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StuSegal Advertising my paper book on Amazon? 3,065 32 4 hours ago by ozed
Bruce_M. Advertising on Amazon 82 1 15 hours ago by Bruce_M.
Monicaofoz Book trailer for free 1,668 20 4 days ago by Monicaofoz
a-h-k Bowker issue with discount codes 99 0 6 days ago by a-h-k
Sean_502 Marketing Suggestions to boost exposure?? 235 3 1 week ago by R.C.
mwrite Listing book on Amazon 256 5 1 week ago by mwrite
Hadio My book has been out 9 days, but only 2 were sold 571 6 1 week ago by Hadio
Alen91kane Indian Writers 250 2 1 week ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Bruce_M. Advertising on Amazon (and Elsewhere) 639 13 1 week ago by beetles_bub
eventhorizon pdf mag contributors want a hard copy 223 2 2 weeks ago by lipmag
Hadio Kindle version: is  the price always  0.99? 301 2 2 weeks ago by Hadio
R-brown About estore 338 3 2 weeks ago by R-brown
PaulPoet "Look inside" 563 3 2 weeks ago by JeffPepper
gdavies best and cheapest way to market a novel? 2,011 21 2 weeks ago by mamaofbrie
Alen91kane Difference between Assignment writing and Essay Writing 309 2 3 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Hadio How is shipping calculated on Amazon? 363 4 3 weeks ago by Acheknia
Tralala Our books on Amazon 722 9 3 weeks ago by Seisa
Shanzy Can we market our book on Goodreads? 425 5 1 month ago by Shanzy
KatzLibertybooks Marketing my kindle book 2,195 10 1 month ago by JudiePendley
Tomass Ranking Books on Amazon - Amazon SEO and Amazon's Search Algorithm 330 0 1 month ago by Tomass
TITANI Same book, different trim size. Combine them at Amazon? 259 2 1 month ago by Seisa
LadyAmin36 Shortlink to Createspace store? 335 2 1 month ago by LadyAmin36
beetle2366 Are there web buttons or banners Createspace provides for authors to put on their personal websites thus promoting their work? 571 7 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
mightydad Amazon Marketing for Printed books? 439 2 1 month ago by lipmag
pennysplitter How I market to independent bookstores 300 2 1 month ago by lipmag
BYCTbookshop Have you bought a program for marketing on Amazon? 421 2 1 month ago by BYCTbookshop
Monicaofoz If you need a list of bookstores to suggest your books 466 2 1 month ago by Monicaofoz
KIRYANGENJOVU How can increase the sales of my book ;True Love Hurts by Twaha Sulyman Masanga,a fiction book 396 1 1 month ago by Azriel
Monicaofoz I can't sell my coloring books 594 7 2 months ago by walton
Ponykins Wholesale Question 316 1 2 months ago by Seisa