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Author Subject Views Replies Last Post
jalalkhan 17 0 5 hours ago by jalalkhan
Thomas527 Stonebooks for WWII books 34 0 18 hours ago by Thomas527
jmacd Pre-order page in 2017? 69 1 18 hours ago by lipmag
Alesiarancis click here: 34 0 1 day ago by Alesiarancis
Newgad 34 0 1 day ago by Newgad
RickorNanci estore shipping costs and discount code questions 100 1 4 days ago by RickorNanci
RustyWriter How/where to get an opinion on covers/branding 97 1 4 days ago by lipmag
some1 What discount to put for Hard-cover edition?? 249 4 1 week ago by Oreohelix
Iris12 What do you think of lowering the price of a book? 253 2 1 week ago by Iris12
AwthrAwthr Has CreateSpace/Amazon stopped notifying you of sales? 3,398 22 1 week ago by raju009
lipmag Indie bookstore truly on board 138 0 1 week ago by lipmag
drrjordan Amazon reviews through CreateSpace? 171 1 1 week ago by lipmag
K_Stl Pricing?? Individual & Bulk 284 3 2 weeks ago by BooksAndMore
Tommy12 HELPPP PLEASE 322 2 2 weeks ago by HyuckHyuck90
PiperEllie Buy Box on Amazon Featuring Third-Party Sellers 333 5 2 weeks ago by Oreohelix
Juggernaut122 Can I use both Createspace and IngramSpark to sell on (4/2017) 215 1 2 weeks ago by lipmag
mb1992 Wondering about my book blurb and whether it is working against me 224 1 3 weeks ago by Maaku
malexander01 Press Release Marketing 266 2 3 weeks ago by lipmag
RPavlis Use of html in Amazon book descriptions 231 2 3 weeks ago by RPavlis
ignet How long does it take to get 100 author copies? 650 3 3 weeks ago by RPavlis
Dangielaw Create space isbn for an existing title 191 1 3 weeks ago by Seisa
Melissa2010B Guerilla marketing for the middle-low income entrepreneur writer? 294 6 3 weeks ago by lipmag
beetles_bub Price difference in proof versus published book to author 263 3 4 weeks ago by lipmag
hap2301 Website question linking to Amazon Book Page, divi theme or other? 292 2 4 weeks ago by hap2301
Xethea Can drawn nude pictures be used in my books? 442 3 1 month ago by beetles_bub
JeanPower A single link? 385 2 1 month ago by JeanPower
JimmyBird Suggested price for 350 page book 421 3 1 month ago by JimmyBird
ThomF Color and B&W Versions of Book 515 4 1 month ago by danwiz
ronrs4 Not selling on any books kindle unlimited 307 0 1 month ago by ronrs4
kijanifate Aggregation Make Stronger Beliefs 222 0 1 month ago by kijanifate



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