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Author Spotlight: Jasinda Wilder

Posted by CreateSpaceBlogger on Jul 5, 2013 5:32:00 AM author dreams of selling a million books, and Jasinda Wilder accomplished this in her first year of publishing. By knowing her reading audience, writing books they love, and connecting with them on a personal level, Jasinda has earned a network of fans who happily spread the word about her latest books, Falling Into You and Falling Into Us. We asked Jasinda a few questions about her decision to publish independently, how she got the word out, and her advice for her fellow indie authors.


Tell us about your book.

Falling Into You is a story about a girl who falls in love with her best friend, and how she copes when he dies in a tragic accident. It's about love and loss, healing and hurting, forgiving one's self and learning to move on from debilitating anguish.


Care to share your author bio?

I taught music, theater, and dance privately for nearly 15 years before retiring to write full time. Telling stories is a huge component to music, theater, and dance, so the transition to writing books was a natural one. Being an author is as challenging as it is rewarding, much like teaching. I am a native of suburban Detroit, where I live with my husband and five children.


How did you come to independent publishing?

Self-publishing was a choice born of necessity. Life had brought my husband and me to a place where we had to either start publishing or abandon the dream, so we chose writing. We did some research and decided that self-publishing was a more realistic and viable option if we wanted to actually make a living as writers, so we gave it a shot.


We chose CreateSpace and KDP because they were the first and most established platforms for indie publishing. From our research, Amazon had basically reinvented the notion of independent publishing via KDP, putting the power to upload a book directly into the writer's hands. From the very start, Amazon has been great for us. The member dashboards are user-friendly, even for a complete rookie, and the various resources and tools offered to authors are invaluable. The KDP Select program can also be a great way to quickly build an audience.


Tell us about your marketing efforts for your book. How did you get the word out? 

We got the word out via several tools. Social media is the primary one; Twitter and Facebook are huge when it comes to promotions. Newsletters are great for announcing new releases or sharing any other info with your readers. There are free or cheap services for sending newsletters, and you can include links to it at the end of your book. The other means of promotion is book bloggers. They can extend your reach and spread the word about you farther than you could ever hope to achieve on your own.


What are your goals with your book project?

My goal has always been to tell stories that move people, and to make a living doing so. CreateSpace and KDP have made this possible. Being able to offer a physical print version of my books is a huge benefit, and CreateSpace has always been immensely pleasurable to work with. As an author, there really aren't many better feelings than to open a box full of books you wrote, to crack the spine of a paperback and see your words in print. It's a high unlike any other - except perhaps reading a glowing review.


What has been your greatest success so far?

My success has been built one book at a time. It all really began with Big Girls Do It Better sold 400 or 500 copies the first day I published it, and that was without any kind of real promotional efforts.Those first readers formed my core audience. Wounded was my next big success - the first book of mine to hit the Amazon Top 100. That spread the word about me, got me a new audience and got the bloggers talking. When I released Falling Into You, I reached out to a TON of bloggers, and I took a risk by posting an entire chapter - a pivotal one at that - on my website as a teaser. All this translated into a bit of frenzy when the book finally came out on March 14th, and it debuted at 35 on Amazon's Top 100.That book has been my biggest success to date, but I hope to repeat and surpass that with every book I publish. In all, I've sold about a million books so far.


What's next for you?

The parallel follow-up to Falling Into You - Falling Into Us - became available on June 21st. It's not a direct sequel, but rather tells the story of two characters from the first book, and in the process explores more of the events of Falling Into You.


What advice would you offer your fellow authors?

Take risks. Be prolific. Write a lot. And don't just write what you want to write, but what you want to read, and what the market says people are looking for. Be personal with your readers. Talk to them on Facebook and Twitter. Answer every fan email you get, and be nice. Never underestimate the value in talking to your readers, letting them know that you're a real person and that you care about them.

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