidential Risk.  Do a search on Michael Bronte and enter the giveaways for each individual book.  Giveaways open until Nov. 30.


Good luck, and check out my website for book descriptions and purchase information. .


Best to all,


Michael Bronte

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Goodreads Giveaway

Posted by IrumZahra Nov 11, 2015

Here is your chance to get Goodreads Poetry Semi Finalist book "Psychaotic'



A divine combination of Gothic and free verse Poetry and passages.

Here is what you have to do!


Vote for the Book on Goodreads Poetry section, and inbox the author with your email address!



You'll get an ebook in your email ASAP!



AAAAANNNNDD! If you win the giveaway, You'll get:

1. A signed Copy of Psychaotic

2. Beautiful Hand made Bookmark

3. A beautiful Keychain



Here is the giveaway link:

Email for more info :

Twitter: @IrumZahraWriter

Instagram: irum.zahra

Tumblr: irumzahrawriter




Good Luck!

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Beyond Sanity Publishing

Posted by IrumZahra Nov 9, 2015
Hey There!


I am Irum Zahra and I am proud to introduce myself as a person who depends on words to define feelings.

I really want to stay updated and connect with readers and writers here in Pakistan.

My first book, Psychaotic has sold over 500 copies worldwide and over 1000 ebook formats.

I am currently running a publishing company by the name of 'Beyond Sanity Publishing'
which is now accepting submissions for all genres. I have currently 6 projects up and running and I will sign 6 more writers in January.
I am looking for writers who are are searching for guidance and recognition.
My publishing company is presently providing Proofreading, editing, Formatting, Ebook conversion, ISBN allotment, Copyright, Reviews, Book photography, Paperback printing, Cover design and much more.

To know more, follow,

Here is my email:

I am HERE for ALL writers. Please let me know if you or someone you know needs a publisher who ca understand and guide instead of Exploiting the writer.



I love music, it is the cure to all frustrations. I primarily love rockand metal music but I tend to deviate often to orchestra and Alternative rock.
There are three things I love the most in the world:
Rain, Books and Coffee.So the best time for me to review YOUR book would be winters.        logo(Summers are cool too! ADD tea in it)

There is never enough detail you can know about a person.
Read more of their work, and you’ll know more about them.


Here are few more links you'd like to see:







"And then, I have nature and art and poetry and if that is not enough, what is enough?"

-Van Gogh

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World eyes

Posted by zjhellen Oct 10, 2015

Sunshine lights the whole world, flowers show a colorful world......It's FREE now. #freebook #reading #publishing

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