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For a long time, self-publishing was a hidden gem in the publishing industry.


But recently it has grown in popularity and has become a standard solution for many writers with publishing aspirations. Now, just about anybody, if they are driven and put in the work, has the opportunity to publish a book.



With this path becoming increasingly popular, more and more writers are wondering, ?How do you self-publish?? This blog aims to answer that question.



Here's your 10-minute guide to self-publishing



Edit Your Book

Your book is written, and it's time to take the next steps! In my opinion, the first step should be getting your book edited so you can finalize your manuscript. Before you publish your book, it is absolutely crucial to have your work professionally edited. Not just by your neighbor down the street who once taught English, but actually by a professional editor. Writing mistakes happen to the best of us, and you want to make sure you spot them before your readers do.


A book with mistakes, even if it's just a few, reflects poorly on the author. It can cause a poor review or prevent the reader from picking up other work from the author. Getting your work edited is essential. I know it can be scary to have your work critiqued, but the editor is not there to destroy your work, they are trying to help you! Trust me; it's well worth it. Even the best writers need an editor.


Create a Cover Design

We all know the saying, Don't judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that everyone does. The cover is what people first see when they are introduced to your book, so you need a killer cover to capture the reader's attention. Use colors, shapes, patterns, images, fonts, and other design aspects to visually portray the message of your book.


Keep in mind that for any images you use, you will need to obtain the rights for the photo. To use a picture from a professional photographer, you will need to purchase the rights to the image from them. There are also stock image sites like Adobe Stock andShutterstock that allow you to buy the rights to their images. And Pixabay has a large selection of stock images for free!


Register for an ISBN

ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a unique identification code for books and related products all over the world. Essentially it?s the social security number for books.


An ISBN must be assigned for each book format. So, if you have an eBook, a paperback, and a hardcover, you will need three different ISBNs. This will help you analyze the sales numbers to distinguish which products are performing best.


When you self-publish, you'?ll be required to purchase your ISBN and eBooks2go offers them for $29.99 per format.


Produce eBooks

After you prepare your book, it's time to produce it! An eBook conversion is an indie author?s best friend because it offers a cheap, simple, and flexible way to reach readers worldwide. The eBook conversion process requires you to convert your manuscript file into a format accepted by eReading devices so it can be properly displayed and easily read. There are two types of eBook files: Mobi and ePUB.


The Mobi file is used exclusively by Amazon Kindle devices, while the ePUB file is compatible with all other eReading devices. So, for someone to read your book on an Amazon Kindle, you?ll need a Mobi file. For someone to read it on other eReaders such as an iPad or Android device, you?ll need an ePUB file. 


Fortunately, you aren?t limited to choosing just one eBook file format. By using both an ePUB and Mobi eBook conversion, you can reach more readers in a cost-efficient manner.  


Print Books

With print books continuing to be the more popular choice for readers, it is essential for authors to offer their book in print alongside their eBook. Digital printing, often referred to as print-on-demand or POD, makes it possible for self-published authors to sell print books. Before print-on-demand, authors were forced to use something called offset printing to order large print runs, store the books themselves, and then distribute the books as they were sold. Now, with POD, a book is printed after it?s purchased.  This is ideal for new authors who can?t yet make an accurate projection of sales.


Offset printing is still a viable option for large print runs, but it comes with high initial costs, and most would only recommend it with high sales projections. New authors are typically better off using digital printing because you don?t have to pay up-front for books that may or may not sell. Here?s how print-on-demand works:


An order is placed for your book.

The retailer where the book was purchased notifies the printer.

The book is printed.

The book is delivered to the customer.


To offer print books using the print-on-demand process, you?ll need a POD distributor. They will print and distribute your books after a reader places an order across the various distribution outlets. With help from our printing partners, eBooks2go offers full POD services to fulfill all your publishing needs.


