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thestoryguy Quesion about having a sale over Black Friday 513 3 3 weeks ago by Hey_Lynnie
suzyv Any luck with Book Promoters/Marketers from Fiverr or Upwork? 243 0 1 month ago by suzyv
Hey_Lynnie Review unfairly blocked? 784 3 1 month ago by awin
thestoryguy Ingram spark vs Amazon 544 3 1 month ago by awin
thedrummer3333 E-books sellers 1,156 3 1 month ago by Fremont
thestoryguy Move to Ingram Spark and ISBN question 341 2 1 month ago by thestoryguy
AnnEagle Selling on 373 1 1 month ago by Pt.Mo
Ujay Forums for Christian authors! 278 0 2 months ago by Ujay
carlwhart How can I make my book title a hyperlink to Amazon in a Facebook ad? 281 1 2 months ago by Daveflorida
mariaporter Effective Marketing Technique For Your Online Business 211 0 2 months ago by mariaporter
patricima Global Distribution Agreement with Ingram and Expanded Distribution with CreateSpace / Kindle? 545 2 3 months ago by patricima
GuernseyPete Why isn't there an 'AmazonMarketing Services' for printed books? 593 2 3 months ago by Tuynoal
Gldlcks Selling in brick and mortar 461 2 4 months ago by Lighthouse24
WolfgangSeaLife Creating a website for my books 1,181 8 4 months ago by Riyaroy
kumaar_dev How can I advertise my paperback books on 719 4 4 months ago by Jiri
CrashCourse Sponsored Ads For a Book On Amazon -- Has Anyone Tried This? 1,007 9 4 months ago by lreddy
Eddiegnz1 Look inside The Book Program 312 1 4 months ago by danwiz
LanBelize Why did my sales & royalties start declining significantly about a year ago? 1,432 20 4 months ago by some1
orcikat Others selling my book on Amazon? 747 7 4 months ago by republic
LanBelize Why is one of my books being sold on Amazon by an Amazon storefront instead of Amazon? 321 0 4 months ago by LanBelize
BenjaminJohnson HOW TO START A DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY 272 0 4 months ago by BenjaminJohnson
gsimmonsjr marketing a new book release or soon to launch live 265 0 5 months ago by gsimmonsjr
Antiki Coloring Book Pages 498 3 5 months ago by Antiki
IndieNelson How do I promote my book? 1,365 16 5 months ago by NotoriousE
bunnyhiccups Share your promotional and marketing tricks 244 0 5 months ago by bunnyhiccups
KC11 Selling in office supplies/notebooks instead of Books category 479 0 5 months ago by KC11
jdarcio Social Media Marketing 346 0 6 months ago by jdarcio
ISGLN Amazon Kindle Free Book Promotion 1,514 4 9 months ago by DougBrunell
Shoshanah Needing Help With Preparing for Selling My Book 894 1 10 months ago by awin
DanielS7 Unable to edit or delete comment on a negative Amazon review 606 6 6 months ago by some1