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Member Spotlight: Victoria Colligan

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger on Jan 18, 2013 5:50:12 AM Victoria Colligan is the founder of Ladies Who Launch and author of Dream It! Launch It! Live It!: Get the Life You Want in 5 Minutes a Day!. Her entrepreneurial prowess aided her as she successfully independently published her book and tapped into her built-in target audience for word-of-mouth marketing. Victoria answered a few questions for us about how she bypassed traditional publishing for her second book in order to maintain control and get to market faster.


Tell us about your book.

As the founder of Ladies Who Launch (LWL), I've spent more than a decade interacting with and interviewing thousands of entrepreneurial women. These women, their successes, failures, and unshakable resilience inspired me to write Dream It! Launch It! Live It! as a vehicle for sharing their stories and guidance with the world. This book includes the tips, ideas, advice and observations that have been featured on the LWL community since its inception. Readers can learn concepts that have worked successfully in the entrepreneurial environment and extend their applications to life, happiness, and success in general. In fact, I continue to be re-inspired by the teachings in this book as I move forward with the launch of KIDgistix, my latest entrepreneurial venture.


Please share a bit of your background as an author.

I have long been an advocate for female entrepreneurship, which is why I founded Ladies Who Launch, the first new media company to provide encouragement, advice, and exposure to women entrepreneurs. I've had the good fortune to be featured in national print and broadcast media outlets, including "The Today Show" The New York Times, Time, Cosmopolitan, and Business Week. Writing is a big part of my everyday life; I co-authored my first book, Ladies Who Launch: Embracing Entrepreneurship and Creativity as a Lifestyle, contributed to Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneurial Soul, and write regular columns for the LWL website. I'm also a devoted mother of two girls and have extensively explored and written about the challenges women entrepreneurs face juggling family and business.


Why did you initially choose to independently publish?

I chose to self- publish Dream It! Launch It! Live It! for several reasons. After having worked with a traditional publisher the first time around, I felt frustrated by the constraints around categorizing my first book as a business book and the fact that I had no control. At the time, my research indicated that women looking to make substantial changes in their lives gravitate towards self-help books. I felt that pigeonholing my book as strictly business would result in less visibility, especially when the book addressed launching a broad spectrum of life dreams. In addition, I knew publishing independently would get my next book out there faster. Working with a traditional publisher can be very slow and time consuming, so it was more expedient to do it on my own. Finally, I already had a tremendous amount of PR experience with the first book and through the LWL community, and I had worked with many partners on other projects who were excited to promote it. My established relationships and the LWL following would work in my favor when it came to marketing.


How did you choose CreateSpace as a publishing partner?

First, CreateSpace allowed me to seamlessly sell the book on I also was referred to CreateSpace by women in the LWL community who had had a positive experience and spoke highly of their publishing expertise. I was very happy with my decision. The website and team at CreateSpace were a pleasure to work with. Customer service was easily accessible either by email or calling them directly, and they were always available to answer any and all questions. Our CreateSpace member account was user-friendly, allowing us to spend more time on the book itself as opposed to wasting time on site navigation. The professional services we purchased lived up to our high expectations, and our project team was friendly, very helpful, and very accessible.


Tell us about your marketing efforts for your book. How did you get the word out?

Spreading the word about any new venture, project, or business is always a challenge. We started the process by telling the LWL community about the book online through our social media and email channels. Offline, we arranged book signings in select cities where the LWL community is strong. We have also reached out to partner organizations and individuals for cross promotional opportunities. As I say many times in the book, "You can't do it alone!"


Have you met your publishing goals at this point?  

My goal was to publish this book quickly without having to sacrifice quality or control. CreateSpace has been the perfect platform to make this happen! I hope to write more books and encourage others to overcome their fears and deve strategies for creating the life of their dreams. By providing me with unique networking and PR opportunities, the book has also helped me fulfill my goal of starting additional businesses, including my newest endeavor, KIDgistix, which is a mobile tool for parents that makes running their kids' lives easier.


What would you consider your biggest success so far?

The book reached the top 1% of Amazon sales during the early launch phase. This was due mainly to our internal marketing efforts through the Ladies Who Launch community and the word-of-mouth domino effect, which, among women, can be very strong!


Any advice for your fellow authors?

In general, my advice is to go for it! So many people have a message they want to convey to the world and/or a story they want to share. Indie publishing provides a real solution, especially when traditional publishers can prove to be extremely difficult and are known for rejections. In a nutshell, traditional publishers are not typically author-friendly. It's about time the do-it-yourself culture extended to publishing. Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a little motivation can make their book happen. CreateSpace is the perfect team to work with, and because of their expertise and solid online tools, you actually don't have to know everything - you can focus on writing and marketing!