Price Your Book

With self-publishing, you maintain control over pricing your book. You get to decide just how much your book is worth. You?ll want to search through different online retailers to find books somewhat similar to yours. This will help you understand the industry price standard for books like yours so that you can set a fair price for yours.



Many new authors who do not yet have a recognizable name or credibility in the industry will initially price their book a little lower than the industry standard to encourage sales and create more readership that can then generate a word-of-mouth movement.



Also, note that eBooks are usually priced lower than print books due to the cost of printing.


Fill Out Your Book?s Metadata

Have you ever wondered how a reader finds a book online Simply put, it's with the help of metadata. Metadata is the information web pages and search engines use to differentiate one book from the next. It consists of details such as your book's title, ISBN, keywords, genre, and description, as well as your author name and bio. Metadata is very important in the online book world, but it?s rarely understood. Get an in-depth understanding of exactly what book metadata is with one of our past blog posts.



Since there is no physical product in an online bookstore, book metadata serves as the descriptor to help readers find the right book and determine if it is, in fact, a book they'd be interested in reading. Find out how to optimize your book metadata to maximize reader discovery.



Distribute Your Book 


Now you?re ready to sell your book! You want to go where the readers are, so get your book into as many online stores and libraries as possible. You have two options for distribution: distribute directly with a retailer, or partner with a distributor.


When you distribute directly with a retailer, you remove any need for a third party. Since there is one less party to split the earnings with you likely will receive higher royalty payments. However, this likely will limit where your book is distributed. Each reader has a preference for where they buy books. They don?t all use Amazon or Barnes & Noble, so you want your book to be wherever the reader could potentially be.


Using a partner to distribute your book allows you to access their network of retailers. For example, eBooks2go has partnerships in place with online retailers and libraries like Apple iBooks, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, Kobo?, Baker & Taylor, and hoopla which would then become accessible to you.


Receive Royalty Payments


Once you distribute your book, you can start making money! Every time your book sells, you receive a royalty payment. Here?s how it works: The retailer that sells the book takes a cut of the money. The distributor, if used, takes a cut of the money (eBooks2go receives 10 percent). Finally, you receive the rest!



Each retailer has different agreements with their authors for how much they take for each sale, but you can typically expect to receive anywhere from 40 to 70 percent. As opposed to if you went the traditional publishing route, you'd only make about 5 to 15 percent in royalties.


Promote Your Book


Promotion is the step many self-published authors forget or don't take into account. The end goal for every author is to sell books, but you can't sell books without marketing. Book sales don't just happen; you have to make them happen! Start with friends and family and continuously expand your fans from there.


Book marketing is a process that takes times, consistency, strategy, adjustments, and patience. You won't just magically have a bestseller all of a sudden. That happens through the work you put in through a variety of tactics and strategies such as social media, blogging, email marketing, book signings, speaking events, and more. Learn all about the book marketing process to sell as many books as possible!


Self-Publishing Guide


The reality is, even though it?s called self-publishing, you can?t do it all on your own. If you do self-publishing right, it can be very demanding but also incredibly rewarding. Don?t be afraid to reach out to people for help, whether it?s us at eBooks2go, who has a passion for helping writers achieve their dreams, or it?s your best friend who?s an artist and can help design your book cover. Create that support team around you who can help you whenever you hit a new roadblock!




Book publisher

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I did not do this one through CreateSpace, because of the complication with illustrations; but my other ones are, so I thought I would post this here:


This is amazing!  My book is listed under BASICALLY EVERY CATEGORY on Amazon!!!!  It shows up under:  Home & Kitchen, Beauty & Personal Care, Health, Household  Baby Care, Books, Automotive Parts & Accessories?, Everything Else (literally a category), Industrial & Scientific, Kindle Store, and Pet Supplies!  Haha… that’s so great!  EXPOSURE.


My publisher loved this book!


This is a 32-page, fully-illustrated (in color) children's storybook that teaches children the techniques to proper tooth brushing; written in rhyme to enhance memorization, this fun-to-read book will entice your child to brush his or her teeth and will build great oral hygiene habits that will last them a lifetime!


