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my new book of poetry

Posted by odanamar Jun 17, 2016

Hello to all, 

My new book of poetry: the color of dreams.

poems of love...poems full of nostalgic.

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my new book

Posted by odanamar Mar 11, 2016



Since long, the Earth already not belonged only to humans, they now had to share with other against their will... the desire for a better planet took them to walk down the path of destruction, and those beings, who had arrived, it had taken over the planet. Humanity was under siege... the present fear, and anxiety about the future, afraid the hearts of those who inhabited the Earth. The prophecy was written, and ready to meet... just missing something... know the day, time, and the place where everything would end.

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Goodreads Giveaway

Posted by IrumZahra Nov 11, 2015

Here is your chance to get Goodreads Poetry Semi Finalist book "Psychaotic'



A divine combination of Gothic and free verse Poetry and passages.

Here is what you have to do!


Vote for the Book on Goodreads Poetry section, and inbox the author with your email address!



You'll get an ebook in your email ASAP!



AAAAANNNNDD! If you win the giveaway, You'll get:

1. A signed Copy of Psychaotic

2. Beautiful Hand made Bookmark

3. A beautiful Keychain



Here is the giveaway link:

Email for more info :

Twitter: @IrumZahraWriter

Instagram: irum.zahra

Tumblr: irumzahrawriter




Good Luck!

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Beyond Sanity Publishing

Posted by IrumZahra Nov 9, 2015
Hey There!


I am Irum Zahra and I am proud to introduce myself as a person who depends on words to define feelings.

I really want to stay updated and connect with readers and writers here in Pakistan.

My first book, Psychaotic has sold over 500 copies worldwide and over 1000 ebook formats.

I am currently running a publishing company by the name of 'Beyond Sanity Publishing'
which is now accepting submissions for all genres. I have currently 6 projects up and running and I will sign 6 more writers in January.
I am looking for writers who are are searching for guidance and recognition.
My publishing company is presently providing Proofreading, editing, Formatting, Ebook conversion, ISBN allotment, Copyright, Reviews, Book photography, Paperback printing, Cover design and much more.

To know more, follow,

Here is my email:

I am HERE for ALL writers. Please let me know if you or someone you know needs a publisher who ca understand and guide instead of Exploiting the writer.



I love music, it is the cure to all frustrations. I primarily love rockand metal music but I tend to deviate often to orchestra and Alternative rock.
There are three things I love the most in the world:
Rain, Books and Coffee.So the best time for me to review YOUR book would be winters.        logo(Summers are cool too! ADD tea in it)

There is never enough detail you can know about a person.
Read more of their work, and you’ll know more about them.


Here are few more links you'd like to see:







"And then, I have nature and art and poetry and if that is not enough, what is enough?"

-Van Gogh

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World eyes

Posted by zjhellen Oct 10, 2015

Sunshine lights the whole world, flowers show a colorful world......It's FREE now. #freebook #reading #publishing

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create space thumbnail.JPG


What an exciting opportunity!

I'm am pleased to present my third Christian book, Extravagant Love, Cultivating a Heart of Worship. I've had a small number of views this morning, and am interested in marketing ideas.

If you know of good possible, even probable ways to market this work, I'd love your input. Let me know of your own books if they are marketing related. You input is appreciated.

My Preview website is: Please take a look if you'd like. Your posted comments and review ratings are also very welcome.

Constructive criticism is also welcome.

Thanks, Marci

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99 Ways To Climax

Posted by LadyFickle Sep 12, 2015

I just published my first book on Kindle.

It's a draft.

It is in promotion - for free.


This book is a collection of fantasies, which resonate with what I consider to be sound human sexuality. It’s the stories of my heart.

Please check it if you love erotica!

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Posted by Ricky_Dee May 1, 2015

My very first novel. Currently working on a short story for publication in the New Yorker and a sequel for "Antithesis". I'm very excited for this piece, and it has been ten years in the making.



Antithesis...the American Dictionary of the English Language defines it  as: “Opposition of opinions; controversy.” Antithesis Theory, the  premise of this novel, is that two opposite principles cannot reside in  one being at the same time; however, the opposite principle will always  be potential.


Katherine is a middle aged award winning journalist for the  Manhattan Times, torn between her faith and career. She loves God, and  believes

that he will provides. Yet, she is torn inside from the absence of  her father whom she has never known. The pain she feels is directed  towards her faith, her career, and sleeping with random men who she  picks up along her day...Until she comes across a great exclusive with a  Professor Samson. A former priest banned from the church and

professor at Oxford University until his forced retirement 25 years  ago...has 6 months to live due to liver disease. Katherine is given

the exclusive and begins a journey which questions the true  existence of God, Heaven and ****. Through experiencing the lives of the

optimist and the pessimist, truth and untruths, love and lust, and  good and evil; Katherine finds herself in a world wind of questions  about herself, her beliefs, her career, and her future. The answers  remain irrelevant to Katherine; yet, it is the questions themselves that  gives Katherine the true gift handed to her...EMPOWERMENT.


The novel will leave readers questioning their own beliefs, lives,

and potentials. What side are you on?

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There’s no shortage of advice out there about how to best market your independently published book to new readers. Indeed, it sometimes seems like almost everyone has something to say on the subject.

