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Danny O. Snow

Publisher, Unlimited Publishing O. Snow is a pioneer in new media, and he prides himself on being a frontrunner in the evolution of the publishing industry. A longtime advocate of print on-demand, e-books, blogs, podcasting and social media, Danny established Unlimited Publishing, LLC in March 2000 to bring out-of-print books back to market and publish new books by professional writers. Using his knowledge of the change affecting the publishing industry, Danny went on a search to find the most cost-effective solution to expand his business' distribution and production options. This led him to CreateSpace's print on-demand (POD) publishing platform.

"At Unlimited Publishing, we're focused on bringing quality books to market, and we didn't want to charge our authors a fee to publish their books," said Danny. "In this way, Unlimited Publishing functions like a traditional royalty publisher, but by using CreateSpace, we can slash the cost of getting books to print, which benefits our business and our authors."

CreateSpace's on-demand platform enables Unlimited Publishing to avoid the costs and risks associated with creating and storing inventory because books are only manufactured after a customer places an order. CreateSpace meets the company's need for editing and publishing flexibility as well as quick turnaround times for high-quality books. Danny also uses CreateSpace for its broad distribution and fulfillment, which reduces stress on his business and frees up time. Without on-demand publishing, one of Unlimited Publishing's unique releases - Line of Position Navigation - probably would never have been available to readers on a large scale due to its rareness and its specific focus.

"CreateSpace gives us the opportunity to incubate fledgling books. Based on early feedback from readers and reviewers alike, at CreateSpace we can easily modify the content or appearance of new books to better meet the needs of readers before releasing them into the wider world of mainstream booksellers and libraries," said Danny. "The on-demand platform also enables us to test a book on the market and explore whether it holds a real public appeal before we make more substantial investments in design, distribution and promotion."

In 2011, Unlimited Publishing will use CreateSpace to make more than 100 titles available for sale on, plus many through CreateSpace's Expanded Distribution Channel.

"The Unlimited Publishing business model is far more efficient and green than old-school publishing methods, and it avoids the danger of focusing too much attention and resources on commercial factors alone," explained Danny. "On-demand allows us to give promising new titles a chance to prove their appeal in real life rather than having to speculate about their mainstream potential."

(Staff photo by Thomas Buckner, Copyright © 2009, all rights reserved.)In addition to his publishing success, Danny also has become an oft-quoted industry expert. He regularly hosts workshops and seminars for authors and publishers, showcasing the benefits, growing demand and need for print on-demand solutions. He is a senior fellow of the Society for New Communications Research and was elected to the board of directors of the esteemed Independent Book Publishers Association in 2009. In addition to speaking opportunities at industry events like Book Expo America and the North American Publishing Company's PrintMedia expos, he also has served as a contributing editor for BookTech: The Magazine for Publishers.

Danny's take on where the industry is headed? "I think foresighted publishers will widely adopt the on-demand model in lieu of the old-fashioned practice of bulk-printing, warehousing and brick-and-mortar stores," he said. "In today's economy, publishers large and small are desperately looking for ways to decrease investments and risks associated with getting new titles in print. Relieved of the wasteful economics that can accompany the traditional publishing trade - such as overprinting, warehousing, remaindering, returns, etc. - the POD-based book industry of the new millennium will be more efficient, more responsive to the specific interests and needs of readers, greener and more focused on creativity rather than commercial factors alone."


Staff photo by Thomas Buckner, Copyright © 2009, all rights reserved.