Dennel B. Tyon - Author/ Editor/ Illustrator

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Posted by KatzLibertybooks Jul 14, 2016



The book “MADiSINe” has no competition in today’s satirical writing arena. It is a happy marriage of truth and humor.


MADiSINe consists of 87 cartoons and more than 560 satirical aphorisms.


This book is a political battle with Obamacare, dedicated to the great man eternally alive, President Ronald Reagan.


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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Madam HELLary

Posted by KatzLibertybooks Jul 14, 2016

SoSialist Precedent


The book “Madam HELLary – Socialist Precedent” is absolutely unique in style.


It consists of 40 sharp satirical cartoons and close to 550 aphorisms.


Free radicals endanger our life.


By the way,  let us call them “ridicules.”


Why consider them Liberals if they don’t give a **** about  the liberty of the individual?

Why should we accept them  as Democrats if they are deaf  to the voice of the majority?

They consider themselves progressive  but the worst type of cancer is a progressive cancer.

It may be proper  to recognize them as leftists,  ideologically crippled  left-brainers.

Undoubtedly the smartest people in the world,  the most progressive, are the Democrats.

And the smartest of the smartest  are called the Establishment.

And the absolutely smartest of them become  Presidential candidates, like HELLary, who pass such ASSsense that no one in the world can compete with her.


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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The book “Rendezvous With Scorpions” is a documentary, accusatory act against Islamic-Fascism.


It contains diabolic mantras of world-leading jihads and satirical responses in the form of 50 destructive cartoons and 100 aphorisms.

“No prisoners!”


Readers will be shocked by satanic revelations from proponents of Islamization.


Massacre, betrayal and deception  are proven facts of jihads perception.


Long ago I stepped on the path of struggle with the idiotic ideas of Totalitarianism.


Now I have no intention of washing away the war paint.



Please read, buy, share and comment!

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KATZscan of Islam

Posted by KatzLibertybooks Jul 14, 2016

This book is a World's largest encyclopedia of insults against Islamic-Fascism.

Book “KATZscan of Islam” has no analogs. It consists of truthful scientific research of Quran and Hadith as well as 80 sharp cartoons, 600 aphorisms, barbs, jocks, satirical boomerang against hatred and medieval intolerance.


There is no explosion more dangerous than the explosion of truth.


All aphorisms and cartoons are my commandos armed with arrows of satire to fight the swine flu of Islamic-Fascism.


Dear Readers, I excavated an ancient military manual, no surprise it smells quite peculiar.


Islam is a war, Quran is not a peace, ISIS is a way to Apocalypse. God did not create me to be Moses, but he did create me to be Ilya Katz, God offered me a chance to be a fighter and I couldn’t turn it down.


In a fearful time, I try to be one of the fearless.I do not know how to use weapons. I am a religious man, but nobody can stop me from shooting satirical arrows into indecent creatures.


This book is my satirical fight against the rotten body of resurrected Islamic-Fascism.


Like cancer, which must be radically treated before it metastasizes; the roots of medieval evil must be pulled out before they sprout branches.


I am trying to disgrace, degrade and diminish overblown demonical  jihadists-cannibalism to the level of blood thirsty rats and cockroaches.


It is not recommended to look into the muzzle of the loaded gun, but try-open this book.


Please study my aphorisms and cartoons in daytime; it is too scary to do so at night.If we will not understand the urgency of our situation with the help of brains, later it will be too painful to do it with the other parts of the body.


Gloves off, America! Time to stand tall in defense of our values, our civilization and the future of our children.

“If not we, who else? If not now, then when?”


Please read, buy, share and comment!

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The Reality Show in the Twilight Zone


This book is a Trumbuster. It is the time to get tough against Trump's bluff.


Insults for every occasion against a person who detrimental to our nation!