So who do you believe? Who do you pay the closest attention to? And who, at the end of the day, really has it right?

With those same questions on my mind, I asked 18 of the internet’s biggest names in book marketing for their very best advice, and the results were surprising.

What I wound up with was true gold — the best of the best advice about making an indie book really take off, regardless of its genre.  The cream of the crop.

Below, you’ll find advice from bestselling authors, writing coaches, marketing gurus, as well as more than a few in-demand thought-leaders and super-popular bloggers.  As you might expect, no two pieces of advice are the same, yet each is a nugget of marketing genius you shouldn’t think of going without.

Follow this link to see advice from Joel Friedlander, Elizabeth Spann Craig, KM Weiland, and many more — your book sales will thank you :)

Let Me Know,
Mickie Kennedy

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The secret world of artists

Posted by TheArtist Feb 2, 2015

Here you can watch the booktrailer of my latest novel: The secret of th artists (El secreto de los artistas).


The novel is written in Spanish.


It´s a thriller about the secret world of the artists, with a catching plot full of surprising twists.


Book Description:


En la inauguración en París de la galería de arte Echoes, Alejandro Damasco, un pintor poco conocido, se dispone a saltar a las primeras páginas de todos los periódicos con una impactante presentación que dará la vuelta al mundo. La simulación planeada para lograr una gran repercusión mediática, comienza a convertirse en un suceso demasiado real, tras el que se ocultan los intereses de poderosas organizaciones. Damasco no es el único artista interesado en lograr la fama: el poeta Eric Verbot y otros creadores singulares, comprobarán que su excepcional talento y sus ambiciones de alcanzar reconocimiento, captan también la atención de los responsables de un proyecto ultra-secreto relacionado con la mente y la seguridad internacional, en el que se han invertido millones de dólares y años de investigación. ?El secreto de los artistas? no es sólo un thriller de argumento sorprendente y una trama que engancha desde el comienzo, sino también un inolvidable homenaje al fascinante mundo de la creación artística. Seis talentos geniales dispuestos a todo para lograr el reconocimiento y la fama, acabarán encontrando algo mucho más peligroso. ¿Cuál es el poder oculto que todos ellos comparten y ni siquiera sospechan?


Books by Luis Cano



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create space thumbnail.JPG

What an exciting opportunity!

I'm pleased to present my third Christian book, Extravagant Love, Cultivating a Heart of Worship.

If you have ideas for marketing this book, they would be greatly appreciated. Please leave a link to your book if it is marketing related. Internet marketing especially. My entire book will not be posted or sold for a few more months (I must complete links first).

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. I'd also LOVE a review or two. My Preview is at:



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Happy Halloween

Posted by macabre_hollow Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm currently writing my third short story and will have a publishing date sometime in the upcoming month. In the meantime I will post a preview of what I have so far later on today.


So tell me how are you guys celebrating Halloween?

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3 written seven novels. I have a few on amazon. Can anyone help me get sales. been told i.m a very gifted writer.i just can't get sales or afford marketing and promotion.

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Book Review: by Kakul Ehsan Butt

- See more at:


“Sixteen year old Hanifa is a girl that is forced to become a woman, when she finds herself forced into an abusive marriage. Not knowing where to turn for help, she experiences heartbreak and misery before escaping and finally falling for the man of her dreams. An investment banker with a bright future, Hanifa starts a family but soon finds herself and her family go through trials that would break the strongest of spirits. Hanifa refuses to give up and finds enlightenment through a spiritual man who reveals a new path to hope. Even in her darkest of days, the force of the human spirit sees its way through. A tale of strength, survival, and hope. “Million I.I Million” is a powerful testament to the endurance of the human spirit, ever fighting onwards and never giving up. Faith, indeed, is everything…” 


If you loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, you will love reading Million 1.1 Million The Bane Of My Life by Hanifa Danyal. This is Eat Pray Love for the Asian Women. In her book, Hanifa boldly breaks down the barriers of taboo as she touches on the nerves of Asian sensitivity on the subject of sex, marital rape, extra marital affair and criticism of parents who emotionally blackmailed her into marrying a man twice her age. 


Hanifa, now a woman in her thirties, has had to endure a painful journey that tested her will to live, from the day she was forced into an abusive marriage, to the crumbling family life in the latter years. Chronicling from the first impactful memory of her childhood to the present day, this book journeys through the highs and lows of Hanifa’s life; starting with a personal tragedy in her family. Hard to put down, this book is gritty, emotionally draining and sad and leaves you wondering how much does it take to break a human spirit. Though I disagree with some of the choices Hanifa had to make in her life, I have come to admire her strength and dignity in dealing with the tragic circumstances that befell on her. 


The touching aspect was the revelation of the true intent of this book. This made me question, if the world brought you to your knees, would you give up fighting or would you fight with everything that you have? Hanifa answers this question in her book. This is the book that has made me sincerely wish the writer to have her prayers answered. Hanifa Danyal is in trouble and it is only readers like us who could help her. We could help by buying this book on Amazon and spread the word to others. This book is her lifeline and her last fighting shot. Please share this blog and the link below, thank you. 


You can buy your copy on Amazon, Createspace or Kindle all around the world today. 


- See more at:

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