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Member Spotlight: Sheryl Matthys

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger on May 11, 2010 8:23:33 AM

Sheryl Matthys

Author, Leashes and Lovers 2007-2009, author Sheryl Matthys had an agent and several publishers vying for the rights to her book, Leashes and Lovers: What Your Dog Can Teach You about Love, Life, and Happiness. However, after a lengthy period of time in which she lost creative control of her work and was informed she'd be responsible for most of the book's marketing, Sheryl decided to take back control and forego traditional publishing. She began looking into independent publishing options, and found CreateSpace to be the perfect solution for her needs.

"CreateSpace was the obvious choice after I researched several avenues of publishing," said Sheryl. "It's easy to upload your materials and make your book available for sale in no time, and its customer service rocks! CreateSpace makes dreams come true for authors like me."

A former TV reporter and the creator, writer and manager of a popular online community for dog lovers - - Sheryl had been interviewing people for years about how their dogs impacted their relationships. She decided to put her psychology background to use by writing the fun, informative and inspiring Leashes and Lovers, drawing from her discussions with everyday dog owners, and even including the perspectives of celebrity dog lovers like Cesar Millan, Howard Stern and Rachel Ray.

After bypassing traditional publishing, Sheryl chose CreateSpace Print on-Demand for its cost-efficiency, convenience, quick timelines and wide distribution to, as well as bookstores, libraries and academic institutions through the Expanded Distribution Channel. She was especially pleased with the no-inventory model, which ensures in-stock availability and eliminates costs associated with printing, stocking and shipping inventory.

"Because of CreateSpace, I don't think of myself as a self-publisher but rather a 'publisher' in every sense of the word," she expressed. "No need to wait for your proverbial knight in shining armor in the form of a traditional publishing deal, when CreateSpace makes you KING!"

In addition to maintaining control over her creative content, Sheryl also enjoys how easy it is to keep track of her sales and royalties through CreateSpace's robust and user-friendly member platform."CreateSpace gives me instant access to view all of my sales and royalties earned," she stated. "When I ask many of my traditionally published author friends how much they've earned from sales, they never seem to know. But with CreateSpace, it's not a guessing game."

Sheryl and Leashes and Lovers have been featured on popular TV and radio broadcast programs, including Animal Planet, Ambush Makeover, E!, Bravo, ABC NEWS NOW,, Fox & Friends, Martha Stewart Living Radio and Sirius-XM. She also has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, FIDO Friendly, Modern Dog and Entrepreneur Magazine, among many others. Since the official launch of her book on March 31, 2010, Sheryl has been approached by news organizations and popular blogs to write ongoing columns based on her book. She also maintains an active online media presence through social networks Facebook and Twitter, and manages her own Amazon Author Central page.

"With support from CreateSpace, there's no reason why authors can't take charge of their book publishing and marketing," she said. "Making my book available through CreateSpace was so quick, easy and fun. These days, why wouldn't you self-publish?"


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