My aphorisms and cartoons have extra acidity to contrast the sweet lies from Donald Trump.


Please review, read and share my newest book!

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my new book

Posted by odanamar Mar 11, 2016



Since long, the Earth already not belonged only to humans, they now had to share with other against their will... the desire for a better planet took them to walk down the path of destruction, and those beings, who had arrived, it had taken over the planet. Humanity was under siege... the present fear, and anxiety about the future, afraid the hearts of those who inhabited the Earth. The prophecy was written, and ready to meet... just missing something... know the day, time, and the place where everything would end.

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Goodreads Giveaway

Posted by IrumZahra Nov 11, 2015

Here is your chance to get Goodreads Poetry Semi Finalist book "Psychaotic'



A divine combination of Gothic and free verse Poetry and passages.

Here is what you have to do!


Vote for the Book on Goodreads Poetry section, and inbox the author with your email address!



You'll get an ebook in your email ASAP!



AAAAANNNNDD! If you win the giveaway, You'll get:

1. A signed Copy of Psychaotic

2. Beautiful Hand made Bookmark

3. A beautiful Keychain



Here is the giveaway link:

Email for more info :

Twitter: @IrumZahraWriter

Instagram: irum.zahra

Tumblr: irumzahrawriter




Good Luck!

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Beyond Sanity Publishing

Posted by IrumZahra Nov 9, 2015
Hey There!


I am Irum Zahra and I am proud to introduce myself as a person who depends on words to define feelings.

I really want to stay updated and connect with readers and writers here in Pakistan.

My first book, Psychaotic has sold over 500 copies worldwide and over 1000 ebook formats.

I am currently running a publishing company by the name of 'Beyond Sanity Publishing'
which is now accepting submissions for all genres. I have currently 6 projects up and running and I will sign 6 more writers in January.
I am looking for writers who are are searching for guidance and recognition.
My publishing company is presently providing Proofreading, editing, Formatting, Ebook conversion, ISBN allotment, Copyright, Reviews, Book photography, Paperback printing, Cover design and much more.

To know more, follow,

Here is my email:

I am HERE for ALL writers. Please let me know if you or someone you know needs a publisher who ca understand and guide instead of Exploiting the writer.



I love music, it is the cure to all frustrations. I primarily love rockand metal music but I tend to deviate often to orchestra and Alternative rock.
There are three things I love the most in the world:
Rain, Books and Coffee.So the best time for me to review YOUR book would be winters.        logo(Summers are cool too! ADD tea in it)

There is never enough detail you can know about a person.
Read more of their work, and you’ll know more about them.


Here are few more links you'd like to see:







"And then, I have nature and art and poetry and if that is not enough, what is enough?"

-Van Gogh

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World eyes

Posted by zjhellen Oct 10, 2015

Sunshine lights the whole world, flowers show a colorful world......It's FREE now. #freebook #reading #publishing

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create space thumbnail.JPG


What an exciting opportunity!

I'm am pleased to present my third Christian book, Extravagant Love, Cultivating a Heart of Worship. I've had a small number of views this morning, and am interested in marketing ideas.

If you know of good possible, even probable ways to market this work, I'd love your input. Let me know of your own books if they are marketing related. You input is appreciated.

My Preview website is: Please take a look if you'd like. Your posted comments and review ratings are also very welcome.

Constructive criticism is also welcome.

Thanks, Marci

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create space thumbnail.JPG

What an exciting opportunity!

I'm pleased to present my third Christian book, Extravagant Love, Cultivating a Heart of Worship.

If you have ideas for marketing this book, they would be greatly appreciated. Please leave a link to your book if it is marketing related. Internet marketing especially. My entire book will not be posted or sold for a few more months (I must complete links first).

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. I'd also LOVE a review or two. My Preview is at:



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If you  were considering driving to an unfamiliar destination, what is the first  thing you would do? You would probably consult a map to chart the best  way to reach it. When getting the word out about your book, a marketing  plan is your map, describing your journey from where you are now as an  author to where you want to be. It sets your direction, guides your  thinking, and lists the actions you will take to get there.


