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Nick-89 How to prevent LSI books showing on Amazon 395 10 4 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
porridgefrog Category choice: did I waste my time? 276 4 5 days ago by annismith
Happyhen Are all your book sales being credited? 188 3 5 days ago by iosman
Satyavan "Standard distribution" means only the US+Europe? 333 1 5 days ago by Satyavan
HolisticJohn How can people buy my book in Australia? 306 2 5 days ago by iosman
Chris_W How To Publish Books And Receive Payments (New Zealand Authors) 277 1 6 days ago by Seisa
Moongate Why Are My Book Prices Changing? 256 1 6 days ago by Seisa
Happyhen sales ranking 123 2 1 week ago by brysmags
Darren123 Problem with pre-orders 98 0 2 weeks ago by Darren123
saeed015 Sales fell off a cliff 3,623 45 3 weeks ago by Frustrated125
SandraK Help or ideas on pricing 219 2 3 weeks ago by SandraK
Hensan Latin America Distribution 262 1 1 month ago by Lighthouse24
ChrissyS How do I add a publisher's name to my description? I can't find the box on Createspace 215 1 1 month ago by Seisa
nelliebly Audible version of my books 244 1 1 month ago by Seisa
Mathbook How do we set up a discount for teachers? 183 1 1 month ago by Seisa
Jeremy66 Createspace Is Robbing My Money! 255 1 1 month ago by Seisa
HatOnCross Retain Amazon reviews in 2nd ed with diff ISBN? 328 4 1 month ago by Seisa
ElitePublishing Publishers Authors Pages No More? 228 0 2 months ago by ElitePublishing
agregoryne Grouping Books 232 0 2 months ago by agregoryne
PaulineP Trying to decide between expanded and standard distribution for my first book. Any experienced suggestions offered will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! 243 1 2 months ago by Lighthouse24
Gaelic Look Inside Frustration 293 4 2 months ago by Gaelic
Elliotu Is a novella of 54,000 words too short to publish? 271 1 2 months ago by Seisa
Merseywriter Do I Have Too Many Categories On My Author Site? 276 1 2 months ago by ozed
diydanielle Is there a way to Setup a Coupon Code? 288 3 2 months ago by Seisa
some1 Prime-Day -- Amazon Book Promo begins... 656 0 2 months ago by some1
BookMom2018 Buyers can't find my book by title - only by my name 330 2 2 months ago by Lorem_Ipsum
PhoenixENicholson I'm getting antsy 210 1 2 months ago by some1
AtulM Can I also publish my CS published book on iBooks Store 283 4 2 months ago by Seisa
Merseywriter Ezine Articles vs Blog Posts - Which Is Best For Traffic? 283 3 2 months ago by danwiz
GoMamaGoose How does a bookstore determine that you're book is a textbook? 156 0 2 months ago by GoMamaGoose



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