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jslatte2 Sending print ARC copies out prior to release 56 2 13 hours ago by Maaku
Joey7 Advanced promo copies of book submissions to book reviewers 468 15 1 day ago by Joey7
natch reasonable book price for memoirs? 188 5 2 days ago by lipmag
some1 Amazon opens its brick & mortar store in Manhattan today?? 135 1 3 days ago by some1
Sonlight Flash Sales and Discounts 146 2 3 days ago by some1
some1 Amazon giveaway for print only edition? 224 5 3 days ago by Oreohelix
sid_book Feedback on my textbook's page 286 4 3 days ago by sid_book
Echeban How to get Google Books to create a "look inside" of a CS book? 372 10 3 days ago by Echeban
MrMacleod Author copies for launch date. But control release date. 141 2 5 days ago by lipmag
ronrs4 First video of six months on Amazon 75 0 5 days ago by ronrs4
flytacious Using the professional marketing service... 307 8 1 week ago by flytacious
Heidiwriter ISBN numbers CS vs your own 148 2 1 week ago by a-h-k
beveronius1 How do you market your books when they are in different genres? 105 0 1 week ago by beveronius1
anatares Booklaunch 124 0 1 week ago by anatares
InOut0301 Additional selling channels 396 6 1 week ago by Oreohelix
end718 #1 new release? 500 13 2 weeks ago by Lorem_Ipsum
Juggernaut122 Can I use both Createspace and IngramSpark to sell on (4/2017) 507 5 2 weeks ago by lipmag
alina-pat Can Amazon overprice books ? 1,642 46 2 weeks ago by EricE
mkbagwell Exact same paperback on KDP and CS? 282 2 2 weeks ago by mkbagwell
Njola Changing the price of a paperback 338 4 3 weeks ago by Njola
LauraK Question! Anyone making money on children's books? 185 0 3 weeks ago by LauraK
FR8Zilla I need to make sure my illustrated Childrens book is in the right location to market 165 0 3 weeks ago by FR8Zilla
some1 Amazon ranking -- lagging behind?? 258 2 3 weeks ago by BooksAndMore
iggypop How to refer potential buyers 236 1 3 weeks ago by Magic_Man
raballard1 what happens? 218 1 3 weeks ago by Magic_Man
Maaku Want to know how the book market is evolving? 215 0 1 month ago by Maaku
Fantasyauthorgerman Selling to books 281 3 1 month ago by Fantasyauthorgerman
Thomas527 Stonebooks for WWII books 205 0 1 month ago by Thomas527
jmacd Pre-order page in 2017? 307 1 1 month ago by lipmag
RickorNanci estore shipping costs and discount code questions 262 1 1 month ago by RickorNanci



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