Marketing  planning is simply deciding what you want to accomplish with your book,  setting an objective to keep you on target, and then asking yourself a  few questions about what you need to do to reach your goal. Organize  these questions and your answers to them in two parts. Part one sets  your direction, during which you'll ask the following questions: What do  you want to accomplish by writing your book? Who will buy it? What's in  it for you? Part two answers the following questions: What information  do people want that is not already available? Where will you sell your  book? At what price? How will you let people know that it exists? What Should be in a Marketing Plan?


Part One: Direction


Your initial marketing plan is a wish list of what you would do if you had sufficient resources. You might  consider developing this list in a creative brainstorming session with a  group of people, which could include friends, family members, or fellow  writers, to name a few. Initially, focus on quantity of ideas, not quality,  and include some that may at first seem illogical. Such big ideas may  stimulate better ones as you get started with your marketing. So, wait  until later to apply judgment and eliminate any programs you determine  are not currently feasible.


Begin  your marketing plan with a sentence stating your overall objective for  the upcoming period. Next, make a list of your strategies that outline  your general game plan. Finally, describe your tactics that are the  specific actions you will take to fulfill your go to market strategy and achieve  your objective.

Before  planning your specific marketing actions, think about your product,  potential readers, goals, and objectives for the next year.


he  information below provides ideas, examples, and instructions that will  help you create a quick, practical marketing plan for a business book.  This plan is meant to get you started, but effective marketing requires  flexibility. If something is not working for you after you have given it  a concerted effort, try another tactic to reach the realistic goals you  establish.


Part One: Before planning your specific marketing actions, think about your  product, potential readers, goals, and objectives for the next year.

1. Product Description

The  entire marketing process is based on having a good book to sell. Was it  well written and properly edited? Does the cover and page layout look  professionally designed? Will you make it available as a printed book,  an eBook, or both? Before you price your book or begin distributing or  promoting it, describe what your book is about in 100 words or less.  Think of it from your readers' points of view. How can your information  help them become more successful, make money, or start a new business?


Identify  books that are similar to yours, and describe how yours is different  from and better than competitive titles. A good description may be  started by completing this sentence: My book helps________ who want  ________ get _________. Then, add your competitive advantage. For  example "My book helps small businesspeople who want increased profits  get more sales from existing and new customers. Its unique advantage is  that it was based on the author's actual successful experience."


Finally,  develop a strong mission statement. Your mission statement is a one or  two sentence description of why you wrote your book. Reading this  regularly will help keep you focused and motivated. For example, a good  mission statement for a book about finding a job would be "Help  unemployed people develop their job search and networking skills in a  supportive environment so they find a new, well-compensated career  position quickly."


2. Author Biography

As  an author, you are also selling yourself as a product, so it is  important to start making the right brand impressions early. Think of  who you know, and also about your background in terms of how it can help  you sell more books. What makes you the expert on this topic? Where did  you go to school? In what clubs and associations are you (or could you  be) a member? What are you good (or not good) at doing, and what do you  like (or dislike) doing? Who are your current and previous employers?  Your answers will give you ideas for how to target and present yourself  to potential readers.


3. Target Readers


You  cannot market to everybody, so think about who will buy your books. Who  is the typical reader you had in mind when you wrote your book? Is the  person male or female? In what age group would you categorize your  reader? For example, if you are writing a book about preparing people  for retirement, your target reader description might include people in  these categories: Employed males and females, age 50 - 65, and middle to  upper-middle income bracket. Give consideration to increasing the font  size in the page layout a point or two to help people with poor eyesight  see it better.


4. Marketing Goals and Objectives


Write  a specific statement of what you want to accomplish in the next year.  Some of your goals may be hard to quantify, but do so where you can. Do  you want more reviews? How many more? Do you want more media attention?  How many print articles and broadcast appearances will you seek? How  many books do you want to sell? How much money do you want to make? Be  realistic in your estimation.


