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beetles_bub Marketing vs. Publicity 273 9 50 minutes ago by walton
R.C. Promoting your book via an Author Interview 70 1 16 hours ago by lipmag
leonathequeen Am old. What is Snapchat?..Can i market an e-book there as well? 721 6 1 month ago by theosus
Cindy68 Copyright question 124 3 1 day ago by Cindy68
Pirrioni Book Expo and BookCon 2018 who would like to share a stand? 232 3 2 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
beetles_bub Shrink wrap 110 1 2 days ago by Lorem_Ipsum
carmdunc Amazon view 124 2 2 days ago by carmdunc
ronrs4 Started a book group for all on Facebook 187 1 3 days ago by resi
Bruce_M. WARNING:  DO NOT TRUST WORDPRESS!!! 532 8 5 days ago by Olivia_123
susanrb Share: Our book web site 119 1 1 week ago by danwiz
beetles_bub What is up with "Used" copies? 879 20 1 week ago by Notjohn
Lady_Darkwind Advertising Help 206 4 1 week ago by Lady_Darkwind
SarahMB How to give away free copies through Amazon 392 6 1 week ago by JMD428
PREtender1980GAST How do I stop a reviewer from giving 1 stars to all of my titles? 330 3 1 week ago by JMD428
JMD428 Newbie Needing Ideas on how to market a self published book. 84 0 1 week ago by JMD428
Graphiteman My Trailer for my latest picture book. 132 1 1 week ago by beetles_bub
beetles_bub Lengths folks will go to avoid buying a book 134 1 1 week ago by Oreohelix
Ozymandias26 Graphic Novel Marketing 329 5 2 weeks ago by Oreohelix
jbsboy Set List Price for my Book 254 1 2 weeks ago by R.C.
beetles_bub Memes? 217 1 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
beetles_bub Working with translators/ humor in translation. 157 0 3 weeks ago by beetles_bub
hayden111 Projection advertising for my new book store? 434 3 3 weeks ago by Seisa
srishti Genral Essay Writing Tips 180 1 3 weeks ago by Seisa
AceEducator Why is my book cheaper than the price I listed? 248 2 3 weeks ago by R.C.
beetles_bub Asian market: separate? 158 0 4 weeks ago by beetles_bub
DevR Price point for 5 hour audiobook? 257 1 4 weeks ago by DevR
beetles_bub Does publishing on Amazon "kill" your chances of being picked up by the "Big Boys?" 738 13 1 month ago by DevR
AceEducator What in tarnation does: "WARNING! Re-publishing this book on KDP will disable it on CreateSpace and cannot be reversed" mean? 333 4 1 month ago by AceEducator
Nazaire73 Can changing your price often hurt you, is there a rule against it? 217 1 1 month ago by Seisa
beetles_bub Time from approval to availability 251 3 1 month ago by walton



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