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Welcome to Tuesday's blog roundup. This is the day we shine the spotlight on bloggers and artists in the publishing, film and music industries.




How To Format a Query Letter - Nathan Bransford

What is the proper email query format? A lot of writer's make the mistake of using snail-mail guidelines when it comes to formatting an email. Literary agent Nathan Bransford uncovers the mystery of the email query.


Who are "The Big Six"? - Fiction Matters

Chances are if you've tried to break into the traditional publishing world, you've probably heard the term "The Big Six." What and who is "The Big Six?"




Paths Into Film Making - Screenwriting Basics

Andrew Michael Brown lists four paths for breaking into the film industry. Choose one path or try them all.


Filmmaking Tips : Becoming a Film Director - Get Film Crew

Filmmaker Jared Drake gets down to brass tacks and reveals what it takes to be a director.



Dealing with Pre-concert nerves - How to Practice

Mike Saville addresses the issues of nerves and vocal performance. Being tense can affect the quality of your voice. Loosen up and sing right!

Lyrics: how important are they to you? - zed equals zee

Do lyrics make the song? Debcha wants to know. She's posted a poll to find out if the listener cares about the lyrics.



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