By (date) _____ I will sell (number) _____ books and make $____ by getting ___ reviews, ___ awards and ___ media appearances.



Part Two: Action Plan. Given your descriptions in Part One, what specific things must you do  to reach your objectives? It is helpful to group these activities under  three major topics: 1) How you will price your book, 2) Where you will  sell it, and 3) How you will promote it. The sections below include  examples to help you get started. Your actions will vary according to  your own content and target readers.

1. Pricing Your Book. The  price at which you will sell your book could determine your sales,  profits, and opportunities for long-term growth. Your final choice will  be determined by your costs, distribution method, and competitive  prices. Be strategic in your decisions.


Choose  a lower-than-average price if you 1) intend to sell directly to  corporate buyers rather than through a distribution network to  retailers, 2) plan to limit your promotional expenditures, 3) want to  make your book more competitive against other market options, or 4) seek  a long-term profit potential. You might choose a higher-than-average  price if your content will be quickly outdated or is highly specialized,  or if you have little competition. Another consideration is the format  in which you deliver your content. For example, eBooks are typically  priced lower than printed books because of the lower production and  distribution costs. Lower-priced eBooks also tend to attract more  potential buyers.

2. Sales Outlet Options. Sales outlets will vary according to each individual title. Be sure to  conduct research and think about where your content will have the best  sales opportunities when deciding what works best for your book. You may also read: Sales & Marketing Plays for more information. Some  ideas for sales outlet options include:


1)  Ask where your typical reader will shop for business books; that is  where you will want to sell it. For instance, CreateSpace offers wide  distribution on, your own eStore, and through the Expanded Distribution Channel, as well as a Kindle file conversion service to provide you with Kindle-ready eBook files. You may also want to  consider sales opportunities to non-retail buyers, such as corporations  or schools, for your book. Approach local, independent retail stores to  see if they'd be interested in stocking a title by a local author.


2)  Think about which retail outlets may consider stocking business books.  Examples of retail outlets for business books would include bookstores  (your book is listed with Ingram and Baker & Taylor through  CreateSpace's Expanded Distribution Channel), business stores (such as  Staples through Select Media Services), airport stores (such as Hudson News Co.), warehouse clubs (Costco or BJs through Anderson Merchandisers), and college bookstores (through Follett).


3)  Examples of non-retail buyers could include corporate buyers, schools,  associations, clubs for entrepreneurs, alumni associations, and  home-based businesses. These opportunities require direct selling since  there are no distributors that sell books to non-retail buyers. Find  prospects through online searches after reviewing the following:


a.  What companies could use the information in your book? For example, for  a book about sales techniques, you may want to reach out to sales  managers, career coaches, and networks of sales representatives. Find  names of companies and contact information at


b.  What associations could use the information in your book? For example,  for a book about how to communicate in writing, you may want to reach  out to the International Association of Business Communicators. Find  names of associations and contact information for each at


c.  Books on many business topics are popular in libraries and on military  bases. You can reach libraries through Baker & Taylor and sell books  through military exchanges such as


d.  What other organizations could use the information in your book? For  example, if your book is targeted to executive women, you'd want to  contact the National Association of Women Business Owners or the National Association of Female Executives. If you target small-business people, reach out to the International Council for Small Business.

3. Promotion Actions. How will you reach and tell your target buyers about your book so they  can buy it? Use a variety of promotion tools as described below, and  promote regularly. Prospective buyers may need to see or hear your  message multiple times before it drives them to purchase your book.  Also, choose the promotional techniques that are consistent with your  personality. For example, if you are not comfortable performing on  television, deliver your message through radio, print, or the internet.


