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Welcome to Tuesday's blog roundup. This is the day we shine the spotlight on bloggers and artists in the publishing, film and music industries.




The other half of the sympathy equation -

You want a strong protagonist? Give them something to lose.


It's a Story From the Very First Word - Scott G.F. Bailey

According to Scott G.F. Bailey, to tell a great story, you have stop setting up the story.


DSLR Rig & Gear for Video Production & Filmmaking -

The folks at NextWaveG have put together a video on how to rig a DSLR camera for video and film shoots.

Crowd Funding vs. Hybrid Film Financing -

Have you thought about asking your online community to finance your next film? Many producers are doing it today with varying degrees of success. The Independent Film Blog examines the idea to see how well it works.


9 Places to Find Affordable Graphic Design - Bob Baker

Need a t-shirt to promote your band? Looking for someone to design a band logo? Bob Baker list 9 graphic designers that may be in your price range.


Digital Branding With Music & Mobile Apps by Dexter Bryant Jr. -

Phone apps are where it's at when it comes to promoting your band. Dexter Bryant runs down the dos and don'ts of creating a phone app.



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