There  are promotional tools to fit any budget. Most public relations actions  are free or low cost, while advertising, trade shows, and sending direct  mail packages are more expensive. Finally, there are even some  promotional actions for which you could be paid, such as public speaking  or conducting webinars. Find the best combination of those listed below  that fit your target audience and your goals, personality, and budget.



3.1 Publicity. Public relations activities entail reaching the most people in your  target markets as frequently and inexpensively as possible. Most media  exposure is free so you can get maximum coverage on a limited budget.  Examples include TV and radio appearances, letters to the editor,  publishing informative articles in magazines, producing a newsletter, or  reading/speaking at schools. Here are some things to try or consider:


1)  Write a one-page press release, focusing on what makes you and your  book unique and important to readers. Begin your press release with a  simple statement or question (your hook) that will get the attention of  the reader. Your hook is the key concept that makes you or your book  unique and beneficial to your audience. Your press release should fit on  one page, be double-spaced and written in a way that is interesting and  informative to the recipient. What can you say that will get the  readers' attention quickly, help them understand how your information  can benefit them, and get them to take some action to buy your book at  the designated sales outlet? For a free analysis of your press release,  go to


2)  On what TV and radio shows could you be a guest? Choose shows that  people in your target audience will listen to or watch. For example,  target shows such as The Dave Ramsey Show, The Ray Lucia Show, Business Talk Radio Network, or Your Money Matters! for a book about money or personal finances. Visit for a simple means of contacting radio stations. Check out Kidon Media Link for a list of TV outlets and other media. Keep in mind that your  broadcast media opportunities will be greater for local, regional, or  niche shows rather than those at a national level.


3) What newspapers could write about your book? What newspapers does your target reader read? For example, choose Financial Times, Barrons or The Wall Street Journal for books relating to finance. Visit Bizmove for a list of local newspapers.


4) What magazines could write about your book? For example, seek exposure in publications like Entrepreneur and Fast Company for a book about entrepreneurship. Remember, getting media coverage  online is just as good, if not better, than coverage in print. Check here for lists of national media organizations and magazines.


5) Who could review your book?

a. Pre-publication reviewers like Library Journal, School Library Journal, Booklist, and Bookpage

b.  Media outlets and bloggers. For media reviewers, search Literary  Marketplace and trade publications for those with an interest in your  niche.

c. Post-publication reviewers such as Midwest Book Review, Computer Book Review, Education Review, Military Book Review

d. Paid reviewers such as ForeWord Clarion and Kirkus Indie

e. Seek niche reviewers for business books online, such as


6)  What award competitions would be right for your book? Considering a  business book, some examples include Axiom Business Book Awards, Small  Business Book Awards and the National Business Book Award. For more  ideas, read the Resources article 2011 Competitions for Self-Published & Independently Published Books. Search online for award competitions for books on your topic.


7) Seek advance sales through corporate buyers or by conducting pre-publication promotion. Consider arranging a launch party.


8)  Time the introduction of your book with special marketing periods (key  dates, anniversaries, etc.) relevant to your title. Find examples of  these at


9)  Get testimonials and endorsements. Sometimes called "blurbs," these are  statements by people attesting to the quality of writing and the value  of the content in your book. A site with free background information  about celebrities you may want to target for your book is


10)  Consider executive services that summarize business books such as  Soundview Executive Book Summaries or Business Book Review.


3.2 Internet Actions. In today's internet world, it's important to market your book online to  reach the widest possible audience. Websites, blogs, social media, and  online forums are all important channels for promotion and building your  brand.


1)  Consider purchasing the website address with your name or book title  and build a website. Search for websites that you like and then go to or Wordpress for step-by-step instructions for creating your site. Or, you can have  someone design it for you. Once created, for a free analysis of your  website, go to


2) Start blogging to build an audience and your personal brand. You can create your own blog for free at sites such as or You may also want to make connections with other bloggers to see if you can write guests posts for them. Go to to find appropriate blogs for your topic.


3)  Create an author page on, Facebook and Twitter where you can  highlight your current and future books and build your image as an  expert. Also, join LinkedIn to network with like-minded people and  prospects. Join groups relevant to your subject matter to start building  awareness. Participate in the conversation, but don't overtly promote  your title.


4)  Join other online websites and forums relevant to your title. You can  find them by searching for those about your topic, such as Conservation  Commons, Open Access of Economics, Open Access Health Informatics  Community, or Men in Child Care.


5) Check out to find relevant groups to network within your area.


6) Record a podcast or consider hosting a webinar on your topic. Visit for instructions to do it yourself, or have them create it for you.


7)  When internet users search for your book, you want your website to be  the first one they find. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps the  search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, recognize your  relevance to specific keywords that people search for online. This  process includes researching keywords, creating content, building links,  and making sure your website is visible in search engines.


3.3 Personal Selling Actions. As an independent author, you aren't just selling your book - you're  selling yourself. You might find in-person selling and networking  beneficial for connecting with potential readers face-to-face.


1)  In what bookstores or other retail outlets could you conduct an  in-store event or book signing? Focus especially on local retailers and  businesses, airport stores, high schools, and colleges.


2)  Are there association meetings at which you could speak? Rotary clubs,  Chambers of Commerce, business schools, corporate outings, trade shows,  and meeting planners seek speakers for their events and meetings. Go to  their websites and search for local chapter meetings.


3)  Is your book appropriate for speaking events at educational  institutions, or do you have the opportunity to provide training for a  company's employees?


4) Attend or exhibit at trade shows, conferences, or appropriate events

a. Book Expo America

b. Regional bookseller exhibits (Search the American Booksellers Association site)

c. Tradeshows where your buyers would attend (Search


5) Throw a launch party,  inviting local media, friends, family, and people in your target  market. Have copies of your book available to sign, as well as print  materials with your website and social media information. Get the emails  of attendees to start building out a targeted email list.


3.4 Direct Marketing Actions. These give you targeted and personalized contact with potential buyers.  You can reach many more people through a mail or email campaign than  through personal calls. You may find that the U.S. Mail (letter or  postcard) may deliver to more people than email with the likes of SPAM  filters. In either case, your results will be better if you conduct  tests before you send to an entire list. Test the creative offer, the  timing and the list itself before sending your package. The package you  send (or email) should include a cover letter, descriptive flyer, and  some response mechanism (business reply card). Consider some of these  direct marketing actions:


1) Send a postcard or letter and brochure to potential buyers. Visit or for one-stop places to purchase a list or have them produce and mail your package for you.


2)  Purchase the subscription list for magazines reaching your target  buyers and mail to them. For example, if you want to reach home-based  business owners, get the subscription list for Home Business Magazine.


3)  Purchase opt-in email lists and send email blasts. For example, if you  want to reach small business owners, purchase a list for a trade  magazine targeted at small businesses.


4) Order bookmarks, stationery, and business cards to present a professional and consistent image among your target buyers.


3.5 Advertising Actions. Advertising can be costly, but some authors may choose to pay for ad  placements in online and print channels relevant to their titles.


1)  Advertise in local newspapers or on radio shows if appropriate. Offer  to provide your content in exchange for free ad space. Contact the  advertising departments of your target outlets directly to examine your  options.


4. Evaluation. Every  few months after you begin marketing your book, compare your actual  sales results with your objectives. Are you on target to reach them? If  not, what changes can you make to meet your goals?


For  sales goals, create a simple Excel spreadsheet with your forecasted  sales for any period in one column. Then, insert your actual sales  figures and automatically calculate the difference. Have a line for  retail sales, library sales, corporate sales, etc. to point out where  your revenue may be below that which you projected.


Have  a means to objectively evaluate progress toward all your goals. If you  planned to get a certain number of reviews or media appearances, keep  tack of your progress toward them. The important thing is to think about  why you are above or below forecast, and make necessary changes in time  to reach your annual objectives.

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